Our Database Management Services

IIn today’s world, it is very difficult to manage a large volume of data. However, with our best-suited database management services, we can reduce complexity in data management and ensure business continuity. As one of the leading database management companies in India, we can provide unique solutions that will solve all the major challenges of your databases. We will offer effective data consolidation so that you can reduce manual work and improve ROI.

Patch Management

We can provide patching services to add new features to an existing application and to fix its security vulnerabilities. We will execute a patch test before deploying the patches to nullify the risks like breaking compatibility or crashing altogether while patching. We will detect the vulnerabilities efficiently and offer reliable patch management solutions that fit the requirements of your business.

Security Management

Protection of data from malicious threats and attacks are very essential. We offer security to the database, DBMS, associated applications, underlying hardware, network infrastructure, etc. We can strictly adhere to Database security policies to provide access to databases and keep your data safe from breaches. We will follow the best practices and right procedures to preserve the integrity, availability, and confidentiality of your data. We leverage data protection tools and platforms to monitor and safeguard your sensitive information from vulnerabilities.

Performance Tuning

We are able to optimise the performance of the database by enhancing indexing, query response, or configuration of the database's environment. We have stellar experience in writing well-structured queries for the smooth execution of data. Since we are one of the trusted data management companies in India, We can identify I/O bottlenecks and fix the specific cause of delayed performance. Our database performance tuning services comprise setting the recovery interval, assigning parallelism with processors, tuning network protocols, etc. and allowing businesses to have superior data access.

Architecture Design

We utilize single-tier or multi-tier architecture to design the database management system. We can assist you in breaking down the entire database system into distinct components that can be changed, replaced, or modified independently. We will choose the right architecture for your critical business information and aid you in managing data efficiently. We will use trendy design software to design the architecture for your database systems with complete security.

Administration and Monitoring

To accomplish sound performance for database applications, we select appropriate structures and access paths for database files. We can provide insights into data at an organisational level and ensure that the data are presented in a consistent manner. We effectively use Scripts to automate database administration tasks and performance monitoring of databases. We will analyse your database thoroughly and take the necessary measures to enhance its performance and efficiency.

Backup and Recovery Management

We can incorporate a backup plan to create and store copies of data in a separate system or medium and protect businesses against data loss. We take Physical backups and Logical backups efficiently and safeguard the data from system crashes, transaction failure, network failure, disk failure, media failure, etc. We do the backup process at regular intervals to minimize the amount of data loss while recovering. We implement a recovery plan to restore the data in the original location where it is damaged or lost and will help you keep the consistency of your data.

Database Upgradation and Migration

We can provide comprehensive up-gradation and migration services to modernize your database environment without data loss or downtime. We can help you convert your current environment into a new release environment to receive the latest functionality. During migration, we will move your database environment to the new OS, new hardware, or a new platform like the cloud, and ensure that the whole application stack performs well in a new environment.

What Makes Vofox Your Trusted Partner
in Database Management?

We are adept at accomplishing different database management tasks like designing, planning, setup & installations, restoration, and database upgrades. We can help you develop the most complex database design and ensure unrivalled quality services. We provide innovative solutions to handle large amounts of data on a secure base. Our on-demand DBA resource can help you manage, monitor, administer, and optimize your data according to your specific needs.

Dedicated Project Team

We have dedicated resources who can develop databases & database applications and ensure that your project is completed in a timely manner. Our development team is committed to ensuring secure data using relevant database applications.

Tailor-made Applications

We can assist you in achieving your business objectives by developing databases that cater to your specific business needs. We will put our maximum effort to design and develop data operations that are needed for balancing the administration of business processes.

Technical Proficiency

We can implement the best DBMS required by your company and will utilize cutting-edge technology and comprehensive security measures to develop databases and database applications.

Advanced Toolkit

To make the database applications reliable, functionally robust, and secure, we leverage all of the latest and advanced tools & techniques available. To ensure that your DBMS is flawless and functional, our team will employ comprehensive security measures and use the latest testing techniques.


We will do a deep analysis of your requirements in order to precisely scope the project. We've created databases and database applications for businesses of all types while staying within their budget and industry standards.

Guaranteed Assistance

Our analysts will capture your operational data and scope the project to ensure that it is both cost-effective and completed on time. Our support engineers will provide patching services and technical assistance once your software applications have been implemented.

Our Recent Works

Why Database Management Is Necessary?

Data is a corporate asset of an organisation that can be used to make better decisions in business operations. Database Management System (DBMS) can enhance the data processes to optimize the business performance. It can assist you in managing several databases and retrieving pertinent data. DBMS can store, organize, and monitor data with the help of a software application. By implementing a data system, businesses can perform well and help them to save overall costs.

Improved efficiency

Database management systems are essential for businesses because they allow them to efficiently handle large amounts of data of varying types. If the availability of data is seamless, businesses can make informed decisions faster.

Consistent Data

When various versions of the same data exist in different places within an organisation, it causes data inconsistency. With the help of proper DBMS, it can be guaranteed that everyone in a company has access to an all-encompassing view of the data.

Data That Complies With Regulations

DBMS offers a more effective framework for implementing data privacy and security regulations. Through effective management, the business processes will be transparent and have reduced security breaches.

Allows newer and better updates

A better and more productive DBMS allows to enter new information, update existing information, and also delete information that is not required. Thereby, one can go through the current business status and will get a clear idea about it easily.


Data Management Systems are extremely versatile, and by using them, one can access the data on computers, tablets, mobile devices, etc.


Multiple authorised users can access the same database from various locations in diverse ways, to accomplish different goals using a database management system. For example, the HR Admin of a company can add the salary details of an employee while the Manager can add details of the performance of an employee by accessing the same database.

Helps to search for data in a better manner

DBMS allows for the preservation and development of the business data over time. It enables the users to search the whole system for getting particular information. Using particular criteria, users can efficiently retrieve whichever information they require.

Our Industry Experience


We offer dependable, scalable, and innovative logistics solutions to clients across the world. We assist small enterprises and huge corporations with cloud computing, route analysis, and location tracking software.


We have proven expertise in tailoring solutions to specific customer requirements such as electrical tracking, estimates, and performance monitoring to support energy and utility enterprises.


Our knowledge can help you establish user-centric eCommerce stores that provide a positive purchasing experience for your customers. We serve a wide range of industries, both large and small, across the globe.


Using cutting-edge technology, we can help you build practical healthcare solutions. We always follow HIPAA, GDPR, and other healthcare regulations without interfering with the system's operation.


We can help you in building a fully functional educational website that integrates the appropriate design and technology. We can assist you to knock over technological barriers in your e-learning project and construct cost-effective e-learning websites.


We can help you in building IT solutions to fulfil any complex aviation needs. We will conduct a detailed analysis of your business requirements and develop digital solutions to help you take your company to new heights.

Frequently Asked Questions

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We make it certain that none of our engagement models involves any hidden cost.
You can find all our expert Database developers at our offshore development campus in Kochi, India.
To secure your IP, we can sign NDAs that cover confidentiality, ownership rights, and IP rights.
You can make payments through Wire Transfers once the invoices are generated on the last working day of every month. No advance payments are necessary.
Yes, you can. Once you tell us your preferences, we will share our Database developers’ resumes for your analysis. You have complete authority to finalize and select the Database developers who you want to work for you.

We make certain that we establish seamless communication between hired Database developers and clients. For that, communication tools like Jira, Slack, Skype, email, etc. are used. Our Database developers are also equipped to work in an agile environment.

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