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Development capabilities

We provide scalable and affordable angular development solutions to build dynamic websites and our developers are well versed with the latest developments in the field, making Vofox Solutions the best company to hire Angular Developers in India. Get the best development solutions for your business with our flexible hiring models and custom angular components. Hire our robust team of experienced Angular developers and get quality service delivered with a professional approach.

What Is AngularJS?

Angular is a client-side MVW JavaScript framework for writing exciting web applications. It is being called as a toolkit for enhancing HTML. In short, AngularJS lets you extend HTML vocabulary for your application. AngularJS is produced by Google and it offers a revolutionary spin on the web/mobile application development.MVW stands for Model-View-Whatever, which gives us freedom over design patterns while developing applications. Angular, being a Google product itself assures an instant credibility and a high demand in the market. Among the developers, it is the most popular front-end framework currently available. Web/Mobile Application development is an industry where new technologies constantly rise and javascript frameworks like AngularJS offers a dynamic application development. We at Vofox find it exciting to be part of this very thrilling show and we thrive in providing outstanding services with the contemporary technology of AngularJS.

Benefits Of Using AngularJS For
Web Development

Angular calls itself the ‘Superheroic JavaScript framework’. And there is no doubt that it has become the latest hit in application development. AngularJS framework makes it possible for developers to create responsive web designs that are better, scalable and attractive.

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Stress-free MVC implementation

Comparing to other frameworks Angular is much easier and self-implementing. Other frameworks implement Model-View-Controller (MVC) by asking you to split your app into MVC components, and then you will have to write code to string them up together again. That is too much of a work. Whereas Angular implements MVC by asking you to split your app into MVC components, then Angular will just do the rest.

angularjs development company in india

Apt for Test-first approach

As most developers believe a test-driven development ensure zero error at the time of deployment.At any point of time during the development, or if you trust in the test-first approach AngularJS is the correct choice.

angularjs development company in india

Two-way data-binding

In AngularJS, you can write a simple two-way data-binding event in jQuery, JavaScript MVC libraries provide a more declarative (using HTML) way of connecting models according to your view.

angularjs development company in india

Best JS for Single-Page Applications 

AngularJS framework is the best option available currently for Single Page Applications. AngularJS helps you make single page applications like Gmail, where there is no waiting period for page reloads.In short a fast and sleek application for your product or service.

angularjs development company in india

Development-friendly data model

AngularJS framework gives you the flexibility to add and change properties directly on it and loop over objects and arrange at your will.Data models in AngularJS are plain old JavaScript objects. Angular’s Plain old JavaScript will make your code cleaner and natural.

Why Choose AngularJS For Developing Business Solutions

AngularJS, being a better technology with lesser code allows you to create single page applications that are quite interactive and responsive; easy maintenance and the perfect integration with the existing HTML platform. Most companies look forward to hiring AngularJS developers in India, especially the developers who have great programming skills, analytical skills, and critical thinking, who strives to stay ahead in this technological era. When you want to hire AngularJS developers, make Vofox Solutions as your first preference. We offer excellent AngularJS development services that satisfy all your programming needs, and we deliver our services on time. Our AngularJS developers deliver quality driven applications and ensure that the technology that we choose is best suited for the client requirements. We are committed to providing best software outsourcing solutions that are simple, and reliable to fulfill our client’s needs and expectations.

Hire Angular Developers In India
From Vofox Solutions

Hire Angular developers in India for agile Angular development solutions. From startups to large enterprises, depending on the type of your business and project demands, we provide customized solutions. Our dedicated Angular Developers have both the experience and expertise to understand your requirements and come up with the most effective and cost-efficient solutions to meet your objectives on time. From the beginning of the project to the completion of it, we provide reliable front-end development support.

Hire Angular Developers In India From Vofox Solutions

Being one of the leading Angular JS development companies in India, Vofox offers exemplary development services to our clients. We help business to develop high performance app using our Angular JS services. Our Angualr JS development services in India comprise:

angularjs development company in india

Web App Development

Our proficient Angular JS developers will provide solutions for your mission-critical business operations exactly how you want them. As AngularJS is developer-friendly and robust, we can smoothly develop applications with quality code. With us, you will gain access to top-tier AngularJS professionals who have built significant, adaptable, dynamic, and interactive solutions with exceptional web performance. Utilize our bespoke services to create high-performing and cost-effective applications that satisfy your unique business requirements.

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Mobile App Development

We leverage Ionic and Cordova technologies to build mobile apps for our clients. Because of AngularJs' code reusable property, the development process is both seamless and fast. By leveraging our effective AngularJS services, you can gain high-quality traffic, improved retention, and more market attention. AngularJS has a component-based MVC architecture that enables us to offer mobile apps having a great look, feel, and user experience of native apps to a large extent.

angularjs development services india
angularjs development services india

PWA Development

Utilize our expertise in AngularJS to build best-in-class progressive web apps that can streamline your business processes. We can help you develop applications that deliver a smooth user experience even when there is limited or no network connectivity. By leveraging the Javascript ecosystem, we are able to create responsive applications that are reliable and robust. Using the AngularJS framework, we offer top-notch AngularJS development services in India to provide applications that can adapt to various platforms, devices, and hardware.

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E-commerce Application Development

If you're looking for an ideal e-commerce site for your company, we are here to help you with all of your development needs using the most up-to-date technology. We can develop an optimal e-commerce store to help you grow your online business. With the right store created by our team of talented developers, you can attract a huge number of buyers. Our team has the knowledge and experience to suit the various needs of merchants looking for the best e-commerce solutions.

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API Integration

Delivering highly effective Angular JS development services in India, our developers always make sure that we provide reliable API integration services that can enhance your business productivity. We can help you exchange all kinds of data between different applications to easily execute various types of tasks. We properly implement APIs to provide critical functionality in an application. We offer complete assistance and ensure that the connections between services run smoothly and securely.

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QA and Testing Services

As a premier Angular JS development company in India, we implement the best and latest testing techniques to deliver robust and bug-free software applications. We can help you mitigate your technical and business risks by providing high-performance software that exceeds your expected standards. We will leverage both manual and automated testing to improve the quality of your AngualrJS solutions. We can provide end-to-end QA and testing services to ensure that your application operates seamlessly.

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Support and Maintenance

Our expert developers examine the current application's features and challenges encountered by the client and implement standardized techniques to improve the system. We can assist you in optimizing your applications by modifying them effectively while maintaining their stability and functionality. To improve client interaction, we can add new features to your applications and remove non-functional elements. Our engineers are experienced in providing comprehensive support and maintenance services so we can deliver feature-rich, user-centric, and standard-compliant solutions that fit your business demands.

angularjs development services india

Migration and Upgradation

We offer secure and faultless migration services for our clients to migrate their legacy applications to the AngularJS framework. Our experts will collaborate with you to create a migration plan and implement the migration process to enhance the user experience of your application. In upgradation, we can help you upgrade your application to the latest version to improve the functionality of your system. We provide reliable migration and upgradation services, ensuring that your AngularJS apps are up-to-date with today's web development trends.

Our Recent Works

Need Vofox for Your Next Project?

Vofox is known in the industry as the ‘solution provider’, and we maintain that reputation by supplying our clients with resources who are out-of-the-box thinkers. We work together to deliver to our clients the highest standards of execution excellence.

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For Startups

Have got an idea for a product and would like to launch it on the market? Contact us and let's start to develop a super-fast application for your upcoming/existing startup. We have some of the best and the sharpest developers who have worked with several startups to build a solution that meets their requirements. Start gathering users’ feedback faster, get investments, and either enter the market earlier or transform your MVP into a fully-fledged product.

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Small Businesess

When your business is ready to move forward on digital transformation, improve productivity, streamline operations and innovate faster – often with limited resources – remember that not all development services are created equal. Vofox’s solutions fit budgets of every size, with ROI in days or months, not years. If you're highly constrained and just want to start by leveraging and seeing results from your data, our team is ready to help you make smart, affordable decisions.

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Vofox's enterprise-grade solutions are already in full swing to remodel enterprise organizations. We have a history of providing development alongside an unmatched agency model that partners well with enterprises. Our team is a culmination of the brightest minds in the industry who will entirely understand your objectives. Our team's commitment as an enterprise technology partner positions us to find the right solution and rebuild your enterprise modules.

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Product based Companies

Application development has been our forte for many years now having delivered multiple projects for our clients. We have a team of skilled programmers who are highly trained to offer services that will align with your custom requirements.

  • Looking to consult with an experienced developer?
  • Planning to outsource app development service?
  • Would you like to develop an application from scratch?
  • Are you in need of senior developers to shape the core of your business?

At Vofox, we make things simple for our esteemed clientele for all phases of their project. We’re with you through every step of your journey, making the most of your technology and talent investments to ensure that you achieve your expected results.

Vofox Development Process

Our Industry Experience

What truly makes Vofox one of the notable Angular JS development companies in India is our experience in the full stack of the latest Angular technologies and proficiency in delivering highly interactive angular web applications and solutions. Our experience as a trusted Angular JS development company in India helps us to build robust Angular applications for varied industries.

angularjs development company in india


Angular JS is a solid platform for uploading and streaming high-quality video. We can help you build online video streaming applications that offer high-quality video content to end-users. Our accomplishments in AngularJS development services reflect our commitment and technical & subject knowledge in transforming your concept into a responsive and functional application.

angularjs development company in india


We help you to effortlessly create stunning Angular eCommerce experiences. Our knowledge can help you establish user-friendly eCommerce stores that enable users to shop online, search for specific brands, keep up with the latest fashion trends, and select commodities that fit them ideally. To create an e-commerce solution that your audience would appreciate, our skilled developers use streamlined processes and proficient methodologies.

angularjs development company in india


As a prominent AngularJS development company, we provide top-notch AngularJS development services to travel businesses of all sizes and types. We have stellar experience in developing dynamic applications that provide a great user experience for the users who visit the site. With our travel app, users will always be able to book the best accommodations, activities, and flights.

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Human Resource

The internet has evolved into a content warehouse, and HR executives are constantly on the lookout for high-quality information to download. Our proficient developers have created AngularJS applications that help companies to recruit freelancers for their projects on schedule.

angularjs development company in india


Before making any purchase, today's buyer prefers to be well informed. They prefer to read customer reviews before purchasing a product or service. By utilizing AngularJS, we have built user review websites that publish the most recent movie reviews, magazine reviews, etc.

angularjs development company in india


We are efficient in building educational websites using Angular JS to make the teaching process more interesting and effective. Teachers can create lessons, tutorials, and reviews for children that help them a lot in their learning purpose. We leverage the latest tools and resources to deliver interactive, dynamic, and scalable solutions that meet your preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequenty Asked Questions from our Clients

angularjs development company in india

Drop Your Question Here...

Angular is not the same as AngularJS; it is a Typescript-based open-source framework that is used to build dynamic web applications and has an advanced modular design that makes development faster when compared to AngularJS. AngularJS is an open-source Javascript framework that’s primarily used to create single-page web applications (SPAs) and has the ability to change static HTML to dynamic HTML.
Angular is a full-fledged MVC framework written in TypeScript. It is considered a framework since it has much out-of-the-box functionality to develop applications. It also provides a strong opinion about how your application should be structured. However, you have less flexibility because you have to use what Angular offers.
Angular comes with built-in security against common attacks on web applications and attacks such as Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities. We can improve the security of Angular applications by utilizing Route guards when necessary, implementing CSP (Content Security Policies), using Angular templates rather than using DOM API, preventing CSRF (Cross-site request forgery), preventing Cross-Site Script Inclusion (XSSI). Application-level security, such as authentication and authorization, is not covered.
angularjs development services india
Angular supports the most recent versions of all popular browsers including Firefox, Chrome, Safari, iOS, and Android. In Internet Explorer, however, Angular will only support versions 9, 10, and 11.
angularjs development services india
Angular is a powerful tool for developing any type of mobile app. To build iOS and Android apps, you can combine Angular with NativeScript which is another open-source framework. You can utilize Ionic to develop hybrid apps that can work on both iOS and Android platforms and provide a native-like experience.

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