Why Should You Consider Software Outsourcing?

Software Outsourcing is the need of the hour. In the pursuit of making cost-efficient software at a swift rate, many companies rely on the trainees and interns. Hiring a specific human resource for a single project that you might or might not get in the future seems like drainage on your resources. Also, if you know that you can get a module developed at a lower price in another country without the loss of time and quality; it is not a wise decision to refrain from that. Software outsourcing is a much better and smart option for companies trying to cut down cost and focus on core business functions. By doing so you can streamline your business process, and the resources at hand can be put to much higher levels of functioning. Outsourcing is one amazing thing that can help accomplish much more with fewer resources.

Advantages of outsourcing

Reduced Expenses:
Outsourcing allows for smart usage of all kinds of resources, namely – money, time, human resources and infrastructure as well. The company doesn’t have to hire a new employee or buy new resources for him or her to complete the job. When you outsource, the talent can be hired for a single project, multiple projects, a single module, and even a single functionality. The payment is made only for the task done. There are many countries with a big difference in currency value as well. Outsourcing from such countries also allows for cost-cutting on software development.

Exposure to new talent:
Outsourcing enables you to have access to a pool of qualified talents who work efficiently within the given time period. You might find a person or a company that you will enjoy working for a long time down the future. Instead of dealing with the incompetence issues at work, you can work with expert people at some other place who always aim for the success of both the parties.

Time Savings:
A dedicated team of professionals with experience and expertise in a software development company will ensure the delivery of high-quality work on time.

Flexible Working:
Software outsourcing calls for a flexible work-life. There is no need to have a full-fledged team of developers, programmers, and hardware support for all of them. Instead, you can have a very dynamic and consistently motivated virtual team that is spread globally and works independently.
Hence, Software Outsourcing with Vofox is the best thing that you can start to have better work and better ROI.


Trusted Software Outsourcing Services:

We are a highly transparent and reliable aggregation of talent that can cater to all kinds of demands and requirements originating in the IT Sector. The erudite brains working as a team have mastered the art of creating customer-specific work deliverables that drive end-results to a profitable spectrum! Having catered to numerous companies and clients that never fall short of words for praising the work; we take extreme pride in the array of happy testimonials it has earned.

We offer an attractive service portfolio that comprises the following:

Frontend Development in all the latest and popular technologies namely, Node JS, Backbone JS, Angular JS, Bootstrap JS, and Progressive Web App Development.
Mobile App Development in Xamarin, iOS, React Native, Vue Native, and Android.
Software and Web Development in PHP; C#; Java J2EE; WPF; Windows Azure; Asp.NET and MVC
Offshore Talent Hiring for Offshore Development Services; Offshore IT Consulting; dedicated Software Developers and QA and Testing Services.
As a Software Outsourcing company in India, we that the resources to caters to all the areas and domains!

Why Vofox as Your Software Outsourcing Company in India:

As a leading software outsourcing company in India, our team has a 5-step action plan to make outsourcing easier and better for the client while keeping the work quality in mind at all times.

The 5-step action plan is as follows:

Creative Ideas: We always promote creativity. There are endless ways to do any task and you have only one way until another one appears or is shown to you. This is why instead of sticking to a single solution for developing projects, we always promote creative solution crafting. With an energetic team of brilliant minds that create solutions instead of following the age-old practices of the IT domain, we have catered to a wide range of products and services.

Innovative Solutions: Business scenarios are ever evolving and the need to have innovative solutions for business is on the rise more than ever. From payment gateways to websites and apps to plug-ins – every single thing is getting smarter and better. Thus, to keep you well-conforming to this race of advancement, we keep on working to deliver innovative solutions that never fail to amaze and achieve more than the desired results.

Proper Customization: We have developed a culture and work ethic in which we work as per the wants of the customer and make sure to make it as good as it can be. Instead of offering the customers what we like and what we can make, we work towards achieving the perfect tangible and intangible translations of customers’ requirements. The effort is put into making good things better; and not ‘our’ versions of customers’ requirements.

Technical Expertise: We have a highly resourceful, competitive, reliable and robust team with a high learning curve. This is why we can cater to almost all the domains of the IT world without any doubt. We never stop learning and acquiring new skills. We never stop practicing our craft so as to achieve the best end results. Learning and knowledge acquiring is a life-long process and we make sure to do it in the best possible way.

Cost-Effective Action Plan: A good developer makes the best products and services for the clients. And, the best developer makes the best products and services with the best possible and the most efficient usage of the resources. This statement drives every single project development at Vofox.

Our Software Development Process:

The software development process at Vofox Solutions is not the same mundane and age-old process with dangling phases of software lifecycle where everything seems to fail the timeline and plans. The ‘planned development on the basis of smart development of plans’ is something that keeps us on our toes at all times. We don’t believe in shirking or stalling time just to let the excuses pass-by without coming into real picture. With a highly-resourceful and expert team with sterling minds, that has high regard for work ethic; we can prove to be an efficient catalyst for a swift and quality-oriented software development.

Our software development process:

As a software outsourcing company in India, from the moment we get in touch with you, we do intensive research and analysis about your requirement. We thoroughly capture your requirements to deliver a product that perfectly suits your specific business requirements. We also carry out a detailed discussion regarding the SRS and main functionalities, prototypes, software modules, overall UI Design, and features to scale, modify or enhance the software during our engagement.

Fast Development:

A rapid development model that has been devised by the subject matter experts is made perfect with the extreme understanding and experience in the domain- Vofox and speed go hand-in-hand. We promise rapid development without compromise on quality, robustness, scalability, and efficiency.
The development starts with the design phase where all the major design aspects related to the software are decided and thought-upon. Once a workable version has been approved and consulted with the client; a prototype development might be initiated in case the client requests of one. Otherwise, the core development team commences with project development.
Our excellent coding team refrains themselves from the practice of stuffing redundant code that can create troubles in the long run, the module development is a clean and careful process here. The development phase is one of the most controlled and careful phases when all the requirements from SRS are included in the software.

Once the software development is over, the work gets even more rapid and client-feedback is requested regarding the same. A detailed discussion of all the features and functionalities is done and the key-points are noted for necessary changes or any other thing.
Once the feedback is received and necessary modifications (if any) are done, the project is handed over to the quality assurance team. Confirmation of the requirements from the software as per the SRS and many other quality checks are done.
Finally, the project is handed over to the client!

Well, though the process might seem a strenuous and long one, the team at Vofox works at a fast rate with no room for error or slackening. This is what makes us one reputed software outsourcing company in India.

Product Launch:

The last step is the product launch. The client will be provided with all kinds of assistance to deploy and launch the product at their end. The installation, deployment and launching techniques vary from project to project.

So, all in all, Vofox Solutions is the best and the most reliable and trustworthy name when it comes to offshore software development or outsourcing of any scale and any kind.

We have years of experience working with clients from various parts of the world. Before beginning a project, we inquire our clients about their working hours and schedule our working hours in a way that is convenient for both sides.

We have thorough expertise in developing software using technologies, databases, and frameworks like C#, JavaScript, ASP.NET Core, ASP.NET MVC, Angular, React, Ruby on Rails, Vue.js, Ember.js, Aurelia, Node.js, MEAN, MERN, MySQL, MongoDB, Flutter, Kotlin, Python, Django, Flask, Android Studio, Xamarin, WordPress, Swift, Java, PHP, Dart, AWS, Firebase, MySQL, etc.

We have great expertise in serving businesses from multiple domains such as Transportation, Logistics, Aviation, Utility, Education, Healthcare, Insurance, and Finance. Over the years we have worked with businesses of different sizes and complexities all around the world: from small and medium-sized businesses to large enterprises.

Our development teams are spread across four geographies: the US, UK, India, and Australia. We also have our own fully equipped offshore development facility with a 200 seater capacity in India.

In the case of hiring a developer model, you will be having the flexibility to engage in project management. Whereas, in the case of a fixed-price model, your project will be managed by our project manager who will work entirely for your project.

There are only three stages to receiving a proposal. We will contact you as soon as possible after getting your message to gather your business requirements. Following that, we'll send you an understanding document as well as a feature list that specifies your desired features. We'll share the final proposal with an estimate and feature list after you verify the understanding document.




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