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PHP Hypertext Processor referred to as PHP is the most widely used server side programming language in the world for custom web applications development. Websites get the benefits of PHP being an open source software (OSS) capable of running on different platforms like window, Linux, Unix etc and is compatible with almost all servers used today.

Why Choose Vofox Solutions For Your PHP Web Development

Most of the people now have mobile and do the search for services and products on internet so it has become necessary for businesses to have a website where people can reach you for your own profit. PHP is a website development language by which you can get a very simple website very easily, fast and at very affordable rate to start with and later upgrade and scale it to any level.

Vofox Solutions is one of the best offshore software development company in India with a terrific track record of successfully delivering several PHP website from simple to complex dynamic PHP portals to our clients. Our teams of PHP developers have the vast experience and expertise in PHP technology to deliver complex custom PHP web applications to our clients that were made as per the latest technology trend and capable of easy up-gradation as per future needs. Our PHP web solutions run smoothly on desktops, laptops or on mobile and go through a stringent quality and testing process to ensure that our clients get the best quality and reliable applications. We are also one of the renowned names in providing offshore PHP development services to our international clients from our development centre in India thus they get world class quality at affordable cost.

Vofox Solutions Is One Of The Renowned PHP Web Development Company In India Emphasize On Quality Web Applications, Delivered On Time, At Affordable Price To The Clients Satisfaction.

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  • Our PHP Development Services

  • PHP Support And Maintenance

    Optimize your business processes by obtaining the highest possible level of maintenance and support from us. We can provide outstanding support and maintenance services to ensure smooth performance and seamless navigation of your PHP applications. Our trained PHP developers can maximize the efficiency of your application and help you stay ahead of the competition. We can deliver effective maintenance solutions that remove all the glitches from your software and help you escalate your business growth.

    By working with us, you can be sure to receive timely support, intuitive responses and effective maintenance. Our PHP developers have years of experience in testing and they make sure that your PHP apps are both user-friendly and secure. We keep ourselves up-to-date with the latest technology changes in PHP so that your apps are upgraded accordingly and made to run in a smooth and efficient manner.

  • PHP Web App Development

    We provide top PHP development services in India to build dynamic web applications with the advanced use of the PHP framework. We have stellar experience in various PHP frameworks like Codeigniter, Laravel, Symphony, CakePHP, Yii, etc. to offer customized PHP web app development solutions. We develop unique and database-driven web apps with optimum performance for businesses of all sizes and types. We can deliver highly-functioning web solutions that fit all your business needs within agreed timelines.

    Different frameworks can be used to offer perks such as speed, security, scalability, customizability, performance, ease of installation, flexibility, stability, configurability and high integration. They can be used to provide features such as asset management, session management, caching, autoloading, cloud API, data encryption, good documentation, engine independence, extensions and support tools, among others. We focus on the right ways to integrate these features onto your web app.

  • PHP E-Commerce Development

    We specialize in transforming the eCommerce industry by creating PHP-powered online retail applications. Our skilled pool of developers can create world-class eCommerce solutions to meet the needs of your business. We have the technical know-how to build PHP e-commerce sites for your business that will engage new customers, retain old ones, and generate leads. Being one of the leading custom PHP development companies in India, we can develop stunning e-stores that provide a great purchasing experience for your customers and improve your brand image.

    eCommerce web development involves developing the technical aspects of your eCommerce website. These aspects include the functionality of your eStore, payment gateway support, app responses to user actions, and the aesthetics of your app, to name a few. It is undeniable that eCommerce web development is absolutely critical to the success of your online business, and you can be assured that we will make its success certain.

  • PHP API Development & Integrations

    We have a proficient team of developers who can create API solutions that are secure, scalable and fulfill your business needs. We work diligently to provide enterprise-level API development services that are both high-performing and adaptable while remaining within your budget. We can assist you in developing dependable APIs that allow you to effectively integrate your apps with other systems. As a supreme PHP website development company in India, we can provide top-notch PHP development services in India to satisfy all your API-related requirements and help you extend and improve the functionality of web applications.

    API solutions allow apps to communicate with each other. They ensure that the apps designed for and by your business integrate seamlessly with other systems and apps, both on your customers’ devices and on your business’s digital infrastructure. Thanks to APIs, there is no need to build any supporting apps from scratch to ensure the smooth functioning of your eStore: it can simply use a previously-existing app on your customer’s device to complete its function.

  • PHP Migration And Upgradation

    Our talented PHP professionals can provide comprehensive migration services to move your legacy application to a more robust and intuitive PHP framework. Get the best help from our experienced PHP experts to ensure a smooth transition to the new technology so that you can improve your website's performance. We are adept at upgrading your existing PHP application to its latest version to increase security, customization, & flexibility. We are one of the eminent offshore PHP development companies in India that has competent developers who deliver the best migration and upgradation services with complete data security.

    PHP upgradation improves security and increases performance. PHP upgrades can provide new language features, extensions and libraries distinct from the ones in the previous PHP version, benefitting both QA and maintenance cycles. Regulations by compliance authorities can demand up-to-date encryption standards and this may ultimately require a PHP migration. By choosing us for your PHP migration, you can be guaranteed a smooth transition.

  • QA And Testing For PHP Applications

    We have a group of technically skilled individuals dedicated entirely to delivering bug-free, completely functional, and hassle-free PHP applications to the customer within the specified time frame. We offer a tailored service to satisfy all of our customers' quality assurance needs. We utilize both manual and automated testing to ensure that our products are able to surpass the expected quality standards. Our software testing professionals apply a laser-like focus to help clients get the most out of our testing efforts while reducing time to market and increasing ROI.

    During our manual testing cycles, our testers and developers work on executing test cases in a hands-on approach, giving your apps the attention they need to score well on industrial benchmarks. Testers with ample experience in using tools, scripts and software to test apps via automation are also employed to ensure state-of-the-art quality. As you can guess, testing is an important aspect of the app development cycle, and we give it the importance it deserves.

  • PHP CMS Development

    As a renowned PHP development company in India, we have trained developers who can build dynamic and database-driven CMS websites using PHP and MySQL. Our team of dedicated technical specialists will assist you in propelling your business to new heights by creating and administering dynamic and user-friendly CMS websites that can be set up easily. We create intuitive CMS solutions that offer end-users with varying permissions to maintain or even access the organization's information, content, and assets. Our PHP solutions assist businesses in establishing a cost-effective and economically sustainable virtual presence on the internet.

    A Content Management System (CMS) is the name given to a software that helps users build, create, manage and modify content on a website without the need for specialized technical or coding knowledge. It does not matter whether your business has a dedicated web developer: using CMS, anyone can add website content in a number of simple steps.

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We have completed more than 3 million hours of development.

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We always deploy bug-free products within your estimated time frame.

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We have stellar experience in creating robust PHP solutions for the healthcare industry that offer end-to-end control of their everyday operations, including employee and patient management. Our portals can help patients to see their medical reports, medical history and manage their appointments. Thus, both health centers and their patients have much to gain from our expertise.


As a pre-eminent PHP development company in India, we have technical experts who provide user-friendly and scalable solutions to the education industry at an affordable cost. We designed e-learning portals to provide a highly interactive learning platform where end-users get hands-on learning experiences via tutorials and videos. This ensures that students get the best learning experience possible.


We provide the optimum PHP development services in India to build highly interactive applications for the media industry. Streaming platforms and services are rising at an increasing rate these years, and we are way ahead of the curve when it comes to building custom features for digital media platforms. Our user-friendly solutions aid end-users in watching live tv and other VoD content online.


We have trained specialists who build appealing and user-friendly e-commerce solutions that enable merchants to effectively present all their products. Being one of the preferred PHP development companies in India, we can assist the customers by making the product purchase as uncomplicated as possible. By working with us, your eStore app development is made both simple and feature-rich, while also enabling maximum customizability for your varying needs.

Hosting and Data Center

Our dedicated PHP developers have a great domain experience in servicing hosting companies and data centers. We can build the right solutions according to your business requirements and increase your operational efficiency by our custom PHP web development services. We can easily offer you simplified PHP hosting services that give you both better performance and increased speed. By deploying PHP apps on web hosting platforms, downtime can be significantly reduced and performance can be drastically improved.


We are highly talented in financial software development to automate and simplify the business processes in the banking industry. Our solution is ideal for effective financial management and the implementation of complex banking transactions. We adhere to extremely high security standards throughout the entire financial software development cycle to ensure maximum security for both financial institutions and their customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

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PHP is a server-side scripting language whose goal is to allow developers to write dynamically-generated pages quickly. The acronym PHP stands for “PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor”. PHP scripts are executed on the server-side and are compatible with almost all servers in use today, such as Apache, IIS, etc. PHP is an open-source software that can run on different platforms such as Windows, Linux, Unix, etc.
PHP 2.0 is an early version of PHP that is no longer supported. Its successor is PHP 3, which offers significant improvements over its predecessor. The current generation of PHP is PHP 8, which offers numerous additional object-oriented programming (OOP) features. Multiple versions of PHP can be run simultaneously.
PHP borrows its syntax from C, Java and Perl programming languages. Some unique PHP-specific features are also included.
PHP is designed to work on all major operating systems including, but not limited to, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Apple Mac OS, and XRISC OS.
Laravel, Symfony, CodeIgniter, Zend, Yii, CakePHP, Slim, Phalcon, FuelPHP and Fat-Free are among the most popular examples of PHP frameworks that are in use today.
PHP is so popular that around 244 million websites around the world were developed using it. 79% of all websites use PHP. It is eight times more popular than ASP.NET, its major competitor when it comes to server-side programming languages.
PHP tends to use either procedural programming or object-oriented programming (and sometimes, even a combination of them). It is often written in an HTML context. The outputs that are produced from PHP code are joined to HTML in the script and the results are then sent to the user.
Our PHP developers are located at Vofox's office building in Kochi, India.
We routinely work with foreign clients from all parts of the world. Before starting any project, we ask our clients about their working hours and plan our working hours in a way that is comfortable for both parties. Though our developers typically work according to Indian Standard Time (IST), we can be flexible enough to arrange our working hours so that our shifts fall within 2-3 hours of our client’s normal working hours. This way, clients can have stand-up calls, status reports, etc. on a daily basis.
After you confirm your requirements, we will share a proposal with an estimate and features list. After quoting the amount, we will adhere to that price.
Please email your requirement to [email protected] and one of our technology consultants will get in touch with you immediately.

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