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  • September 26, 2018 11:49 am
  • by Aruthra

Why is Xamarin the Best Choice for Mobile App Development?

  • September 26, 2018 11:49 am
  • by Aruthra

The use of mobile applications over websites has been growing daily. Xamarin is the most widely used technology for Mobile App Development services among all other platforms. It is a simple mobile app development platform that provides alternatives for all kind of development services. Xamarin has an ideal and progressive way to develop both native iOS and Android applications. The standardized UI controls enhance the applications and present a better experience for the users. It is the best cross-platform used all over the world. For Mobile App Development, Xamarin is perfect since it can build at a faster and cost-efficient way. Vofox Solutions be one of the leading Xamarin App Development Company in India provides efficient software development services.

Reasons why we recommend Xamarin for Mobile App Development

Open-Source Platform

The components in Xamarin are open-source, which means the developers have the privilege and flexibility to shift those components according to their requirements.

Code Re-usability

Xamarin has a single code base structure. So there is no need for separate codes for different app platforms. If you create a single app base, that is enough and you can use it across iOS, Android, Windows or other platforms.

Native Performance

In Xamarin, C# language is the language used for coding. It provides a native user interface access because C# is an object-oriented programming language. And it has the capability to provide the benefits of native apps.

Native API Access

Xamarin provides access to native APIs in Android, iOS and other platforms for mobile app development. So with the help of these kinds of APIs the developers facilitate to launch the apps faster as possible without much time and efforts. Xamarin is an excellent platform for developing more than one application on different OS for exclusive brands and purposes.

Offline Use Availability

One of the main features is the offline use availability of an app. Since it has the feature of the cloud for reliable data synchronization that helps in using the app even when you do not have the internet connectivity.

Easy Updation

Xamarin App Development services have the feature of integration of SDK, which brings new features and automatically updates versions in the mobile platform, as soon as they start working in the operating system of the device.


Mobile app development services using Xamarin is in a very cost-effective manner. The price to build more than one app on different platforms even in different brands using Xamarin remains low. As stated above, the same code base can be reused to create mobile apps that functions, performs and renders native UX.

Hire Xamarin Developers from India for best service

For Mobile App development, Xamarin provides an all in one solution. One of the major advantages is that just with one tool, we can build and test the app, as well as distribute it, even if it is for different platforms. Among all other platforms now Xamarin is proving to be the best option for mobile app development. Hire Xamarin Developers from India for the best ever Xamarin development services. The features and benefits of Xamarin app development is outreaching the needs of all the developers as well as the users.

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