Xamarin App Development Company in india
  • June 18, 2018 8:15 am
  • by Sooraj

Benefits of Using Xamarin for Android App Development

  • June 18, 2018 8:15 am
  • by Sooraj

On the fast business world, a trending approach called BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is rising. BYOD refers to users carrying their own personal mobile devices in place of the traditional desktop for accessing a wide variety of applications and data. Due to BYOD, it has become very important to build their own corporate mobile apps for business. And thus become capable of sending many exclusive mobile devices that function on different networks and use various operating systems.

Choosing Xamarin for cross-platform Mobile App Development

This comes to the importance of why business world is looking for the cross-platform mobile app development and Xamarin is the best answer for choosing such cross-platform mobile app development within the low budget. When thinking about developing budget applications using hired developer or for outsourcing the mobile app development, it’s best to choose Xamarin app development company in India. Vofox solutions is one of the leading software company providing the best Xamarin app development company in India.

Xamarin App Development for the Developers

Xamarin has made it feasible for the developers to design native apps for more than one platforms using only C# code base. The tool allows developers to take the similar IDE, language, and APIs everywhere. Xamarin platform app development allows the developer to share code, this means that an app may be created in less time and at an affordable cost.

Integration with backends like Microsoft Azure, Parse, and SAP and ability to feature components directly from interface along with native API access, forms interfaces for allocating codes are some of the important features of Xamarin App Development.

Xamarin development reveals a complete cross-platform User Interface toolkit for .NET development services. And with Xamarin it is also able to build fully native Android, iOS, and Universal Windows Platform apps using C# in Visual Studio.

Why Xamarin App Development Company in India is Growing Fast

Below are the main points why Xamarin app development company in India is growing very fast:

Multiple Platform application development within in a very short time

When you develop a xamarin android app, you can very easily develop other iOS or windows mobile applications within a very limited amount of time and this gives a huge financial development. You can also use the same android application developer for iOS or windows application development. Portable class in xamarin allows us to use the same c# code for all type of android, iOS and windows mobile app development.

C# The Best Language for Mobile App Development

C# is a general-purpose, modern, simple and strong and object-oriented programming language developed by Microsoft and xamarin used this widely used c# language for the development. Also, C# is the best language for cross-platform app development. This gives the developer a wide variety of freedom to development xamarin android applications.

API Integration

We know Update in applications vitally more regular and frequent phenomenon in the mobile application operating areas. Therefore, it’s vital important for the platform to support the newly updated version and Xamarin has always proven to be best in handling this type of OS update.

Native Experience in UI

Developers can create the UI using both XML and native components to create a smooth UI experience for their application. XAML UI development gives an option to customize the control as the per the user’s requirements. The main advantage is that we can keep a clean separation of markup and code by applying the MVVM pattern you can concentrate on the behavior of the application (i.e. the code) and let the professional graphic designers may worry about the look and feel of the application.

Xamarin converts these UI components into specific interface elements and making it easy to customize the UI. This increases, the speed of the application and it serves as a better option for business-oriented projects.

An Added feature of Visual Studio

Nowadays most of the software developers are from .NET platform and Xamarin is now added to Visual Studio which allows development and publishing of native application for Android with C# or F# without much complications.

Bugs Free Apps

In Xamarin apps we are using c# and we can complete the functionalities using minimal codes and this may reduce the errors in the application. Also, we can code using c#. Developers can write a single and more reliable set of test easily, and there Will not be any wastage of time.

Cost-Effective Platform

Xamarin is the best choice you have in the current market which is the very cost effective platform used. There is no need to spend money for the development of infrastructure or for a single team of developers. The most important thing you need is a team of Xamarin expertise developers. The cost of development is less because you just need to develop once for all other target devices. Also, usage of familiar and rich language c# gives much performance and faster development.

Additionally, we can use a lot of other tools like Resharper for code better code quality and also you can use Visual studio app center tool to continuous evaluation of the health status of the live application to get the most accurate product.

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