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HTML5 or Hyper Text Markup language version 5 is a New, Open source, dynamic programming language that allows content creation and maintenance on multi-platforms. HTML5 is the latest version of HTML and XHTML. HTML5 with its advanced features has taken the markup language to another level. HTML5 is more of web Application oriented, and hence it is easy for developers and user-friendly for end-users.

While updating to HTML5, this markup language has made a very exciting move towards a better user experience well supported for users on PCs, Tablet and Smartphone platforms. One of the best features of HTML5 is that it now supports all major browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Opera.

We understand the importance of a user-friendly and fast loading web application and how it is directly connected to your business. At Vofox, your end-to-end HTML5 app development will be handled by experienced and technology oriented developers. We offer rich app experiences built on HTML5’s high-end features that will make your application a ‘hit’ among end users.With outstanding experience in HTML5 app development, Vofox can help your company be the top runner in your market without any doubts.

Advantages of HTML5


Clear and Simplified Syntax

Comparing to HTML4, the syntax in HTML5 is extremely clear and simple. One obvious example of this is the DOCTYPE element. In HTML5 DOCTYPE element has been made extremely simple.

Multimedia (Video & Audio)Support

Playing Video or Audio files are much easy with HTML5. HTML5is empowered with built in support for integrated multimedia files into webpage via video and audio tags. This is an add on feature comparing to HTML4

HTML5 App Development Company in India

Client Side storage

Comparing to HTML4, HTML5 is more relaxed in storing important data on client side. In HTML4 there was a limitation for storing important data while using the browser’s cache but in HTML5 this was solved using Web SQL database and application

User Geographical location access

Getting your site visitor’s Geographical location was not easy in HTML4, whereas in HTML5 it is extremely easy to get the user location. By using HTML5 site owners can even leverage the Geographic location to detect the location of the user accessing the website.

Advanced Client Server Communication

Client Server Communication has made an easy process in HTML5. HTML5 has web sockets that allow full duplex communication between clients and servers.

JavaScript Threading Mechanism made easier

JS Web Worker API in HTML5 allows JavaScript and Browser interface to run in separate threads. This makes the JavaScript threading mechanism an easy task.

Other than HTML5 app development, we provide a series of innovative solutions as well for your business.We also provide HTML5 app designing, analysis, QA, testing activities, installation, support and maintenance. And all these will be covered for you at your budget.

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