Nujin Jacob

Chief Executive Officer

Having long and commendable experience, Nujin can cosset an individual towards achieving goals and is an effective Mentor with his judicious logic. He is one of the phenomenal contributors guiding Vofox towards “the big picture” through his two decades of experience in the technological field.

Biju Jacob Mangaly

Chief Financial Officer

With his fundamental knowledge and intensive experience, Biju takes care of the financial matters of the company. In his leisure, he prefers to spend time with family, indulge on honorary basis with certified bodies and share his knowledge. One can find him mentoring young talent or reading during his leisure hours.

Paul Joseph

Chief Operating Officer

Paul is responsible for the administrative and operational aspects across HR, Finance, Knowledge Management, Networking and Infrastructure. He is a strategic thinker driven by results and a strong driver of end-to-end business transformation possessing the creative problem-solving ability.


  • 45%Seniors
  • 31%Middle
  • 24%Juniors


  • Have worked with us for 7+ years

Our Team - Competitive Advantage

The prime goal of our team is to deliver the best software product you could ask for.
Take a look at what helps us to do just that:


Every member of the team is called to engage proactively in meetings and to suggest ideas that can improve the product that is being worked on.


A shared passion for work unites our team to come up with phenomenal solutions in a highly collaborative manner.


We strive diligently to fully understand your needs and ensure clear, two-way communication.


Our team has access to vast online resources and learning materials that can supplement their existing expertise and teach them how best to tackle your requirements.


We make it a priority to devote ample time during your meetings with us so as to get to the essence of your business needs.


We know how crucial it is for you to not only receive an efficient product, but also to get it made in the most efficient way possible. Naturally, we focus greatly on speed and performance when it comes to our deliverables.

A Little About Our People

Everyone here is bilingual
We’re time-zone aligned
Industry legends work here
We’re certified in our skills

“Creating technological products that bring smiles on faces of students, parents, patients, employers, and employees around the world is only possible because of the smart work done by team Vofox. Thanks to all staff members of Vofox solutions for taking pride in what you do - your energy is inspiring, and every customer testimonial is a testament of your work ethic. You set us apart from others and I can’t thank you enough for the exceptional customer experiences you deliver on a daily basis."

- CEO, Vofox Solutions

Our Promise To You By partnering with us, you are guaranteed:

Promise #1 Work With A Team Of Experts

The individuals in our team have extensive experience in every industry. Moreover, we’re highly driven and only want the best results for your brand and business.

Promise #2 Results-Driven Collaborations

We are data- and result-driven. We care about the growth of your business and will ensure consistent and transparent collaborations with your brand, thus guaranteeing your peace of mind.

Promise #3 Customer Experience

We’re a group of hardworking people who love to do great work and enjoy it while we do it. Our priority is to give you the best customer experience you’ll ever find and to make sure that you cherish our time working together.

New projects and exciting opportunities emerge every day.

Why Vofox?

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Behind The Scenes

Culture is our competitive edge. We are outstanding individuals, product thinkers, and constant learners that are handpicked to fit culture first. We’re often quoted as a company with its people and clients at the core. When we feel well, we do well - both professionally and personally. We totally commit to our employees’ satisfaction and well-being, and they reciprocate with unparalleled dedication to us and our clients. Hence, we’ve developed a unique, rewarding organizational culture based on four core principles.

01.Product Thinking​


Our people empathize with end users, understand their goals, and always have the big picture in mind. We understand the importance of a lean approach and are not afraid to experiment and innovate to deliver better results. We avoid quick fixes, make decisions with a long term vision in mind, use data to support our ideas, listen before being heard, and stay open to being wrong.

We always evaluate people on their fundamental skills and their cognitive thinking ability. Tools and technologies keep evolving, therefore, our knowledge sessions are focused on building fundamental skills of individuals, irrespective of the technology they work with. We have programs designed to enhance their output and to not settle for mediocre results.


02.Continuous Learning



Our employees influence product development. We come prepared with an answer, focus continually on results, and emphasize quality. We bring a level of technical expertise, enthusiasm and a desire to deliver excellent results from all areas of our business. This is integrated in our human resource development program to inculcate an appreciation for excellence among us.

We consider employees’ opinions as to software product enhancements, customer change requests, etc. We motivate them to contribute to the overall innovation of the company and its services and discover new solutions to current & emerging needs. With freedom to think and act, we encourage our team to bring fresh ideas to the table, inspire the next, and help their peers grow.



Dear applicant, application materials submitted to Vofox are treated as confidential and will not be used for any purpose other than to assess your fit for relevant job opportunities.

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