Our Woocommerce Development Services

Our experienced team of WooCommerce experts can help you with everything from constructing scalable high-traffic eCommerce sites to producing high-quality WooCommerce plugins and themes. We've completed over 50 WooCommerce shop development projects including everything from design to development to payment connections. All of the WooCommerce stores we build have fantastic functionality and a great user experience.

WooCommerce Website Development

Partner with us to take advantage of our best-in-class WooCommerce development services for designing, customising, and deploying your website. We can create eCommerce stores with extensive features and functionality tailored to your unique business needs. Having designed and developed hundreds of WooCommerce stores, we can help you meet your ideas by beginning with what your eCommerce needs and goals are.

UI/UX Development

We build amazing and customer-centric UI/UX designs. A well-designed UI/UX design improves the fulfilment and the feel when customers explore the WooCommerce app. This approach will help the company grow by increasing sales, brand exposure, and loyalty. We assist our clients in thriving in the digital age by designing engaging designs that leave a lasting impression on the minds of end-users.

Migration and Upgradation of WooCommerce Stores

Our professionals will ensure that all of your data is safely and securely transferred to your new WooCommerce store including media assets and customer reviews. Because of our years of expertise working with many eCommerce systems, we can complete your WooCommerce migration with zero downtime, data loss, or mismatch. We will make certain that your store's products, orders, photos, customer information, categories, reviews, and other associated entities are all preserved during migration.

WooCommerce Consulting

We provide comprehensive assistance and enhancement before, during, and after the development of WooCommerce stores. Vofox's experts are skilled in understanding a client's specific needs and determining the most cost-effective and efficient business solutions. Our experts will be aware of the challenges that your industry encounters. They can help you determine priorities for your company, develop a consumer-focused brand, and devise profitable marketing strategies. We will help you to turn your one-time customers into loyal customers.

Support & Maintenance of WooCommerce

We provide all of the WooCommerce support services you require. Under the guidance of our skilled team of developers, we can supply you with the best services available in India. Website troubleshooting, website maintenance and servicing, and speed optimization are all part of our maintenance services. We can also assist you in upgrading your existing platform websites to WooCommerce without affecting their functionality.

What Makes Vofox Your Trusted Partner in WooCommerce Development?

We are professionals in custom WooCommerce development in India, having assisted our global client base to effectively build their businesses online with over a hundred successful projects in our decades of experience. Our WooCommerce developers are professionals in developing high-quality e-commerce stores with built-in components, add-ons & plug-ins, optimal speed, security, and dependability. We offer our clients unrivalled WooCommerce experiences, thanks to an established system and a trustworthy workforce.

Dedicated Project Team

We have a dedicated team of developers and designers who can develop innovative WooCommerce plug-ins and themes according to your specific requirements. Our support team are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to promptly address any issues or bugs you may encounter in your current business or when migrating to WooCommerce.

Tailor-made WooCommerce Stores

We have a lot of experience in creating tailor-made WooCommerce stores that are in line with the brand's ideals. Our unique themes have the ability to captivate and hold the users’ attention.

Technical Proficiency

Throughout the development cycle, our team uses cutting-edge technologies and comprehensive security procedures.

Advanced Toolkit

To make the application feature-rich, functionally robust, and user-friendly, we leverage all of the latest and advanced tools & techniques available in WooCommerce. To ensure that the application is faultless and functional, our team employs advanced security measures and uses the most up-to-date testing techniques.


We will do an in-depth examination of your requirements in order to precisely scope the project. We've created WooCommerce stores for a range of enterprises across numerous sectors while staying within their budget and industry standards.

Guaranteed Assistance

Our analysts will aid you in refining your concept and scoping the project to guarantee that it is both cost-effective and timely. After your WooCommerce development is completed, our support engineers will provide maintenance and technical assistance.

Our Recent Works

Why Should You Choose WooCommerce?

It’s free

The majority of alternative eCommerce systems are costly. Some may believe that because WooCommerce is free, it is only a basic choice and not a professional eCommerce solution. However, WooCommerce provides sophisticated order monitoring as well as customer engagement capabilities that allow businesses to view past & open orders, alter delivery statuses, apply discounts, adjust tax settings, manage inventory, adjust shipping options, and create coupon codes. It possesses everything a professional eCommerce store needs to be successful.

It’s easy to use and implement

When compared to some of the other major eCommerce platforms, WooCommerce is highly user-friendly and simple to use. Because it is a WordPress plugin, it is just as easy to use as WordPress, allowing users who are already familiar with WordPress to quickly migrate to WooCommerce. With WordPress accounting for 53% of all websites on the internet, there are a lot of individuals out there who would find WooCommerce to be quite simple to use.

It’s very customizable

WooCommerce is extremely adaptable, thanks to the hundreds of free & paid plugins that can be used to enhance the store's capabilities. Accounting, payment gateways, marketing, reporting, and other applications & services are all included in these extensions. This enables companies to choose extensions and tailor their store to meet their specific needs.

It has a good reputation and provides excellent customer service

WooCommerce has been around since 2011 and has earned a reputation for being a solid & stable eCommerce platform that has only improved over time. The platform's creators have a track record of delivering high-quality products and services.

It can be used to sell anything

WooCommerce is a very versatile platform as it allows you to sell different items such as physical things, digital products, subscriptions, appointments, and much more. WooCommerce is the ‘Swiss Army Knife’ of eCommerce apps, whether you want to sell a single digital product or a wide range of physical products.

It includes powerful analytics

WooCommerce offers a comprehensive collection of metrics that are presented in an easy-to-understand interface. It's also simple to connect WooCommerce with third-party analytics platforms like Google Analytics with the help of extensions.

It has tons of themes and plugins

WooCommerce comes with a number of capabilities that may be enhanced with the use of the greatest plugins such as Woocommerce Stock Manager. Retailers who use WooCommerce benefit from the adaptability of the platform in two ways: They have access to dozens of WordPress plugins and themes, and they can access hundreds of WooCommerce-specific eCommerce extensions.

Our Industry Experience


We offer innovative, scalable, and dependable logistics solutions to clients all around the world. We can help small enterprises and huge corporations with cloud computing, route analysis, and location tracking software.


To aid energy and utility enterprises, we have proven technical competence in bespoke solutions that can adhere to individual customer requirements such as electrical estimating, tracking, and performance monitoring.


Our developers can create user-friendly eCommerce stores, thus delivering a great shopping experience for your customers. We provide services to all industries, large and small, all over the globe.


Using cutting-edge technology, we can assist you in developing practical healthcare solutions. We always follow HIPAA, GDPR, and other healthcare regulations without hindering the functioning of the system.


We can help you create a completely working educational website that incorporates the correct design and technology. We can assist you in overcoming technological obstacles in your e-learning project so that you can develop cost-effective e-learning websites.


We can help you design IT solutions to meet any complicated aviation requirements. We undertake a thorough study of your business requirements and build digital solutions to assist you in taking your business to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequenty Asked Questions from our Clients

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The time it takes to create a WooCommerce store is determined by the user's needs, user interface design standards, and the time it takes to integrate with the IT system. We can provide you with the greatest proposal on the market once you share your requirements with us.
There are no additional costs associated with WooCommerce development.
WooCommerce shops are well optimised for search engines.
Yes, we can provide a list of highly qualified WooCommerce developers' resumes. You have the option of selecting resources for your project based on your needs.
Our analysts can evaluate your current stores and estimate the time and effort required to convert to the WooCommerce framework. We'd be pleased to give you a project estimate based on the findings of the analysis.

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