Our Azure Capabilities

Developers will build Windows azure applications on need using present Microsoft tools like Visual Studio. Azure will be comfortable add online capabilities to existing personal computer applications or host fully cloud-based programs. In other words, you may build a website calendar or task control service and host it on Microsoft windows Azure, or you might produce a desktop work schedule that synchronizes with an on the internet calendar. Otherwise, you grasp one important thing much more artistic.

Windows Azure Services reduces obstacles to passage to creating solid and adaptable web software applications. It is really an open point that backings both Microsoft and non-Microsoft innovations enabling designers to construct applications and administrations on Microsoft windows Azure using their recent Microsoft Aesthetic Studio 2008 or no-Microsoft programming dialects and tools, as an example, PHP.

Is Microsoft Azure Right For You?

Is your IT infrastructure flexible and agile enough to adjust to frequently changing demands?

How effective is your disaster recovery solution?

Do you plan on making IT cost reduction while maintaining or increasing service levels?

Does your IT infrastructure provide a strategic foundation to help make your company more competitive?

Following Are The Key Ingredients Of Windows Azure Application Development Services Available At Vofox Solutions Pvt Ltd India

Following Are The Key Ingredients Of Windows Azure Application Development Services Available
At Vofox Solutions Pvt Ltd India

  • Hire the best windows Azure Application Developer and Services in India
  • Windows Azure, for service hosting and management and low-level scalable storage, computation, and networking.
  • Microsoft SQL Azure Services, for database services and reporting.
  • Windows Azure’s .NET Workflow Service, which are service-based implementations of .Net Framework concepts such as workflow.
  • Azure’s Live Services, for sharing, storing, and synchronizing documents, photos, and files across PCs, phones, PC applications, and Web sites.
  • Microsoft SharePoint Services and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Services for business content, collaboration, and solution development in the cloud.
  • Instantly scale up or down to meet the changing demands of your business while paying only for the services you use.
  • Instantly scale up or down to meet the changing demands of your business while paying only for the services you use.
  • Bring ideas to market faster and more cost effectively.
  • Reduce the effort and costs of IT management.
  • Reduce ongoing operational costs and capital expenditures on hardware, software licenses, and implementation services.
  • Provide access from virtually anywhere, using any PC, mobile device, or browser.
  • Benefit from fast disaster recovery and data backup protection.

If You Want To Explore More How You Can Get The Capabilities Of Microsoft Azure Services Very Quickly, With Little Capital Investment, Without The Need For Supporting New IT Infrastructure Please Get In Touch With Us .

Hire Our Services For Windows Azure Application Development From Vofox

  • Analyse your current IT Application and Infrastructure Portfolio

  • Azure Windows Create the Strategy, Design, and Implementation Plan for Cloud Adoption

  • Windows Azure Cloud Delivery Models-IaaS, PaaS & SaaS

  • Windows Azure Cloud Deployment Models-Public, Private & Hybrid

  • Windows Azure Migration

  • Windows Azure Mobile Development

  • Hybrid Azure Application

  • Windows Azure Managed Services

  • Windows Azure Web Development

  • Windows Azure .NET Development

  • Microsoft windows Azure Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure Services

  • Microsoft windows Azure Migration Services

  • Microsoft windows Azure Application Development Services integrated with existing solution

  • Hybrid Azure Application

  • Microsoft Azure Enterprise Mobility Services

  • Microsoft Azure Managed Services

  • Microsoft Azure Storage and Disaster Recovery Services

  • Microsoft Azure Application Migration Services for ISVs

  • Microsoft Azure Cloud Automation

  • Microsoft Office 365 Services

Talk to us, and we’ll guide you in building your first cloud application or migrating an existing application to the Windows Azure Cloud platform.

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Our Azure Development Services

Vofox is a born-in-the-cloud, full-spectrum services provider that has full knowledge in cloud-native technologies. We own an in-house team of over a hundred people consisting of cloud practitioners, solution architects, SysOps administrators, DevOps engineers, consultants, data analytics engineers, database experts, AI/ML specialists, and security professionals. We provide end-to-end services for businesses that use Microsoft Azure to create fully-functional cloud solutions through serverless architecture.

Azure Consulting

Unsure how to go about Azure migration, or if you need Azure services for your organization? Our knowledgeable consultants can evaluate the different cloud models available, select the best cloud strategy and help you with your cloud initiatives. We offer consultation to provide practical advice on how Azure can help the business, and which of its services can help. We perform a deep root analysis on Cloud architecture, tools & technologies, and processes to navigate your cloud transformation journey. Learn the best way to test the cloud within your organization and get all of the guidance you need to plan and implement your move to the cloud.

Azure Application Development

Using Azure’s Web App Service, our engineers build and deploy web products on the Cloud using programming languages like .Net, Java, Python, PHP, and Node.js. Vofox’s development team can get your web app into your users’ hands faster while ensuring excellence from ideation to deployment. Create and run intelligent Azure static web apps and web portals without worrying about the weight of managing infrastructure. By using the Mobile Apps feature of Azure App Service, we also create cross-platform and native applications for iOS and Android.

Azure Integration

It’s significant to have hybrid architectures where you can integrate your existing on-premise enterprise application with cloud-based apps. Our proficient Azure developers use Service Bus and Logic Apps to seamlessly integrate your applications, data, and processes. We can help you build new, integrated solutions that connect on-premises and cloud-based applications and services to create, implement and bring together your business workflows. Our developers can also integrate third-party services using Event Grid, publish APIs using API Management, and visually integrate data sources using Data Factory.

Azure Migration

Looking to shift your entire project to Azure? Our certified Azure engineers can help you to move your application and its data to the latest Azure cloud-based server with an extreme focus on data security. We begin the migration by discovering and assessing your on-premise data and current infrastructure. We then modernize your entire age-old legacy application using any of the frameworks or languages of your choice. We can deploy your native web apps into the cloud by transferring your legacy on-premises system to Azure Virtual Machines.

Azure Cloud Security

We can help you protect your data, apps, and infrastructure by providing unparalleled security & unique threat intelligence services including audits, comprehensive integrations, and technical architecture solutions. If you have a web app, we can protect it from common web-hacking techniques and security exploits such as SQL injection using Azure Web Application Firewall. We spend time brainstorming and implementing layered, defence-in-depth strategies to keep your identities, data, cloud workloads, hosts, and networks cyber threat proof. Get a highly secure cloud foundation managed by Vofox.

Azure AI Development

We build our own AI solutions from scratch, using Cognitive Services as building blocks. Our engineers can develop high-quality AI models to create an intelligent app for your enterprise. We can provide you with an opportunity to flux your application with intelligent algorithms that give you high-end BI solutions. Utilizing Azure Bots, we develop enterprise-grade conversational Al-based bots for vision capabilities, complex information mapping, language processing, and speech conversion. We can enhance your customer experience by sensing their needs by embedding the ability to see, hear, speak, search, interpret, and accelerate advanced decision-making into your application.

Azure ML Development

Using Azure Cognitive Services, Vofox’s data scientists are able to build, deploy, manage, and govern business-critical Machine Learning models with confidence. By roping in Python, R, or any of Microsoft's proven algorithms, we strategize ways, integrate business systems, and implement the right tools & accurate algorithms. We use industry-leading machine learning operations to build predictive applications and we also share model explanation graphs with our clients to ensure compliance. With experience in using Azure products & services like BI, Data Explorer, Data Lake, Analysis, Data Bricks, and Data Factory, we provide solutions that analyze Big Data and make informed decisions. With data processing and model development skills, our engineers innovate every day on the secure and trusted Azure platform.

Azure Database Development

We specialize in using and developing modern apps on SQL Azure Database using familiar tools like Visual Studio and Azure Data Studio, and popular languages including .NET, Java, Node JS, Ruby, PHP, and Python. We can build a highly available and high-performance data storage layer for your application in Azure. We always focus on domain-specific database administration and optimization activities which are critical for our clients’ businesses. Integrate your .NET app with native support in SQL Database and App Service, switch to Azure SQL Database, or choose between multiple database engines such as PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Azure Cosmos DB, etc. We can also migrate your databases by designing the tables on Azure with proper data types while translating lines of code.

Azure IoT Development

Vofox’s IoT team configures Azure IoT suite to develop fully-functional IoT solutions - from devices to their solution back ends. We can connect, monitor and manage enterprise devices by creating a connected environment around your assets and building analytics solutions. Our data engineers use Stream Analytics to gain real-time insights on the data collected from your connected devices, build customized dashboards, predict when your device requires maintenance or when the inventory needs replacement, and perform other data-driven actions. We can integrate your IoT solution to your existing infrastructure to automate workflow processes, expand intelligence, accelerate business transformation with 5G edge-based solutions for unique workloads, and protect your organisation on all fronts - hardware, software, and in the cloud.

Azure Monitoring, Management, and Support

Our system administrators and developers use built-in Azure management and governance tools to operate your environment and hybrid cloud resources in the best way possible, both on-premises and in the cloud. Vofox’s Azure services include monitoring infrastructure and performance, provisioning and configuring resources, updating applications, maintaining databases, analysing threats, fixing bugs, backing up resources, building disaster recovery, patching updates, tracking resource usage, applying policies, automating processes, ensuring security, generating reports, and optimizing resources - throughout your IT lifecycle. We can get more value out of your cloud and even implement financial governance in your organisation to manage your cloud spending through cost optimization.

Tools & Technologies

  • Azure DevOps
  • .NET Core
  • Angular
  • React
  • Python
  • Visual Studio
  • Azure Cloud-Native Apps
  • Azure CLI
  • Azure Portal
  • Azure Cloud Shell
  • Azure Libraries
  • Azure Monitor
  • Azure Functions
  • Azure Blob
  • Azure Queue Storage
  • Azure Files
  • Azure Data Share
  • Azure Search
  • Azure CDN
  • GitHub

Our Recent Works

Service Delivery Models

Vofox’s offshore delivery models are strategically designed to provide flexibility and control for our clients and make the software development process profitable to all parties involved. Our models deliver results within the prescribed time and budget, and are proven and well tested with several clients, over a period of 16+ years.

01. Time & Material

In the Time & Materials model approach, the unit costs are determined by taking into account the labour and material costs. When clients have uncertainties regarding estimating a particular project’s cost or when the project development can be affected by a number of factors, that is when they approach Vofox Solutions for a T&M contract. Clients need to pay only for the actual time spent on development and the actual quantifiable tasks accomplished. Time & Material model suits short or long term projects and has the provision to add any improvements and modifications as and when needed.

02. Fixed Model

In this model, Vofox offers to deliver a software project at a fixed price quote. Fixed Model is typically followed where the project specifications are clearly defined in terms of their requirements, schedules and project path. Ideally, clients have a well-defined SRS (Software Requirement Specifications) document and have defined all other details like technology platforms, database model, software architecture and other required technical aspects. At times, a fixed-price project may need extra work because of changes or additions in scope during the development phase so it’s possible to revise the fixed-price.



Based on a foundation of highly secure devices and cloud innovation, our Azure developers specialize in intelligent banking, insurance software systems, risk analysis, risk management, workflow automation, etc. Using Microsoft Azure’s highly secure on-demand infrastructure, we help several financial organizations to modernise and protect their financial software systems, all while staying fully compliant and on top of evolving regulatory requirements. By working with our AI & ML developers, you can build the next generation of intelligent financial services and create sophisticated financial models. We can help you in gathering, storing, processing, analysing, and visualising your financial data of any variety, volume or velocity to pave your way to intelligent banking. With financial summaries and insights at your fingertips, you can tackle complex calculations and large datasets in seconds and also protect sensitive data by staying ahead of sophisticated attacks and malicious activities. Modernize to Smart Banking with enterprise-ready cloud services to run your complex financial operations at a global scale. Offer your customers a more proactive and personalised financial services experience like never before.


We help aspiring smart manufacturers to safely connect new and existing industrial machinery to the cloud and unlock the value of data by driving intelligence into every part of their operations. We build and deploy hybrid smart manufacturing applications with tools like Azure Stack, Azure Synapse, High-performance computing, Azure Virtual Desktop, etc. To meet the challenges manufacturers face, we apply AI-enhanced data processing techniques to operational and supply chain data to gain insights on supply chain bottlenecks, quality fluctuations, and other parameters on the assembly line. We can integrate intelligence powered with IT, OT, Cloud, Mixed Reality, and industrial loT for early-stage intervention, improved quality, and reliability in real-time. Connect equipment across the factory floor to predict risks, iterate on product design, automate quality control, reduce downtime, and optimize operations. Create collaborative experiences across the manufacturing floor and beyond by migrating your SAP workloads to Azure. Connect your assets, workflow, people, and business processes to create the smart factory of the future.


Your move to intelligent retailing starts with taking a data-centric approach to your business. Vofox has been empowering the retail value chain and its customers by transforming companies with the speed and security of the cloud. By combining data together from all sources - whether human or machine, internal or external, or from new or legacy business systems - they’re able to increase competitiveness in a way that has never been possible before. We can optimise your in-store operations by moving retail services and software to the cloud or adding new capabilities to your existing system. We can help you offer differentiated customer experiences and deliver personalized experiences across marketing, sales, and service channels by building intelligence using the Azure platform. Our AI/ML developers can combine your existing internal sales data with external data for inventory planning and optimization, forecasting accuracy, and a 360-degree view of your customers. Gain visibility across your end-to-end supply chain, and build innovative business models - with secure and scalable cloud-based technology.


Our Oil & Gas solutions and Power & Utility solutions enhance energy conservation, such as full-scale adoption of Mixed Reality in the energy sector. Combining the power of Azure cloud, IoT, and BI tools, we can optimize everything from fieldwork to customer experience, and modernize operations for optimized energy management and cost reduction. Our analysts can track your assets and performance, run what-if scenarios, and tune equipment with AI using real-time historical data. Using IoT drilling sensors and advanced analytics, we can increase your reservoir production. We use high-performance computing (HPC) to visualize reservoir simulations and increase drilling hit rates. We are also proficient in using Azure IoT Solution Accelerators to manage and extend asset lifecycles with predictive maintenance. We can upgrade your electrical grid using digital twins for distributed energy resources, device controls, and predictive forecasting. With us, you will have the infrastructure and security to enhance worker navigation across large complex sites, eliminate paper-based information processing, present live data and information to operators in context to machinery, and enable offsite experts to provide remote support to frontline workers.


Developers at Vofox are working together to introduce the next wave of Azure’s promise in the healthcare sector. We use Azure tools and services to build and run hybrid applications across data centres, edge locations, remote clinical facilities, and the cloud. We enable the flow of enriched clinical analytics data through every point of care in various hospitals to give them insights into precision medicine and clinical trials. We connect clinical and operational data across systems to create insights, predict risks, and continuously improve their patients’ experiences and health outcomes. We can also connect health devices and equipment to the cloud with our mission-critical healthcare solutions. We have extensive experience in using Azure Healthcare APIs to manage different formats of health data and enable the secure exchange of data within global infrastructures. We can build AI-powered, compliant, conversational healthcare experiences such as virtual health assistants using Azure Health Bot, and deploy AI-driven predictive analytics for risk assessment and care team decision support. Blend your digital world and physical world across the operating room and other health facilities while safeguarding sensitive health data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequenty Asked Questions from our Clients

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Azure is a cloud computing platform owned by Microsoft to build, run, and manage applications through Microsoft-managed data centres. It offers software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and infrastructure as a service (IaaS). It supports various programming languages, tools, and frameworks, including both Microsoft-specific and third-party software and systems.
  • Reduce maintenance of on-premise servers
  • Save hardware costs
  • Gain real-time business insights
  • Get automatic software updates
  • Develop products quickly
  • Hybrid Consistency
  • Cost Savings with the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement
  • Better Platform as a Service Options
  • Compatible with .Net
  • A Learning Curve That Is Not Steep
  • Security and Compliance
  • Integrated Environment
You can use the Azure pricing calculator to get the approximate pricing for all the products and services provided by Azure.
Microsoft Azure cloud platform has a broad range of built-in services designed to integrate and manage business environments. It takes skilled cloud solution architects, engineers, and administrators with years of experience to use these powerful features to their fullest and help you run operations smoothly.
By comparing different factors like storage, pricing, documentation support, and computation capabilities, we can help you analyse if Azure will work best for your project.

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