Expertise of our Open Source App Developers

CRM Development

Our Open Source CRM solutions are helpful for lead management, deal follow-ups, collaboration with communication tools, and automating day-to-day business processes such as data capturing, e-mail messaging, reports & insights, internal notifications, etc. Our team can also facilitate the seamless integration of apps on-premises or in the cloud.

CMS Development

We have vast experience in building websites and software on various popular CMS platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Grav, Concrete 5, etc. We specialize in developing applications on open-source platforms with strong backend support and simple flows. We will ensure that the product developed by us have advanced features that make you ahead of your competitors.

eCommerce Development

From roots in WordPress & Drupal development, Vofox has a long history of contributing to Open Source projects in the form of core code, plugins, and themes. We create eCommerce websites on Magento and WooCommerce platforms, update existing websites, add online payment systems, and also integrate with ERP/CRM.

Module & Plugin Development

Our extensive experience in CodeIgniter enables us to deliver custom modules, plugins, and extensions for improving the overall efficiency and functionality. Our team has skilled in customizing, modifying, and improving applications to perform consistently across multiple platforms and deliver an exciting user experience.

Migration & Updates

We can help in website migration and upgrading websites & legacy systems. We assure you to work as your trusted partner in shifting your business processes, applications and products to a new platform – designed to best match your needs. Switch your existing site to an Open Source framework without losing your data and security.

Our Open Source App Development Tech Stack






Jam Stack










Ruby on Rails









Concrete 5

Why Choose Open Source?

Open Source is a dominant software model that is developed with collaborative efforts and maintained by everyone from unpaid volunteers to employees at competing tech companies. It is about organizations and individuals coming together to collectively invent the future. This makes it a key building block of every modern enterprise software architecture.

Open Source Software powers almost every major company across the globe. More than 95% of organizations in the world use Open Source Software for their mission-critical IT workloads. Even if IT enterprises are not aware, Open Source Software is already present in support of their IT infrastructure.

The advantages offered by it have a direct impact on the business value, especially for early market adopters. Infinite innovations, newfound freedom, plus the flexibility of a framework that can be fully controlled and modified to your exact requirements!

  • Higher Quality Software
  • Access to Largest Innovations
  • Fully Responsive
  • Highly Secure
  • Uniform Standards for Interoperability
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • Easily Customizable
  • Regular Updates

Need Vofox for Your Next Project?

Vofox is known in the industry as the ‘solution provider’, and we maintain that reputation by supplying our clients with resources who are out-of-the-box thinkers. We work together to deliver to our clients the highest standards of execution excellence. With our extensive experience in various industries, we know how to build products that help our customers get the highest ROI from the developed solutions.

For Startups

Have got an idea for a product and would like to launch it on the market? Contact us and let's start to develop a super-fast Open Source website and application for your upcoming/existing startup. Vofox possesses top Open Source app developers who hold years of experience in developing high-performing Open Source applications for startups. Start gathering users’ feedback faster, get investments, and either enter the market earlier or transform your MVP into a fully-fledged product.

Small Businesess

Developers at Vofox have worked with several small business owners to ship solutions in a way that meets their requirements. Our Open Source app development team is a culmination of the brightest minds in the industry who will entirely understand your objectives. With over 16+ years of experience, we have created various Open Source applications that are performing well and helping small businesses stand out among the crowd.


Vofox has a history of providing Open Source app development alongside an unmatched agency model that partners well with enterprises. We have some of the best and the sharpest developers who implement Open Source technology in different ways to power winning business models of the future. Our team's commitment as an enterprise technology partner positions us to find the right Open Source solution and rebuild your enterprise modules.

Product based Companies

Open Source app development has been our forte for many years now. We have successfully delivered multiple projects for our clients across various domains. We have a team of skilled coders who are highly trained to design applications that will align with your custom requirements.

  • Would you like to develop an Open Source application from scratch?
  • Planning to outsource Open Source app development service?
  • Do you want to integrate Open Source technology to bring out the best in your existing application?
  • Are you in need of senior developers who specialize in Open Source app development to shape the core of your team?

At Vofox, we make things simple for our esteemed clientele for all phases of their Open Source projects. Our developers are by your side from project ideation to deployment to ensure that you achieve your expected results.

3M+ Development Hours

We have completed more than 3 million hours of development.

98% Ontime Delivery

We always deploy bug-free products within your estimated time frame.

1 - 3 Days Time To Supply Candidates

You can hire talented resources skilled in trending technologies from our talent pool within 1 to 3 days.

250+ Happy Customers

We have 250+ happy customers across the globe who are satisfied with our software development services.

Why Hire Open Source App Developers from Vofox?

Expert Developers

Vofox has over 16 years of experience in integrating Open Source technologies into businesses. From AI to APIs, we’ve done it all. We have professional programmers who are well-exposed to programming languages such as Python, PHP, Angular, Node.js, etc, which are commonly used in Open Source app development. We not only engineer and scale code but also lead and educate the Open Source community around the globe on integrating more robust enterprise processes.

Easy Communication

We are obsessed with serving you better than any other development company. Our team members are open, collaborative, and accessible, and we also request our clients to participate in a deeply collaborative process. You are welcome at meetings, you will get regular reports, and your feedback is vitally important. We will ensure that every query is addressed fast, regardless of the time zone. We will regularly report your project status details through Skype, email, or call to keep you fully updated.

Zero Compromise on Quality

Meeting client expectations is the key metric and we achieve it on every project we work on. To get it right, each product we deliver goes through strict quality control and stringent quality checks at each level using automated and manual testing techniques. QA engineers at Vofox have zero bug tolerance and we ensure that the final product matches the documentation of the requirements. This is done to ensure that the end product is fully functional, flawless, bug-free, and user-friendly.


We follow and implement a fast-paced and agile approach that reduces the software’s time to market and delivers high-octane applications on time. Using the agile scrum framework, we deliver projects in different sprints which are deployed and tested individually. Every sprint pushes the project forward in a focused and energetic way. Staying agile helps us in adapting to changes, prioritizing needs, testing more frequently, and landing on the best possible solution for your business.

Transparency and Security

We put honesty and transparency at the forefront of our cooperation and that is what we promise you. We maintain close communication with our clients and share every step of the app-building process with them. You will have a clear insight into every aspect of the work, scope, and beyond. You will be aware that we are working on tasks that are valuable to your project. We will also keep all your project details confidential and maintain a high level of secrecy. And for that, we sign a strict Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) document that covers confidentiality, ownership rights, and IP rights.

Our Industry Experience

Retail & eCommerce

We have long been a leading name in Open Source app development for the Retail industry, building solutions while keeping in mind the future scope. By embracing our services, retailers have become more agile and implemented improved services and tools in response to the individual needs of their customers. They future-proof their sales channels and differentiate their product offerings by getting products to market more quickly.


Engineers at Vofox bring technologies from the open-source community and ready them for healthcare institutions. We put multiple open-source technologies together to create customized, innovative, and quick-to-market web & mobile solutions aimed at the unique challenges faced by hospitals. In EMR systems - the backbone of many hospitals’ operations, our Open Source software help in managing health records and tasks like scheduling, billing, prescriptions, etc.


Our Open Source software’s role in industrial environments is growing, as areas like energy production and manufacturing become more connected through IoT devices and applications. We contributed numerous open-source projects to add foundational capabilities like remote service interfaces and a back end for software updates to their platform, design internal digital interfaces (data dashboards) and industry-specific solutions (reservoir predictions, well logs).


Media companies heavily rely on our app development services for producing and distributing video and audio content that audiences can interact with and personalize. We use Open Source technology to develop tools using which they expose engineers to failures and incentivizes them to build resilient systems, with a goal to improve service reliability. They also open-source numerous cybersecurity tools which monitor public cloud accounts for misconfiguration and policy changes.


We help many taxi companies run their software in the cloud and handle technical challenges like pairing riders and drivers, dynamic routing, etc. To address these issues, Vofox created innovative solutions to visualize and edit geographic data in a web browser and provide up-to-date driving routes and estimated arrival times. Get a high-functioning Open Source solution that is built by enthusiastic developers with several years of experience.


Developers at Vofox have worked on projects addressing financial service challenges such as how to interpret an individual’s financial transactions to provide tailored insights, guidance, product recommendations, account management, peer-to-peer payments, money transfers, and much more. By utilising Vofox’s app development services, financial institutions are able to ensure their services are more powerful and more flexible than ever before.

Our 4 Step Hiring Process


Requirement Gathering

Our Technology Consultant will get in touch with you to understand your project’s details, resource requirements, project roadmap, and development methodology.


Analyze your Need

We deeply analyze your project, run through product research , understand your product vision, scope, existing documentation, and delivery time.


Team Assembling

Based on our analysis, We make a plan on how many resources you need and duration (ongoing or a period of time) then we pick the best match from our resource pool.


Scaling Up & Down

Depending on your project, you can scale up and scale down the developers you hired from us. You can scale down the resources if your project is nearing completion or scale up if your project is expanding.

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SAS stands for Statistical Analysis System, a software developed by SAS Institute (an American software company) in 1972 for data management, advanced analytics, multivariate analysis, business intelligence, criminal investigation, and predictive analytics.






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