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Developers will build Windows azure applications on need using present Microsoft tools like Visual Studio. Azure will be comfortable add online capabilities to existing personal computer applications or host fully cloud-based programs. In other words, you may build a website calendar or task control service and host it on Microsoft windows Azure, or you might produce a desktop work schedule that synchronizes with an on the internet calendar. Otherwise, you grasp one important thing much more artistic.

Windows Azure Services reduces obstacles to passage to creating solid and adaptable web software applications. It is really an open point that backings both Microsoft and non-Microsoft innovations enabling designers to construct applications and administrations on Microsoft windows Azure using their recent Microsoft Aesthetic Studio 2008 or no-Microsoft programming dialects and tools, as an example, PHP.

Windows Azure Application Development Company

Is Microsoft Azure right for you?

Is your IT infrastructure flexible and agile enough to adjust to frequently changing demands?

How effective is your disaster recovery solution?

Do you plan on making IT cost reductions while maintaining or increasing service levels?

Does your IT infrastructure provide a strategic foundation to help make your company more competitive?

Following are the key ingredients of Windows Azure Application Development Services available at Vofox Solutions Pvt Ltd India

Hire the best windows Azure Application Developer and Services in India

Windows Azure, for service hosting and management and low-level scalable storage, computation, and networking.

Microsoft SQL Azure Services, for database services and reporting.

Windows Azure’s .NET Workflow Service, which are service-based implementations of .Net Framework concepts such as workflow.

Azure’s Live Services, for sharing, storing, and synchronizing documents, photos, and files across PCs, phones, PC applications, and Web sites.

Microsoft SharePoint Services and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Services for business content, collaboration, and solution development in the cloud.

Bring ideas to market faster and more cost effectively.

Reduce the effort and costs of IT management.

Instantly scale up or down to meet the changing demands of your business while paying only for the services you use.

Reduce ongoing operational costs and capital expenditures on hardware, software licenses, and implementation services.

Provide access from virtually anywhere, using any PC, mobile device, or browser.

Benefit from fast disaster recovery and data backup protection.

Windows Azure Application Development Company

If you want to explore more how you can get the capabilities of Microsoft Azure Services very quickly, with little capital investment, without the need for supporting new IT infrastructure please get in touch with us .

Hire our services for Windows Azure Application Development from Vofox

Analyse your current IT Application and Infrastructure Portfolio

Azure Windows Create the Strategy, Design, and Implementation Plan for Cloud Adoption

Windows Azure Cloud Delivery Models-IaaS, PaaS & SaaS

Windows Azure Cloud Deployment Models-Public, Private & Hybrid

Windows Azure Migration

Windows Azure Mobile Development

Hybrid Azure Application

Window Azure Managed Services

Windows Azure Web Development

Windows Azure .NET Development

Microsoft windows Azure Application Development Services integrated with existing solution

Microsoft windows Azure Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure Services

Microsoft windows Azure Migration Services

Microsoft Azure Managed Services

Microsoft Azure Enterprise Mobility Services

Microsoft Azure Storage and Disaster Recovery Services

Microsoft Azure Application Migration Services for ISVs

Microsoft Azure Cloud Automation

Microsoft Office 365 Services

Talk to us, and we’ll guide you in building your first cloud application or migrating an existing application to the Windows Azure Cloud platform.




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