Excel Automation

Vofox develops bots for Excel automation to retrieve, manipulate, monitor, and analyze simple and complex data regularly. This helps you concentrate on the significance of information in spreadsheets. Automation does not only happen within the Excel environment. Our bots work at the presentation layer of apps and other systems, quickly improving data flow and accuracy, and doing away with the need for manual workarounds.

Web Automation

Our RPA Developers at Vofox go beyond simple web automation techniques to extract anything you see on a web browser. Our software can automatically log in to a website, extract data that spans multiple web pages, filter and transform it into any format of your choice before integrating it into another app. Our web automation enables navigation, clicking buttons and links, form filling, website testing, report generation, and much more.

Attended Automation

We develop desktop virtual assistant bots that live on an employee's desktop by creating stable RPA scripts with image and text recognition on Windows, MacOS, and Linux. Desktop automation software developed by us automates key IT tasks and workflows like file transfers, report generation, creating a letter of employment, or extracting data from an invoice. We help your team work quickly by simplifying and automating business processes and transactions on their desktops.

Intelligent Automation Using AI-Powered Cloud Services

Our developers apply AI and associated technologies like computer vision, cognitive automation, and machine learning to RPA. We build systems that scan document images and accurately extract symbols and patterns, automatically creating daily reports based on the derived input. Implement IDR to sort out documents like invoices and forms using technologies like Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR), Optical Mark Recognition (OMR), and Barcode Recognition (BCR).

Development Tech Stack

  • Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio
  • Microsoft Power Automate
  • UiPath

Our Recent Works

Why Choose a RPA?

Businesses should focus more on strategy while technology should manage the rest. Whether it is front-line client-facing communication or back-office functions, RPA technology is changing how the world gets work done. RPA takes over this “robotic” work and executes it by following the exact process that meets or exceeds your expectations. With robots handling your repetitive and routine tasks, your outcomes will be strong. Moreover, they do it better, faster, cheaper, and more accurately than any human can. The best part? That is just the beginning of the benefits of Robotic Process Automation. When RPA is combined with AI technologies, you can become a fully automated enterprise. Now, to hire RPA developers from India for your US business, contact Vofox. We help you get the best product with the follow specifications.

  • Improved Data Quality
  • Faster Operations
  • Zero Error Rates
  • 24×7 Functioning
  • Better Customer Service
  • Useful Insights & Analytics
  • Reduced Workload
  • Increased Employee Productivity

Need Vofox for Your Next Project?

Vofox is known in the industry as the ‘solution provider’, and we maintain that reputation by supplying our clients with resources who are out-of-the-box thinkers. We have experience doing projects with attended RPA software, unattended RPA software, and hybrid ones. At Vofox, we specialize in delivering cutting-edge RPA solutions tailored to the unique needs of businesses across the United States. You can hire our RPA developers from India for state-of-the-art business solutions.

For Startups

Through Vofox's development services, everyone has access to the power and promise of RPA. Our services are benefitting numerous startups to flourish in their domain. Designed to perform planned and scheduled processes, our bots are nothing but skilled at handling tasks without any errors. As small businesses have limited human resources, they often require employees to multi-task. We will help you clearly understand how Robotic Process Automation works for your business in each particular case.

Small Businesess

Introduce a new level of automation to your business processes using our RPA solutions. We have some of the best and sharpest RPA developers who have worked with several small business owners to write codes in a way that meets their requirements. Through Vofox, they have found a risk-free way to streamline manual business processes wisely. From customer support to business process optimization, RPA is helping small businesses to match workload peaks and respond to big demand spikes.


Vofox's enterprise-grade RPA solutions are already in full swing to remodel enterprise organizations. Our RPA development team is a culmination of the brightest minds in the industry who entirely understand your objectives. Major enterprises have partnered with Vofox for developing and rolling out global RPA solutions geared to enterprise performance standards. We have created tons of RPA-based applications that are performing well and helping enterprises organize and process complex data.

Product based Companies

RPA development has been our forte for many years now having delivered multiple projects for our clients in different countries. We have a team of skilled coders who are highly trained to design applications that align with your custom requirements.

  • Planning to outsource RPA app development service?
  • Would you like to develop an RPA application from scratch?
  • Do you want to integrate RPA to bring out the best in your existing application?
  • Are you ready to rely on RPA technology to perform at your peak?

At Vofox, we make things simple for our esteemed clientele for all phases of their RPA projects. Partner with Vofox to hire RPA developers from India and experience the difference that expert craftsmanship and personalized service can make. Our RPA developers are by your side from project ideation to deployment to ensure that you achieve your expected results.

3M+ Development Hours

We have completed more than 3 million hours of development.

98% Ontime Delivery

We always deploy bug-free products within your estimated time frame.

1 - 3 Days Onboarding time

You can hire talented resources in trending technologies from our talent pool within 1 to 3 days.

750+ Happy Customers

We have 750+ happy customers across the globe who are satisfied with our software development services.

Why Hire
RPA Developers from Vofox?

Expert Developers

We have acclaimed experience in integrating automation technologies into businesses and have UiPath certified advanced automation engineers who have 3+ years of experience in RPA. We have professional RpA experts who have prior programming experience in coding languages such as Java, Python, C#/.Net, etc, which are commonly used in automation-related services. RPA development also emphasizes Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in which our developers are fully proficient.

Easy Communication

We are obsessed with serving you better than any other development company. Our team members are open, collaborative, and accessible, and we also request our clients to participate in a deeply collaborative process. You are welcome at meetings, you will get regular reports, and your feedback is vitally important. We will ensure that each and every query is addressed fast, regardless of the time zone. We will regularly report your project status details through Skype, email, or call to keep you fully updated.

Zero Compromise on Quality

Meeting client expectations is the key metric and we achieve it on each and every project we work on. Each product we deliver goes through strict quality control and stringent quality checks at every level of the development process using automated and manual testing techniques. This is done to ensure that the end product is fully functional, flawless, bug-free, and user-friendly.

Agile Driven

We follow and implement a fast-paced and agile approach that reduces the software’s time to market and delivers high-octane applications on time. Using the agile scrum framework, we deliver projects in different sprints which are deployed and tested individually. Every sprint pushes the project forward in a focused and energetic way. Staying agile helps us in adapting to changes, prioritizing needs, testing earlier, and landing on the best possible solution for your business.

Transparency and Security

Every step of the development process is shared with our clients. You will have a clear insight into every aspect of the work, scope, and beyond. You will be aware that we are working on tasks that are valuable to your project. The feedback helps our teams to make required changes in the application. We will also keep all your project details confidential and maintain a high level of secrecy. And for that, we sign a strict Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) document that covers confidentiality, ownership rights, and IP rights.

Our Industry Experience


Vofox's RPA developers are capable of closing all the gaps in financial automation and accounting automation. RPA bots developed by us streamline the accounts payable and accounts receivable functions and speed up other financial processes such as client onboarding, service request processing, customer data entry, settlements, recordkeeping, admin trading, cash conversion, financial planning, bank statement reconciliation, daily Profit & Loss (PnL) calculations, KYC, loan repayment schedules, claim processing & validation, mortgage processing, audit requests, general ledger, account closure, and much more.

Human Resource

HR departments around the world have implemented Vofox's RPA solutions, saving around 40% of their time, and making their workplaces happier and more human-centric. They focus on more strategic initiatives that prevent issues from happening rather than investigating cases after incidents have occurred. With a combination of attended and unattended robots, the companies are able to reduce the employee onboarding process time from 45 minutes to 5 minutes per new employee. They are automating the processes of resume screening and candidate shortlisting, employee onboarding/offboarding, regulatory and compliance checks, attendance tracking, payroll management, currency conversion, changes in tariff rates, annual appraisal, and much more.


As software robots developed by Vofox take on thousands of detailed, repetitive processes, it makes everyone in the healthcare institutions - patients, partners, nurses, administrators, and communities - feel a whole lot better. Many hospitals have adopted our RPA solutions so they can spend more time with patients, not paperwork. They deal with a lot of data in their systems as each patient probably has hundreds of interactions or episodes in a day. With RPA, they schedule patient appointments based on diagnosis and doctor availability, provide more accurate discharge guidelines, remind patients about prescriptions, appointments, and trials, perform data entry, process claims, automate prior authorization requests, speed up enrollment, manage inventory, and much more.


Bots for BPO means nonstop productivity. Vofox's RPA solutions give BPO organizations the ability to stay competitive and profitable, reduce FTE costs, and enhance operations - all at once. They let agents focus on the customer while bots handle the data legwork. From loading a customer profile from multiple systems to delivering step-by-step guidance on a single screen, RPA does it all. It provides detailed information by automating steps like application launch, mouse clicks, field entries, etc. It can establish template auto-fill, copy-paste information, load previous interactions, show billing data, issue refunds, field entries, and validation, file manipulation, reconciliation, screen scraping, workflow acceleration, and more


Vofox's RPA solutions are simplifying processes in many shipping & logistics companies for the successful supply chain. With our RPA bots, the tedious process of coordinating and ensuring the delivery of goods and payments gets automated. From the initial pick-up request to securing proof of delivery, Robotic Process Automation handles everything. Automate the processes in-between shipping of products from suppliers to customers such as checking and reporting shipment status, inventory monitoring, invoice processing, reverse shipment, order-to-cash process, capturing and closing out loads, resolving payment disputes, email communications, real-time reports & analytics, and much more, all with robots.


Physical robots have already transformed the shop floor, acting as casual co-workers in factories, retailers’ warehouses, and shops. And now software robots transform everything else in retail. Applying RPA lets retail and CPG companies around the globe focus on what really matters - their consumers. Employees find the necessary customer insights in a matter of seconds and deliver personalized services. New product/client set up, customer support, joiners & leavers processes, supply claims, management reporting, inventory management, item categorization, work order management, sales analytics, demand, and supply planning, invoice processing, trade promotion, return processing, and store maintenance are just a few areas where the RPA can put its powers to use, with proven results at scale.

Our 4 Step Hiring Process


Requirement Gathering

Our Technology Consultant will get in touch with you to understand your project’s details, resource requirements, project roadmap, and development methodology.


Analyze your Need

We deeply analyze your project, run through product research , understand your product vision, scope, existing documentation, and delivery time.


Team Assembling

Based on our analysis, We make a plan on how many resources you need and duration (ongoing or a period of time) then we pick the best match from our resource pool.


Scaling Up & Down

Depending on your project, you can scale up and scale down the developers you hired from us. You can scale down the resources if your project is nearing completion or scale up if your project is expanding.


Frequently Asked Questions

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a form of business process automation technology based on artificial intelligence (AI). It enables gathering, organizing, analyzing, tracking and storing of valuable data. Think of it as your company's employee who can do routine, repeatable, and high-volume tasks with perfection. It is like having a team of employees that work 24/7 and never mess up.
Robotic Process Automation operates using a set of workflow-related tasks, this directs the robot about the pathways to be taken at each stage. Once this workflow is completely programmed with RPA development, the software automatically runs the program repeatedly. You can simply log into the app solution and connect and integrate third-party APIs.

We will serve you with a whole package - a team to conceptualize, design, develop, deploy, and manage RPA applications on Android, iOS, and Desktop.
In case of a CMMI Level-3 process, the developer will handle requirement mapping, traceability, project plan, testing plan, MLR, etc. After these documents are reviewed and approved, the developer will start with test case preparation (and its review and rework) before initializing actual coding. After writing dev-test cases and the codes, the developer will test against these dev-test cases (it has also the bug fix, bug report, related documentation).
After completing this stage, developers will hand over the work to ITT (Independent Testing Team). This team will start testing against the test cases which they have already created, and produce a separate review, rework, and bug reports. Once the test is successfully passed, the ITT will issue a test certificate.


Our R&D team consists of seven in-house specialists who perform extensive market research. We perform a detailed analysis of your company to gain a better understanding of the existing process and identify challenges and opportunities that RPA can address. We review your repeatable manual processes to identify key processes to automate. We can also prepare a document that states how implementing RPA will help your business. Take home a customized report assessing the impact, result, and risk factors.

Proof of Concept

We design an effective framework (prime strategies) of the solution to create a clearer picture. The workflow is carefully created as a functional description of all necessary features and requirements. After we design the automation architecture, we present you the designed automated model to receive your feedback before the development begins.


We design and develop RPA applications using various automation tools. We communicate with you throughout the delivery process and send reports about each iteration, along with continuous testing. We keep reiterating until the application becomes the best version of itself.


Every product developed by us goes through a comprehensive series of tests, including stress testing and penetration testing. Moreover, you will be testing your software product and giving us your feedback to develop any additional functionality or make any tiny changes you need. When the testing is successfully done and the desired expectations are fulfilled, we finally release the fully-functioned version on App Store and Play Store. RPA bots go live in the client's company, performing wonders and achieving all their objectives quickly.


This phase ensures everything is up and running fine before production is signed off.


Once the project is ready, we give training and onboarding sessions for your employees and end-users. Employees will find it easy to adopt robotic assistants into their workdays. We can also provide you with user training documentation if needed.


As there is a lot more to RPA development services than merely building an application, we continue supporting your RPA project after the release. We monitor bot performance in real-time, prioritize backlogs (if any), identify opportunities, and resolve queries to make sure the product complies with the quality standards.

No. RPA bots can adapt to any interface or workflow, there’s no need to change business systems, applications, or existing processes. We can integrate RPA solutions with your core software systems like ERP, CRM, and CMS. And because software robots can easily access and work within legacy systems, they can write entries into your CRM, update existing entries, automate scorecards and nurture leads.

The RPA-based apps built by Vofox have indeed delivered a good user experience to the app users. We design RPA applications that take user experience to entirely new standards - the UX is simple, easy to navigate, almost natural-feeling. It represents data in a meaningful way.

Our RPA developers are located at Vofox's offshore development campus in Kochi, India.

Daily Stand-ups

when everybody gets on a video chat and shares what they are working on that day and the previous day.

Weekly Demonstrations

when everyone gets on video chat, share screens, show their weekly works, and then talk about it.

Weekly Retrospectives

where Vofox collectively reviews what went well and what could have been improved based on the demonstration.

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