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We at Vofox are highly aware of the commitments that we make, so our team of developers works closely with you to intercept your expectations at every phase of the project with a transparent process to sustain our commitment to your budget and deadlines. Our top-rated Salesforce with strong knowledge about the US businesses takes your project from start to completion while offering you all the insights and guidance regarding the project to design a revenue-driving software deliverable.

Let’s Explore The Benefits That Your Business Acquire By Getting Our Team Of Salesforce
Developers On Board As Your Salesforce Integrator.

Business Expertise

Vofox is a powerhouse of talented and bright software wizards with rich experience and an excellent learning curve. The Salesforce Consulting Practice at Vofox is derived from extensive experience accumulated while working on real-time projects of leading companies.

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At Vofox, quality doesn’t come with price tags! Achieving long-term business partners, offering cost-effective solutions and services to all our clients and keeping everything right inside your budget is something we aim for!

Quality Standards

We are a CMMI Level 3 Appraised Salesforce development company in India. This means we are the rightmost source for developing purely structured, well-commented code, and ensuring effortless maintenance and scaling opportunities.


Vofox has a global presence and provides salesforce development services in India, Europe, the US, etc. To cater to our global clients, our project managers respond to your inquiries even on weekends.

How Do We Operate?

Design the Solution

Thorough and creative designs are the foundations of great platforms and great software solutions. And, to achieve them, communication between clients and developers is the key. This initial discovery phase is something we place importance on. Be it your processes, business objectives, and project goals, we want to make sure that we are all on the same chords right from the start.

Start Building

Once the project design is validated, and technical and organizational standpoints are considered, the development and implementation teams start their work. At Vofox, we have a holistic development approach wherein the software solution is seamlessly tied with the business processes and business in all aspects.

Launch, Monitor, Refine

Product Launching doesn’t mark the end of the process. Our Salesforce consultants offer support and maintenance for the solutions and products even after the launch and monitor your business environment to find ways to enhance your business processes so that they scale with the growing needs.

What Vofox Can Do For You?

Salesforce Implementation

We don’t just help you develop a creative Salesforce solution for your US business, our team helps you make it a reality. This includes integrating with existing systems, automating key processes, and working out the technical details.

Salesforce Customization

Salesforce Customization enables the users to tailor the Salesforce CRM as per their business setup and needs. The Salesforce customization varies from client to client and is done keeping the business requirements in mind.

Salesforce Migration

We offer a highly systematic and stepwise process for the migration of your current US business system to the modern and new Salesforce platform. Designing, Planning, Extraction, Transforming, and Loading and Verifying – Vofox offers reliable and robust services and support for all stages.

Salesforce Integration

Our expert team will allow you to achieve an effortless and robust integration with the legacy platforms and cloud applications of any type and on any scale with the newly built or revamped Salesforce platform. We have a rich technical experience that enables us to recommend the best approach to Salesforce implementation after a careful review of your API documentation.

Work With Top-Rated Salesforce
Consultants Every Step Of The Way

Vofox specializes in delivering Salesforce development services exclusively to businesses in the United States. By choosing Vofox, you benefit from our global expertise while meeting the unique requirements of the US market. We are a highly reliable, experienced, and target-oriented development company. Vofox offers cost-effective and customized Salesforce Solutions for all kinds of businesses. Hence, you can find all kinds of technical expertise and support at Vofox. We offer impeccable services right from the inception of the project idea to the delivery & maintenance phase; and even beyond that.

Why Hire Salesforce Developers From Vofox?

Vofox Solutions is a highly innovative and reputed company with an incredibly talented team of professionals that are well-versed in all modern technologies. Learning and acquisition of new skills is a major part of our work culture which enables us to be future-ready at all times. We, at Vofox, believe in the constant betterment of technologies, platforms, customization, and our process of development. Hence, the work culture and development process at Vofox is undoubtedly advanced and cutting-edge.

Vofox also offers a wide range of Salesforce development services such as Implementation, Integration, Customization, Migration, and Consulting in Salesforce Development to help you stay competing in the US market. Hence, we are a ‘one-point’ solution for all kinds of Salesforce Development needs that are actually specific to modern-day businesses and business environments.

Vofox Solutions works from scratch such that not a single variable in the requirement specification is left out of the development process. The team at Vofox knows how to keep individuality and uniqueness intact in every project. The team of experts at Vofox has worked and tackled all the popular technologies and platforms for the development of all kinds of web-based businesses. With such a wide and all-inclusive exposure, Vofox has established itself as a leading name in the software development industry. So, with us as your Salesforce developer, you can never fall short of expectations.

Our Salesforce Development Services


The platform has grouped its services into different offerings and products called Salesforce Clouds. Based on your business requirements and all the information we gather from you, our Salesforce professionals will help you choose one or more Salesforce clouds to go ahead with. We will create a data model that is in sync with your pre-defined business processes. As a multi-year Salesforce Partner, we will help you design your CRM platform and implement a broad range of Salesforce products such as:

  • Sales Cloud
  • Service Cloud
  • Marketing Cloud
  • Financial Services Cloud
  • Commerce Cloud
  • Experience Cloud
  • Community Cloud
  • CPQ
  • Analytics
  • Pardot
  • Heroku
  • Mulesoft
  • Slack
  • AI
  • IoT

App Development

Our developers have successfully built native, hybrid, and SF1 mobile applications for iOS and Android with the SalesForce Mobile SDK. We can develop apps that integrate seamlessly in the Salesforce cloud across apps and workspaces, and deliver unique experiences for marketing, sales, and service teams. Having a skilled team in diverse technologies including Xamarin, Ionic, React Native, Phone Gap, Flutter, Polymer, Cordova, and more, we can build you a hybrid app using a framework of your choice. With a custom mobile app, you can update, access, and synchronize Salesforce data between your offline database and Salesforce. You can improve internal processes that cannot be done via regular CRM functionality, such as lead generation and assignment. Our Salesforce1 mobile developers’ experience in integrating Einstein AI-analytics, Tableau, and blockchain APIs can help you in creating a next-gen Salesforce custom mobile application.

Application Development

Our team of Certified Professionals can create Salesforce applications to be published on AppExchange so that you use them easily in all of your Salesforce Instances. We can build custom applications for your business needs using the package tools in the Salesforce software suite while keeping all the AppExchange security guidelines in mind. We use Salesforce Lighting to help clients automate processes, create custom UI with responsive layouts, build large-scale web applications as well as integrate third-party applications into the existing business logic. Salesforce Lightning provides us with a package of tools to create Lightning applications that are responsive for mobile and desktop devices. We can also create custom lightning components that run compatible across devices and browsers to execute all your business processes.


Having 16 years of experience in Salesforce API integration, we are one of the top Salesforce Partners in the US who have succeeded in completing numerous Salesforce integrations and data migrations with different systems. We can connect your organization’s custom software layer with the Salesforce ecosystem through APIs, integrate Salesforce with your internal/external databases, and also integrate third-party systems with Salesforce using SOAP, REST, BULK, and Meta Data APIs. We leverage the Salesforce platform API to integrate with existing applications and internal databases, connecting you to any on-premise system, cloud software product, or third-party platform such as accounting, HR software, ERP, database systems, order management systems, CTI, Email, ITSM, Social Media, eCommerce, Cloud Storage tools, collaborative systems, payment solutions, call center systems, workflow management software, etc. We can connect multiple data sources and services in real time to get your business experience 360-degree operational visibility.

and Management

Our team offers 24/7 maintenance services across various products of Salesforce. We configure Salesforce solutions based on users’ requests, for example - set up workflows, configure custom reports, install applications, improve existing functionalities, map customization needs, provide user support through training, and handle user management, security management, reporting, and routine checkups. We can administer your Salesforce system's data functionalities - from uploading data in the Salesforce solution and cleansing it - to setting up duplicate and validation rules, etc. We will check your Salesforce solution for inefficiencies and spot which features/processes require optimization, and quickly identify and fix errors in Salesforce performance. We can also implement enhancements according to change requests, and modify application functionality without impact to current business operations in Salesforce. We will provide you with long-term application maintenance services including debugging, expansion, and others, extending your application's life.

Tools & Technologies We Use

  • Apex Programming Language
  • Visualforce Markup Language
  • SOQL (Salesforce Object Query Language)
  • Salesforce Lightning Platform
  • Lightning Web Components
  • Salesforce Connect
  • Process Builder
  • JavaScript Frameworks
  • Triggers
  • HTML

Our Recent Works

Vofox Development Process

Our Industry Experience


Our Salesforce Financial Services Cloud developers can manage your business’s entire lifecycle, from prospecting to onboarding and ongoing relationship management. We use App Cloud for building customer-facing and purpose-built applications that help your clients understand invoices - and, in turn, their overall cost base - before they pay them. We can integrate your core banking system and custom mobile application with Salesforce to let reps capture new leads and service customers from anywhere. We can connect your Salesforce1 Mobile App to Chatter for capturing data from many sources and plug it into a real-time dialogue with customers and for real-time collaboration among colleagues. This will help your employees - senior bankers, analysts, compliance managers, group heads, sales, accounts, servicing, marketing, and product people - to communicate and have complete views of customers before they walk into meetings. And with our Report Development services, management can track transactions or drill down into the data to see the total number of customers in any given sector or even the rate of approvals for particular geographies.


As a well-known Salesforce Implementation Partner in the Retail industry, Vofox builds custom applications connected in the cloud on the Salesforce platform. Our Salesforce retail apps are supercharging outlet engagement around the world. They are transforming the role of salespeople, empowering them with data to give them greater confidence and connect to customers in a whole new way. They can manage each outlet visit from their phone, and see at a glance if an outlet has purchased the quantity they committed to or if there are any service issues to be addressed. Armed with tablets running these fully connected custom apps, they can also review the freshness of stock and make a plan with the outlet owner to shift or replenish it. With the help of our Salesforce Service Cloud engineers, your customer support agents will have instant access to customer history. They can log issues, generate work orders, be alerted on completed repairs, plan out optimal routes, and dispatch field service technicians via a custom field in the service mobile app - all in real-time.


We are proficient in creating omnichannel solutions for eCommerce businesses that could surface data from backend systems and help keep your customers at the centre of everything. We can help you in integrating Salesforce with any of the various e-commerce systems such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, etc. to create customized marketing campaigns, add order and browser histories to customer data, improve assets management, etc. Our deployment process only takes a few weeks, with Lightning Connect from the Salesforce Platform making integration with backend systems seamless. Our custom Cloud implementation services will let you integrate all the touchpoints in online retail for a 360-degree view of each customer. Our Salesforce Marketing Cloud developers can use Advertising Studio to manage hundreds of campaigns across social sites, mobile publishers, and ad ecosystems, and to visualise and report on ad performance. Service Cloud workflows and the reports generated by us will make it easy to track & measure the performance of SLAs and collect information on what customers want next if you want to create new categories of products and experiences.


Trained to handle the industry’s unique and fast-paced needs, Vofox’s Salesforce developers help medical device and pharmaceutical companies collaborate across entire ecosystems and turn valuable data into actionable insights. We can build you a personalized CRM system integrated with Salesforce Sales Cloud to make the CRM lightweight and help you to interact with patients, as well as routine workflow. Our Salesforce developers have a lot of skills and knowledge in quickly building top-flight applications in this area of activity using's cloud computing platform. We can develop tools, processes, and new ways of working to empower your team to view patients as valued customers who have choices on who they trust with their most valuable possession - their health. Get to know the person behind the patient with a panoramic view of each customer, connected throughout your healthcare community - from sales and enrollment to administrative and clinical support. Together, we can help you accelerate acquisition, enrollment, service, and innovation - so your team can focus on what matters most: patients, members, care providers, payers, employees, and partners.


Using Salesforce App Cloud, Vofox can give you a complete view of your customers, products and supplies in one place with an application that connects production, sales, and planning across your ecosystem. We will deliver you aggressive timeframes to prevent the disruption to your manufacturing business. We can also add Service Cloud, Community Cloud, and several different apps from the Salesforce ecosystem through AppExchange. We will implement the CPQ functionality to help you improve cross-sell & upsell and become a sales-winning machine. The dialogue between your agents and engineers is going to change dramatically; instead of talking about obstacles, they will start talking about opportunities, like how to optimise lead generation sources. Your management will have detailed reporting to track the progress of key projects in real-time custom dashboards and analyse the success of marketing campaigns. With Salesforce solutions built for every department in your manufacturing company, you can enjoy the usage of a cloud-based CRM for your business. And our team will help you with the whole process to power multiple parts of your business.


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequenty Asked Questions from our Clients

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Salesforce is the #1 management platform used in customer relationship management (CRM), task management, sales, marketing, customer service, analytics, and application development.
Salesforce Platform (also called is a platform as a service (PaaS) that lets developers create third-party add-on apps to be integrated into the main application.
There are several benefits of Salesforce Customization that businesses would only understand after its customization is properly done. Please contact Vofox’s Salesforce consultants to learn in what ways configuring and customizing Salesforce will help your business. We will thoroughly formulate your customization needs (after consulting your Salesforce users), prioritize features, apps, custom reports or whatever customizations you may need, outlining a customization plan and actually getting down to work.
Hiring a Salesforce development team is a way to customize the platform and use it efficiently without spending months studying the ins and outs of the solution. There are lots of functionalities that require coding, so you need to hire Salesforce developers to carry out those activities professionally. As a certified Salesforce partner, Vofox’s team has the technical savvy and the expert tricks up our sleeves to upgrade your Salesforce solution to work harder on your behalf.
The cost of a Salesforce license varies depending upon the edition - the package that provides the optimal functionality for the desired number of users. Salesforce offers Essentials edition for small businesses, Professional edition for mid-sized businesses, and Enterprise edition for large-scale businesses with complex business processes. To view the complete pricing list, please visit

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