Choose Vofox Solutions As Your Offshore Partner

Vofox Solutions for the last 19 years has been working with leading clients across the world and providing them with offshore software development services. Our customer testimonials speak of our commitment and delivery of quality offshore software services from Vofox Solutions India to them. Today we have more than 1000 clients with whom we are working and the numbers of clients are increasing because of the quality and affordability of services they get from us. Partner with Vofox for offshore software development that propels your US business forward.

offshore software development company india

Clear Understanding Of Requirements

The biggest problem that clients face is the lack of understanding of requirements by the offshore development company. There could be multiple reasons for the same but the biggest is in the process adopted. In a hurry to gain a client or not to lose a client the most important documentation regarding requirements, deliverables, timeline, features etc and an agreement on the same is mostly missed which leads to problems later. At Vofox, we make efforts to understand the requirements clearly so that we can provide the best solution at the right time.

offshore software development company india

Proper Communication

The second problem faced by the client is in terms of communication with the offshore development company. Most of the service providers lack in providing an Account Manager / SPOC with good communication and language skills as per the client's language. Secondly, the manager may change anytime for one reason or other and the client will once again have to tune up with the new manager and that becomes frustrating for the client. You won’t face any such situation in Vofox as we have a strong team to handle your requirements ensuring proper communication

offshore software development company india
Offshore software development companies in India

No Hidden Costs

One more problem faced by clients is the hidden costs and charges that they may have to incur while asking for some modifications, features or services. The problem arises when the offshore software development company is not experienced and does not have a standard rate card for each of the features or has not given the client the initial proposal with the best and the latest features in the first place. At Vofox, transparency is our commitment – no hidden costs, just exact, reliable pricing for your peace of mind.

Offshore software development companies in India

Timely Delivery

A delay in the delivery of projects is one of the big pain areas for clients. Clients have their schedules and future plans lined up as per the product delivery dates and may have to incur unnecessary losses if that doesn’t happen on time. Delays happen mostly from the vendor end because of the non-availability of developers, poor monitoring of the development process, poor communication and reporting with clients or may be due to lack of expertise. Timely delivery is a practice for the Vofox team- we guarantee project delivery on time.

So it becomes invariably important for clients who are looking for software outsourcing services to check if the offshore software development company is capable enough to come clean on the above important factors. The client should feel lucky if they have not faced any problems with their vendor!!
We assure you that you will not have to worry about any such problems with us because Vofox Solutions is one of the best offshore software development companies in India with a huge clientele of satisfied US clients with whom we are working and can provide you with our customer reference on request, and this is our level of commitment.

Offshore software development companies in India

Reliable Offshore Software Development
Services In India

With the vast experience of working with many US clients, we have mastered and trained our team in a way to work comfortably with US Clients. We start with an experienced Business Analyst who will understand all your requirements, take your suggestions, give you insight, and make a product map and then a Project Manager dedicated to your project who will oversee the entire development process from beginning to end and will communicate with you. Today Vofox Solutions is one of the most reliable and affordable offshore outsourcing service providers in India for IT services and Software development projects for US businesses. For the past 10 years, we have been successfully providing offshore software development services to our clients for their different needs with their full satisfaction. India is home to the fastest and largest offshore software development industry because of the results that the industry has seen from Indian developers and service providers. We also have been rapidly growing year on year adding new clients to our list and providing more outsourcing services to our existing clients and this is because of the fact that we stick by our philosophy of highest quality standards in our services. Your work and investments are being taken care of by Vofox Solutions during the whole process of offshore outsourcing to Vofox India. Our team consists of very experienced and expert web developers providing offshore software development solutions to clients from across the world delivering high-quality customized projects and services with high quality and client satisfaction. We are your partners for a skilled, secure, cost-effective and flexible offshore center to outsource your projects to us and you focus on your core business.

Our Offshore Software Development

We are having teams of developers that consist of experts from every technology and industry domain. So whatever your requirement is, we can provide you with our outsourcing services from web to mobile app development.

  • Offshore software development companies in India

    ASP.Net Development

  • Offshore software development companies in India

    Angular JS Development

  • Offshore software development companies in India

    Android App Development

  • Offshore software development companies in India

    Iphone App Development

  • offshore software development company in indiaoffshore software development company in india

    Wordpress Development

  • offshore software development company in india

    Software Development

  • offshore software development company in india

    PHP Development

  • offshore software development company in india

    Magento Development

Why Offshore Software Development
With Vofox Solutions?

Advantages Of Offshore Software Development Outsourcing In India With Us.

Experience & Expertise

One of the primary benefits of why our ODC works out for the organization is because of the skill set, experience and expertise we offer to them.


Cost Effective

By outsourcing IT requirements to our software development center, organizations can save immensely on costs.


Flexibility & Versatility

One of the biggest benefits attached to hiring resources remotely from our software company in India is the versatility to opt for professionals working on different platforms, technologies and frameworks.


Customized Software Solutions

We are completely aware that one size doesn’t fit all therefore our Offshore software Development first plan, strategize and develop a road map suited to our client’s specific requirements.

offshore software development company in india
  • offshore software development company in india

    Gain From Our Expertise

    Do you need experts to work on your US-based project of software development? Then take the outsourcing services we have a team of highly skilled developers at your service. We are already providing offshore software development services to our clients in the USA and globally. You can also gain from our expertise and skill in development across multiple domains, and across many industries with a variety of technologies from web to mobile app development.

  • offshore software development company in india

    Save Your Dollar

    When you outsource to us you save your money by not having to invest in manpower cost, recruitment cost, training cost, administration cost and management cost, and infrastructure cost. This saved money can help you in expanding your business and we at Vofox Solutions provide you with very affordable quality offshore services for any of your development needs end to end.

  • offshore software development company in india

    Save Your Time

    Time is also as important as money. We are one of the best offshore software development service providers at Vofox Solutions India with a list of clients and experience so we can give you your product very well in the agreed time and with the latest of functionality and user interface. You will not have to spend time monitoring the development process and supervising as this is handled by our able dedicated project managers who will manage all the offshore software development processes and communication with you.

  • offshore software development company in india

    You Focus On Your Core Area.

    With your software development outsourcing to us you are saving money as well as your valuable time and these are both things you can utilize in developing and focusing on your core area such as sales and marketing to drive your business. Thus you increase the overall efficiency of your organization and provide better services to your clients and customers.

Our Services

The software development services provided at Vofox will help you with flexible and reliable solutions that have proved profitable for various companies from different domains. By employing a technology-driven methodology, we employ customer-friendly software applications that have created considerable improvement for businesses from the bottom line.

offshore software development company in india

UI/UX Design

We combine impressive and rare UI/ UX designs with required functionalities effortlessly. From startups to large organizations, with our UI/UX designs we help organizations to have majestic and customer-centric business solutions with tangible results.

offshore software development company in india

Web Development Services

We at Vofox provide you with superior web development services combined with superior resources and a technological stack. We also create progressive and native web apps that are highly interactive with distinctive features. We help to strengthen your business strategy by developing web apps that are compatible and scalable.

offshore software development services in india

Enterprise Mobility

Hire experts from Vofox who have proved their expertise in technology and other business requirements. We provide ideal technological solutions through business process transformations and system integrations.

offshore software development services in india
offshore software development services in india

Application Modernization

At Vofox, we fully redesign and refactor existing applications into fully customized and functionally rich applications. The application migration and the reengineering of the software are done by using the aid of new feature enhancements that are advanced, along with employing highly secured cutting-edge technologies and improved UI/UX.

offshore software development services in india

Testing & Quality Assurance

The skilful quality analysts at Vofox perform the essential checks to ensure that the custom software applications we develop are capable of seamlessly operating across all browsers without any errors. We analyze your idea, target audience, and monetization strategy to create the best software solution that is suitable to your needs.

offshore software development services in india

Custom Software Development

The custom software development services provided by Vofox for US businesses include designing, developing, and employing customized solutions and services apt for your company. Our domain experts encompass experienced and efficiently engineered software developers with industry-driven experience. We try to employ a dynamic team to provide a solid solution to develop agile solutions with high-quality results.

offshore software development services in india

Cross-Platform App Development

A single app that helps in working along with all other alternative apps is a service that we provide at Vofox. It helps to build a mobile solution that is compatible with several systems and operating platforms. Our experts having hands-on experience in various hybrid apps like sencha, AdobePhoneGap, Xamarin and others help in the improvisation of both small-scale and large-scale industries.

offshore software development services in india

Product Re-Engineering

We help preserve the content of the product but at the same time incorporate product performance optimization and newly functional aspects. We at Vofox help fix bugs and initiate a whole new digital transformation in your business in the US by employing the latest technological trends. Business flexibility, increased ROI, increased customer satisfaction, and improvisation of productivity are our major aims through product re-engineering.

offshore software development services in india

Cloud Computing Services

The cloud application development services performed by the team of Vofox are highly skilled and hardworking professionals who have the expertise in doing Amazon and Azure cloud application development,SaaS development , and cloud migration. With our experience in cloud-based app development, we deliver solutions that cater to diverse requirements and are applicable to various areas.

Technology Stack

Vofox, a prominent software company, has a pool of prominent IT talent and technology consultants who use cutting-edge technologies to provide world-class solutions and satisfy customers' diverse requests in the shortest time feasible.


offshore software development services in india
  • PHP (Laravel)
  • .NET
  • Angular
  • MEAN
  • MERN
  • Nodejs
  • Java
  • Vuejs
  • Reactjs


offshore software development services in india
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Kotlin
  • Ionic
  • Flutter
  • React Native
  • Xamarin
  • Vue Native


offshore development companies in india
  • Magento
  • WordPress
  • WooCommerce
  • osCommerce
  • Drupal
  • Shopify
  • Zen Cart
  • Open Cart

Our Recent Works

3M+ Development Hours

We have completed more than 3 million hours of development.

offshore development services in india

98% Ontime Delivery

We always deploy bug-free products within your estimated time frame.

offshore development services in india

1 - 3 Days Onboarding time

You can hire talented resources in trending technologies from our talent pool within 1 to 3 days.

offshore development services in india

750+ Happy Customers

We have 750+ happy customers across the globe who are satisfied with our software development services.

Our Industry Experience

offshore development services in india


The e-commerce solutions offered at Vofox are on-the-go and assured to bring benefits with increased ROI and overall productivity. We provide custom e-commerce development services and develop web apps for any kind of business across various industries and enterprises ranging from B2B and B2C trading networks to small, middle-sized, and large businesses. These custom solutions meet the user’s requirements by applying specific areas of specialization.

offshore development services in india


At Vofox, we help you develop healthcare software applications that automate processes such as patient management, lab management, test result analysis, and data collection. For the medical technology companies, from consulting to maintenance and support we always lent our supporting hands to tackle your technological dilemmas.

offshore development services in india


The experts at Vofox help you build innovative and impressive tech-enabled logistics software applications to streamline the supply chain and provide flawless customer support. The warehouse management software also makes sure to enhance warehouse efficiency. The expert logistics and transportation management software offered by Vofox thereby help you do your tasks more effectively.

offshore development services in india


In the education field, Vofox is engaged in integrated learning system software development, virtual learning management system, LMS software development, and even personalized e-learning software systems. Interactive, convenient, and cost-effective solutions are what we offer at Vofox.

offshore development services in india


From financial software development, custom banking software development, digital banking software services, and custom Fintech development, we at Vofox extend our software development experience in the industry of banking and finance as well. With custom features, and UI/UX designs we ensure the highest standards and security to the software developed.

offshore development services in india


Implement manufacturing software for ensuring quality management and maintenance software including the application of intelligent products that help in accelerating the existing processes and bringing down operational costs.

Vofox Development Process

We Welcome You To Send Us Your Enquiry And Discuss Regarding Outsourcing Of Your Needs To Us And We Promise

That You Will Be Delighted By The Results That We Will
Give You In Return.

We offer custom software development services for building enterprise software and applications, web apps, PWAs, mobile apps, content management systems, and e-commerce applications.

Our QA team ensures periodic quality checks(every week) throughout the entire lifecycle of your software project. Also, a certified project manager collects your feedback and will be on your loop to keep you informed about the daily developments of your project.

Your project team consists of a Product Owner (from your company), Scrum Master, Business Analyst, Project Manager, technical architect, developers, QA engineers, UI/UX developers. However, we can scale up your team by analyzing the size of the project and the development methodology.

All of our final product is always tested for bugs, security issues, stability issues, and usability before delivery. We offer you free maintenance and support for three months post-delivery for resolving any unidentified bugs.

Yes, we can remap your existing software either by migrating it to new technology, add new features, or even migrate it from an on-premise environment to a cloud-based platform.

Before initializing the project, our team of business analysts accurately elicit your business requirements, we will then share this understanding with our design team to build actual design. After the design is confirmed, there will be a project kick-off followed by the development process. We will provide maintenance and support after releasing your final product.

We have great expertise in serving businesses from multiple domains such as Education, Logistics, Transportation, Aviation, Utility, Healthcare, Insurance, and Finance. Over the years we have worked with businesses of diverse sizes and complexities all around the world: from small and medium-sized industries to large enterprises.

Yes, we provide a 3-month free maintenance service after the software development. We also ensure feature upgrades and optimization of the technology.

With our years of providing quality services, we help in building personalised solutions for companies based on their requirements. We take our projects seriously and take responsibility for providing the solutions on time. We identify the actual and potential problems and give authentic solutions at affordable prices.

The development of software usually takes from two to four weeks but this is also dependent on various other factors like the type of the software requirement, and also the complexity involved.

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