• May 21, 2019 12:22 pm
  • by Aruthra

What to Choose Native, Hybrid or Web Apps for Your business?

  • May 21, 2019 12:22 pm
  • by Aruthra

Native, Hybrid or Web Apps: Which should you choose for your business

Mobile app development should possess a purpose that gives all your functionalities within an app type. Focus mainly on client needs and ensure all the app features and capabilities are user-driven. App costs mainly depend on the platform used. So try to choose the app type that is up to your budget, fulfilling the needs. By selecting the ideal app type will help you bring out the expectations which include the need for maintenance, updates, and further future releases.

How good are Native Apps for business?

Native apps can be developed on both iOS and Android mobile platforms. Using different tools and languages these apps are built. The languages like Objective-C, Swift is used for design iOS apps whereas java is used for Android apps. The native apps are better performers and richer in quality and performance.

Advantages of Native Apps:

  • App development is feasible
  • Inbuilt OS specific graphics
  • User-friendly
  • APIs, tools, and resources are available easily
  • Easily accessible for the camera, GPS, and push notifications

Disadvantages of Native Apps:

  • Development is expensive
  • Takes lots of time when it targets multiple OS
  • The code cannot be reused
  • Different platforms require different app developers

How good are Hybrid Apps for business

Hybrid apps are a combination of both native and web apps. Here the web apps are embedded within the native apps.

Advantages of Hybrid Apps:

  • Don’t need codes for different platforms
  • The process is fast and easy
  • User experience is brilliant due to HTML & JavaScript
  • Working of design components are the same as native apps
  • Cost-effective

Disadvantages of Hybrid Apps:

  • Hybrid apps depend on third-party tools
  • App submission is too slow because it lacks quality
  • Troubleshooting occurs
  • Integration of security is another major task
  • App delivery affects when there is a release of new OS version
  • Apps will be slow without the presence of native UI elements

How good are Web Apps for business

Web apps are interactive websites that are capable to run in multiple browsers. These apps are built using HTML5 and JavaScript, it doesn’t have many complex functions. Web apps have access to various features of an operating system.

Advantages of Web Apps:

  • More secure than other websites
  • Cost-effective and quick to launch
  • No hardware or specific OS is required
  • The upgraded version of a website provides a better experience to the users
  • Updates take less time
  • There is no need for app store approval for web apps

Disadvantages of Web Apps:

  • Web apps have a notable difference in performance than native apps
  • There are browser limitations and dependencies for web app
  • Has less access for device features

Native, Hybrid and Web apps build are significant to each other. Most of the above functions show that native apps are the most popular and in-demand among other app types. Since these apps are those with animations which have access to devise sensors and other OS-specific features. Analyzing all the necessary factors like app needs, app purpose, target audience, development costs, and marketing plans you must choose your app type which will impact best for your mobile app development. You may employ the best software developers in India to build your app or may hire the mobile app development companies in India.

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