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What is Ember.js?

Ember.js is a client-side JavaScript web application framework. It is an advanced open-source JavaScript/HTML5 MVC application framework used for creating single page web applications that need more desktop-like experience.

Why use Ember.js?

Ember.js is famous for developing lively and beautiful SPAs.Some features that make Ember.js development stand apart from Angular JS are string-based template system, use of accessors and powerful and complex routing.Here’s a look at some of the interesting features of Ember.js

Open source javascript – Ember.js is an open source JavaScript framework under (MIT license).

Less Code – Ember.js requires comparatively very less coding than any Javascript frameworks

Less time – EmberJS has achieved to smartly integrate common idioms and best coding practices under a single unit. These important features not only domake the programing easier but also saves you crucial time.

Friendly platform – Ember.js is a friendly platform for developers

Customize as you wish – It has the handlebars templating library which is similar as HTML and also embed expressions that change the display.

Data binding – Ember.js fully supports databinding which creates the link between two properties and when one property changes, the other property will get update to the new value.

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The super features of Ember.js

Ember.js is empowered in such a way that it can by use Handlebars templates and is simple to develop the front-end design.Ember also gives the provision of auto updating Handlebar templates

It automatically governs the route and controller during declaration of the route resources.

Ember.js removes the boilerplate(the section of code that has to be included in various places without any alteration) and delivers standard application architecture.

Ember.js has HTML and CSS at the core of the development model.

For Ember.js the routes are core features, which are used for to manage an URL’s.

Ember.js also offers extensive view type support.

Automatic update of model, whenever any content of the application gets changed is another extensive feature of Ember.js

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