Custom XamarinApp Development

Ship custom Xamarin apps faster to your end users by hiring our Xamarin developers. They have proven expertise in delivering scalable apps that meet your business challenges. Their deep expertise in Xamarin and a variety of other productivity tools enable them to minimize development time and maximise user satisfaction.

XamarinMaintenance & Support

We'll connect you with a dedicated Xamarin developer who provides you with periodic maintenance, bug fixes, & timely support for your cross-platform mobile app. Whether your app is just out of the box or a full grown product that needs timely bug fixes, our Xamarin maintenance specialists got you covered.


Migrate your native app to cross-platform or upgrade to a new version by hiring our Xamarin app migration experts. Our Xamarin developers in India are experts in migrating native apps that only work on a single platform to performance driven cross-platform apps or vice versa without affecting their existing functionalities and business rules.


Our dedicated Xamarin app developers are experts in integrating your apps with third-party APIs that add more functionalities to your mobile app so that you can meet your businesses and customers' ever changing requirements. We help you automate your IT ecosystem by seamlessly integrating your Xamarin app with backend APIs.


With our global experience in building cross-platform apps, we have a clear understanding of all the best practices, trends and challenges associated with Xamarin development. This enables our Xamarin developers to maximise your product performance while balancing costs & at the same time deliver without compromising on quality.

Our Xamarin Development Tech Stack

  • C#
  • NuGet
  • Xamarin Inspector
  • Prism
  • Resharper
  • NUnit
  • Visual Studio

We Got You Covered - Hire Xamarin Developers in India from Vofox

  • Easy Communication

    Easy communication is what separates us from other vendors. To avoid communication glitches within development teams, we only hire Xamarin developers India to our resource pool who have years of experience working with distributed teams. This helps us to exceed your expectations & meet key milestones of your project.

  • Code Quality

    Quality is at the core of everything we do here at Vofox. We are different from other dev shops, our Xamarin app developers work closely with you and our in-house QA team to ensure the release of bug-free software that delivers great UX. We will thoroughly test your app to make sure its quality is par with international standards.

  • Transparency & Security

    From following international standards for security management to signing NDAs to safeguard your IP rights, we follow a highly transparent approach to ensure all your information remains strictly confidential. We execute stringent contracts at multiple levels and deploy necessary surveillance techniques.

  • Flexible engagement models

    From hourly to full time, we offer flexible engagement models that align with your unique business requirements. The result, increased agility, faster project delivery, and high ROI. All of our delivery models are precisely engineered to assure ontime project delivery and usability without exceeding budget.

Our Domain Expertise In Xamarin Development

Frequently Asked Questions

Before we onboard a candidate into our coder pool, we thoroughly evaluate their skills and expertise by conducting coding tests, communication assessments, domain evaluation, as well as references from their previous employers.

  • Total control over your development process.
  • Access to expert Xamarin developers that have experience in handling complex projects
  • Free Manual Testing
  • Fully dedicated Xamarin developers

Yes they do! All our React Native developers have experience working in Agile projects and have expertise in multiple methodologies like Waterfall, Hybrid, Scrum, Kanban, XP.

We have years of experience working with clients from different parts of the world. Before beginning a project, we consult our clients about their working hours and schedule our working hours in a way that is convenient for both sides.

We have thorough expertise in developing software using technologies, databases, and frameworks like ASP.NET Core, C#, JavaScript, ASP.NET MVC, Xamarin, React, Ruby on Rails, Vue.js, Ember.js, Aurelia, Node.js, MEAN, MERN, MySQL, MongoDB, Flutter, Kotlin, Python, Django, Flask, Android Studio, Xamarin, WordPress, Swift, Java, PHP, Dart, AWS, Firebase, MySQL, etc.

We have great expertise in serving businesses from multiple domains such as Aviation, Logistics, Transportation, Utility, Education, Healthcare, Insurance, and Finance. Over the years we have worked with businesses of various sizes and complexities all around the world: from small and medium-sized businesses to large enterprises

Our development teams are spread across four geographies: the US, UK, India, and Australia.
We also have our own fully equipped offshore development facility with a 200 seater capacity in India.

In the case of hiring a developer model, you will be having the option to be part of project management. Whereas, in the case of a fixed-price model, your project will be handled by our project manager who will work exclusively for your project.

There are only three stages to getting a proposal. We will contact you as soon as possible after receiving your message to collect your business requirements. Following that, we'll send you an understanding document as well as a feature list that details your desired features. We'll share the final proposal with an estimate and feature list after you approve the understanding document.

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  •  An analyst from the Vofox team will reach out to you
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  •  Our team of experts create a budget estimate and ETA
  •  The project kicks off with your consensus on every aspect of it
  •  Once you approve the estimate, we sign an NDA ensuring confidentiality