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In today’s world, having a solid online presence implies a successful business. We help you to bring your online ambitions to life. We follow a strategic approach to deliver defect-free web applications to our clients. We are a leading AWS development company in India that thoroughly blueprints and manage strategies that optimize your digital ambitions. From AWS web development to integration and migration, we go all the way around the clock to make sure our customers are gaining online success.

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Are You Experiencing More Downtime And Latency With Your Traditional Enterprise Application?

We got you covered, our AWS developers can architect, build, and deploy cloud-native enterprise applications on PaaS/IaaS platforms.

Are you looking to migrate your on-premise web delivery to a cloud-based SaaS model?

We will help you develop enterprise-level cloud-products that bring high agility, reliability, and resiliency to your business.

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We provide AWS cloud application development services for all your enterprise needs. Together with our team, your application is secure, scalable, flexible, and reliable. Leverage our cloud application development services to scale your business so that you can achieve your digital ambitions.

What We Offer ?AWS Web Application Development Services 2005

Millions of businesses across the world trust Amazon Web Services to fuel their infrastructure as it is the only cloud solution that offers a robust suite of products and services that range from storage to analytics. Unlock the power of AWS to the fullest with our AWS Web App Development services. We deliver a comprehensive array of AWS services that lets you scale up your business and power your online ecosystem.

Our developers are updated with the latest improvements in the AWS cloud and its security best practices and are constantly on the hunt for our vision so that we can help our clients with their cloud ambitions.

aws company in india


Use our AWS Integration services to manage the demanding integration needs of your business with ease. Our AWS experts help you to reduce your development and maintenance costs without compromising the security and stability of your site.

aws company in india

Cloud Automation

Enjoy stable infrastructure and less downtime by harnessing our cloud automation services. We will configure a continuous delivery pipeline and automate provisioning and deployment to enable rapid delivery.

amazon web services india

Application Support

Want to get the most out of your Amazon Web Services? We offer AWS Application Support Services that can do exactly that. With our expert know-how and specialist experience, we can optimize your cloud computing operations, with uninterrupted AWS support every step of the way.

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Ready to switch to cloud storage? we’re ready to help. We help you out through every stage of your cloud transformation, from migrating your on-premise legacy infrastructure to migrating multiple complex enterprise applications. So that you can reduce your infrastructure overhead.

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Development Services

Vofox is a born-in-the-cloud, full-spectrum services provider that has full knowledge in cloud-native technologies like autonomous deployments that auto-scale and auto-heal, PaaS architectures, containers, serverless infrastructure, microservices architecture, etc. We own an in-house team of over a hundred people consisting of Cloud practitioners, solution architects, SysOps administrators, DevOps engineers, consultants, data analytics engineers, database experts, AI/ML specialists, and security professionals. We provide end-to-end services for businesses that use Amazon Web Services to create fully-functional cloud solutions through serverless architecture.

amazon web services india
amazon web services india

AWS Migration

We can help you migrate your existing software and IT infrastructure with all the data to AWS by moving workloads from on-premise, other public clouds, or a hosting facility. This includes your website, app, database, storage, server - or even your entire data centre. We offer a systematic and a phase-driven strategy for migrating applications to the cloud by identifying the framework/library/SDK that works best for integrating with AWS services. We understand the various options for moving the data, and accordingly, we use Amazon S3 for migration. For moving the applications, we use the Forklift strategy - where we migrate an existing application with few code changes. Our team has years of experience in migrating large databases from on-premise, other cloud or EC2 infrastructure to RDS with no downtime. During your transition to AWS infrastructure, the prime/source database will remain entirely functional.

amazon web services india

AWS Infrastructure Setup & Management

Our team has years of experience in the implementation of comprehensive AWS infrastructures and application architectures, followed by the deployment of the business applications on AWS. With Amazon EC2, our engineers can create virtual servers in minutes with your preferred operating system along with other features of servers; such as storage, security, ports, etc. We also provide our clients with guideline AWS architectures, inclusive of usage estimates, optimized for their requirements, for free. Vofox additionally provides services for Account tracking, reporting, resource usage, billing optimization, assets optimization, etc. Our services include -

  • monitoring user access, billing and payments, and costs.
  • providing usage break-up of each AWS Asset level as well as group level.
  • generating monthly and quarterly reports and reviews.
  • monitoring AWS usage bill, Service API usage reports, Amazon S3, and Amazon CloudFront access logs regularly.
  • Leveraging Auto Scaling options to set conditions for scaling up or down the Amazon EC2 usage.

AWS Application Development

Our certified AWS developers can build you a Cloud-Native application from scratch on the serverless architecture of AWS. We leverage AWS stack such as AWS Lambda, purpose-built databases like Amazon DynamoDB, and development tools, like AWS Amplify and AWS CDK to develop new applications and features. Our apps are capable of supporting all common database engines such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Aurora, RedisDB, Oracle Database, SQL Server, etc. We help our clients make full use of the redundancy of Amazon S3, persistence elastic block storage (ELB), and scalability provided by Elastic Load Balancers. We are proficient in business apps solution development such as SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft in the AWS cloud. Our team helps app owners get the best performance out of their cloud environment, from enhancing content delivery to reducing dependencies.

amazon web services india

AWS Managed Services

Our team will offer ongoing management of both your application and your AWS infrastructure to reduce your operational overhead. Our 24/7 enterprise monitoring services are backed by a team of certified and experienced cloud support engineers. Cloud Watch allows us to monitor the performance of applications and AWS resources in real-time to proactively identify any performance issues, diagnose the root causes, and take appropriate actions. We will constantly monitor by defining important metrics such as network traffic, disk IOs, CPU utilization and setting up alerts. We are proficient in performance optimization along with the re-engineering of IT infrastructure, applications, and databases, for ensuring a smooth adaptation to the AWS cloud. Having years of hands-on experience working on the AWS Ecosystem, our professional team can take care of your Cloud with our fully managed services.

AWS Storage

Vofox develops fit-for-purpose, future-proof data storage solutions using S3, EBS, EFS, RDS, and Glacier. We have consulting, architecting and engineering expertise that covers all facets of storage including primary storage, file & object storage, data security, backup & recovery, disaster recovery, file transfer, data replication, and low-cost archiving. We can protect your business by leveraging S3 and other storage services in the AWS Cloud to create a disaster recovery plan in the cloud. We provide custom-automated backup and archival solutions using native services or third-party tools while ensuring data replication with redundancy and ensures high availability. We can store, protect, synchronize, and collaborate on unstructured file data across all locations. By leveraging our experience in data centre storage combined with our AWS knowledge, your organization can simplify data protection for AWS infrastructure, ensure regulatory compliance SLAs, and improve data visibility.

AWS Analytics

We have a team of seasoned technologists, business advisors, data scientists, and change practitioners who build Big Data Analytics to manage a multitude of data from hundreds of sources in real-time. With years of experience in data management, we build cloud-native data stores using Amazon S3, Amazon RDS, Amazon Aurora, Amazon Redshift, Amazon EMR, Amazon Kinesis, and Amazon Athena. We put in place data, processes, analytics tools, and visualizations to empower organizations with actionable and operational business analytics. We deploy a data lake to consolidate data in AWS S3 from all sources, be it structured or unstructured data. Our big data solution approach was designed to help companies define a Big Data Analytics process, adopt the right tools, and build a Cloud-based Analytics engine. We help analyse the data already collected, as well as explore new ways to access, collect and make sense of data in ways that were never before possible.

AWS Internet Of Things

By using the most advanced AWS suite of products and services, Vofox designs and implements AWS-based infrastructures that enable connected devices to easily and securely interact with one another, gather and analyze sensor data, and provide valuable insights. Using IoT SDK and IoT Core, we develop IoT apps for real-time data sharing with AWS cloud via MQTT, HTTP, WebSockets protocols. Our team can build you an end-to-end IoT solution, from sensors/devices to gateways, device clouds, and public clouds. We have a proven track record of dealing with embedded development from the beginning and has gained various experiences in hardware as well as software. Based on experience gained over many years, we design and implement event-driven (serverless) infrastructures for IoT solutions with multiple enterprise deployments under our belt. We are ready to fully design, build, deploy and manage IoT workloads as well as process and analyse huge streams of raw data from devices.

amazon web services india

AWS Consulting

Our Cloud consultants will perform a full assessment of your project requirements, enterprise’s existing infrastructure and hosting set-up, performance, and security requirements. Starting from cloud readiness assessment and cloud implementation strategy development. We can develop a strategy for optimizing cloud performance and rethink ways to transform your business operations. We can either transform your existing application by rationalizing and migrating workloads to the Cloud and adapting application architecture, or by creating new Cloud applications, as per the predefined strategy. There’s also the Hybrid strategy option where we take only some parts of an existing application and integrate it with data sources hosted by AWS. We can build you such a hybrid architecture that extends your on-premise resources to the Cloud and link several complex enterprise systems for an integrated solution.

Tools & Technologies

  • OpsWorks
  • Amazon Corretto
  • Amazon CodeGuru
  • AWS Cloud Development Kit
  • AWS Cloud9
  • AWS CodeArifact
  • AWS CodeBuild
  • AWS CodeCommit
  • AWS CodeDeploy
  • AWS Command Line Interface
  • AWS Elastic Beanstalk to deploy the services and web apps created with .NET, Java, PHP, and Python.
  • Amazon ElastiCache and Amazon CloudFront to enhance app scalability.

Our Recent Works

aws services in india

3M+ Development Hours

We have completed more than 3 million hours of development.

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98% Ontime Delivery

We always deploy bug-free products within your estimated time frame.

aws services in india

1 - 3 Days Onboarding time

You can hire talented resources in trending technologies from our talent pool within 1 to 3 days.

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750+ Happy Customers

We have 750+ happy customers across the globe who are satisfied with our software development services.

Vofox Development Process

Our Industry Experience

  • aws services in india

    Financial Services

    Vofox has helped major global financial and banking institutions every step of the way in their cloud journey, from migration plan and cost assessment to deployment and management of your new cloud infrastructure. Today, we are a trusted cloud transformation partner to many financial services organizations who are able to fully leverage the power of the cloud, all while ensuring security and industry compliance. Our AWS developers work with financial services institutions across banking, payments, capital markets, and insurance. We build on AWS to modernize their infrastructure and accelerate organizations’ path to successful cloud adoption. From infrastructure to automation, we help financial services institutions to build a compliant and secure environment on AWS. Our cloud certified Financial Services experts have built next-generation core banking systems which are intelligent, connected, flexible, and running on AWS.

  • aws services in india


    IIoT and Industry 4.0 promise the next revolution for manufacturing, and Vofox boasts a proven ability to migrate and optimize workloads in the AWS cloud. We help leading manufacturers transform their manufacturing operations in multiple process areas while taking advantage of the highest level of security. We provide AWS-enabled industrial software solutions for manufacturing & supply chain companies, and we help them design, manufacture, and distribute products using cutting edge automation, machine learning, AI, and robotics. Our product designers, developers, and engineers are capable of solving complex compute-intensive problems using model-based design and large-scale, parallel simulations using High-Performance Computing (HPC). Using AWS IoT Services, edge computing, data lakes, and advanced analytics tools, we can build and tailor your data lake allowing you to capture, collect, process, store, categorize, analyze, visualize, and act on all your plant floor data.

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    Being a trusted technology and innovation partner to global healthcare and life sciences organizations, Vofox designs, builds, migrates, hosts, and manages HIPAA and HITRUST compliant applications containing PHI. We’ve delivered several AWS implementations to medical devices and pharmaceutical companies as well. Our proven HIPAA compliant solutions include AI-enabled telemedicine, patient care platform, video consultation, fully integrated hospital management, patient data anonymization, patient portals, health information exchanges, mobile health engagement platforms, telemedicine solutions, big-data analytics of health insurance information, IoT information aggregation for health data collection devices, etc. Having demonstrated technical expertise and customer success in building Healthcare solutions on AWS, we can help you expertly capture, store, and deploy critical PHI data in the cloud. Our certified AWS Engineers and compliance experts will assess your current system, develop an AWS cloud to HIPAA standards, automate build-out & deployment, and manage the environment 24x7.

  • aws services in india

    Travel & Hospitality

    Vofox helps leading travel and hospitality companies innovate with the AWS cloud platform. We work with businesses around the world, across every segment of the travel and hospitality industry - and of every size - run their software on AWS. We use AWS native services to manage mission-critical operations for customers in the aviation, tour and cruise, and hospitality industries. Our expertise extends across infrastructure architecture, enterprise data management, industry operations, core applications and infrastructure support, development of next-gen airlines’ products and platforms, etc. We’ve been innovating around industry-specific AWS functions and capabilities by combining this deep domain expertise with technology. Our IoT Team delivers custom device and alerting solutions. Our data scientists and developers use Amazon SageMaker to prepare, build, train, and deploy high-quality machine learning models for forecasting and personalization. We can help you leverage the full power and flexibility of AWS while ensuring that your infrastructure is secure and efficient.

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    Power & Utilities

    Vofox has been delivering digital transformation for Global Energy clients through AWS cloud migrations, ERP development, machine learning modelling, and building IoT Data Lakes, with AWS at its core. We empower the world’s premier oil, electric, gas, and water utilities to improve energy efficiency, flexibility, storage, electric mobility, micro-grids, smart metering, smart grid and renewable generation optimization. Our projects in the energy sector range from rapidly developing and deploying innovative new applications to securely transforming massive data volumes into timely, actionable insights. We can help you apply the most comprehensive AWS service offerings and technology including analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and IoT - to mobilize data and insights. Vofox is a true end-to-end feature-rich Industry 4.0 development company that can accelerate your digital adoption by connecting siloed operations along with AWS. With our advanced solutions, energy companies can significantly improve production outcomes, lower carbon footprints, and safeguard critical infrastructure.

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    Vofox has years of experience working with educational institutions, publishers, and education technology vendors to innovate and build the next generation of online learning, analytics, and campus management solutions. We help promote infrastructure optimization and modernization, enabling them to utilize analytics and manage IT operations. Our distinct field of expertise in Education is to migrate LMS services to the Cloud, implement VoD, and deliver managed services with proactive monitoring. We use Amazon AppStream 2.0 to virtualize your campus computer lab spaces to support online distance learning, centrally manage desktops and applications, and securely deliver them to any computer using a web browser. We use resources on AWS Educate to offer no-cost online learning modules on cloud computing to your students and virtual cloud labs to your faculty. From data centre migration to student data and analytics, Vofox will help your institution completely shift to remote learning and working.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequenty Asked Questions from our Clients

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aws company in india
  • Reduce maintenance of on-premise servers
  • Save hardware costs
  • Gain real-time business insights
  • Get automatic software updates
  • Develop products quickly
aws company in india
AWS is the oldest of all cloud computing services and has the faith of large technology companies with them. Amazon was the first to bring AWS as EC2/S3, a broadly accessible cloud computing infrastructure service. And when businesses need high-performance computing over the cloud, then AWS is the right choice.
aws company in india
AWS costs are based on your usage of each individual service. You only pay for the services you use, and once you stop using them, there will not be any additional cost or termination fee. You can estimate your monthly bill through the AWS Pricing Calculator.
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AWS has an extensive set of on-demand compute, storage, networking, database, analytics, application development, and deployment services. It takes skilled cloud solution architects, engineers, and administrators with years of experience to use these powerful features to their fullest and help you run operations smoothly.
amazon web services india
By comparing different factors like storage, pricing, documentation support, and computation capabilities, we can help you analyse if AWS will work best for your project.

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