CMS Website Development at Vofox

The CMS web development in India at Vofox offers a full range of CMS and ECM services that can enable you to manage your content and business data in an organized manner. We offer you a full range of CMS and ECM services that can reduce the cost of controlling your business.

Types Of Content Management System Services

Open Source CMS

In our custom CMS solutions We use open source CMS like Joomla, WordPress to integrate in your website.

Custom PHP CMS

We customize the CMS as per your requirement.

Supported Platforms For Custom CMS Website Development

Custom CMS
Website Development Solutions

Vofox Solutions, with over 15 years of experience in WordPress custom development, has successfully executed over 150+ WordPress projects and has hands-on experience in customizing WordPress applications for the varying needs of our clients globally.

Custom CMS
Drupal Development

Vofox has a team of expert Drupal developers which has executed over 50 projects in the domain.Our Drupal Development team takes Drupal development designs and develops applications which best suit the budget of our customer.

Custom CMS
Sharepoint Development

We offer expert Sharepoint custom development service, deriving its expertise from years of experience in Sharepoint application development. Vofox Solutions has several years of rich experience in custom CMS SharePoint development. We provide expert SharePoint development services and enterprise solutions across industries

Custom CMS Kentico Development

We have deep expertise in development and designing in .NET CMS and our Kentico CMS developers have over 5 years of solid experience in Kentico CMS platform.

Custom CMS
Umbraco Development

Our Umbraco developers have the requisite technical acumen to deliver exactly what you need with quality and timelines in place.We have the ability of easily developing custom Umbraco solutions that you may require.

Custom CMS
Joomla Development

Vofox has the most professional CMS Joomla development team which has executed several projects in different industrial domains. We build custom made applications that best suit our customer’s budgets and business interests.

Custom CMS
Dotnetnuke Development

Vofox Solutions provides a wide range of services on DotNetNuke, leveraging its deep expertise in DNN technologies. The rich experience of our DNN developers on solid project experience gives us the expertise to effectively execute DotNetNuke custom CMS Application Development.

Advantages Of
Using CMS Development Service

  • CMS customization services strictly feature additions and subtraction as per your website requirements.
  • Custom CMS solutions provide that extra security layer to your online business presence.
  • A renowned name in providing Custom CMS solutions, adding flexibility & functionality.
  • Flexible Custom CMS development in PHP and .Net.

Our Custom CMS Web Development Experience

Functionalities With Scalable Architecture

SEO-Friendly Design And Structure

Support For Real-Time Analysis Tools

Multilingual Support

Simple And Friendly Admin Panel

Single Admin Panel Control

Planned Data Management And Security Protocols

CMS Website Development Services Offered By Vofox

When you partner with a top CMS Development Company in India like Vofox Solution
you can get CMS services like:-

Custom Web
Development Services

PHP Custom
CMS Development Services

.Net Custom
CMS Development Services

Custom Plug-In
Development Services

Custom Module
Development Services

Custom Theme
Development Services

Custom Data
Management Solutions

Custom Admin
Panel Solutions

Benefits Of Hiring CMS Developers From Vofox

The advantages connected with hiring our skilled CMS developers at Vofox solutions are many. We help you,

  • Save your website maintenance costs by utilizing the infrastructural support capabilities of our in-house content management team.
  • Improve your internet and direct marketing capabilities with smart and innovative SEO /digital campaigns and effective CMS tools.
  • Integrate the latest updates with user friendly content management systems packed with UX/UI compatible designs.
  • Provide higher levels of protection to your website–with variable user rights for different tiers of employees.
  • Whether you are looking to communicate with your clients or potential users through your corporate website, possess intranet knowledge, a bank system for employees or a multi-level extranet for your partners, Vofox provides you quality and user-friendly web content management services enabling you to correspond successfully.

We provide you with complete control, creation and management throughout in-house developed of CMS with flexible and scalable content driven applications to tailor your specific needs.

We intensely believe in CMS concept We design you control

CMS Development Services

For secure and scalable services that have international web standards, Vofox serves you as the ideal destination. Our services combined with user-friendliness, SEO-friendly features, and ease of maintenance help your organization in managing and accessing the contents and assets of your organization. Your choice of Vofox for CMS development services will open you to a wide range of possibilities that will help in nurturing your business plans and will help in improving the strategic plans associated with your firm.

CMS Support And Maintenance

We help to empower the clients by providing CMS support and maintenance solutions to ensure a glitch-free experience. Maintenance of the site is necessary in order to boost website traffic, which is ensured by our services at Vofox. The core security upgrades are made and support the clients to build, upgrade, enhance and maintain the website over time. We also assist you to avoid any compatibility problems associated with the development of the website.

Custom CMS Development Services

Our developers are proficient in serving customized services that are highly competent and can be tailored accordingly to the industries they are applied for. Since CMS has faster navigation and expendability, these features combined with the proficiency of our skilled developers are equipped with everything needed to build your website.

CMS Migration

To get your hands down on the outdated platforms and update the website with novel technological ideas, you can avail the CMS migration services provided by Vofox. Through the migration services, we also incorporate services like multisite management, multilingual, and microsites management. Since our developers have had expertise in the field for years, they are well versed with the changing and the existing technologies and will help in migrating and updating the website through website speed optimization, platform flexibility, extensions, and widgets. This can also aid in eliminating poor customer support and excel you in handling the increased load of traffic.

CMS Integration

At Vofox, we help in linking multiple technology systems to help you drive your business faster, and make it more adaptive and efficient. CMS integration services offered at Vofox covers wide aspects from custom websites, portals, widgets, or applications on several .NET platforms. Document management, the addition of new features, and easy management of the site’s SEO along with helping in bringing an exuberant experience in managing and delivering customized integration solutions are possible by choosing Vofox. With committed effort toward quality and project delivery excellence, we bring together our experience in project management and enable a user-friendly approach.

Platform-Based CMS Development

Based on your content management needs and requirements, we select a fitting CMS platform and implement them using the adaptive technologies. Vofox gives solutions based on the requisites and essentials by analyzing the platform and choosing the best for your company. Our developers who have in-depth knowledge of digital marketing tools will help you develop CMS-based websites depending on the platform you work in.

Open Source CMS Development

The open-source CMS development service offered by Vofox will help in higher productivity and efficient handling of data in your firm. This will also lead to easy management of cost reduction and a smooth flow of business procedures. We deal with any open source CMS development services that include any level of complexity and duration, even if it is an e-commerce website or a complex web application.

Our Recent Works

Need Vofox for Your Next Project?

For Startups

At Vofox, we help in reinventing and renovating even from scratch. Our professional team of developers can provide content management solutions if you're standing clueless about where to begin and what to do. Since we are professionals and have hands-on experience in various industries, we can provide you with solutions that are ideal for your company. We analyze the struggles and potential of your start-up and help you nurture your company accordingly by pushing you with our technological stack and innovative ideas thereby helping you outshine in the market and reach the global market.

Small Businesess

For small businesses, we help you expand your reach in the market and help you expand the current business landscape by delivering optimized solutions. Helping you capable enough to compete in the global industry by enriching the website performance and flexibility is what we try to focus on at Vofox. With our choice of budget-friendly CMS spaces like WordPress, Kentico, and Squarespace, for small businesses, we help in achieving the bottom line goals with maximum revenue.


We help enterprises by providing custom CMS development solutions for websites that help you handle them in a consistently organized manner. Through services such as plugin module development, CMS integration and migration, and AES technologies websites, blogs, and custom solutions can be made at cost-effective pricing. The online presence of your firm is made vigil and alive by delivering a trend-setting website through CMS platforms such as Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, Wix, etc. We also assure the website maintenance for the enterprise and this being a feasible service can also lead to an increased ROI.

Product based Companies

  • Do you struggle to meet the performance standards due to an outdated CMS?
  • Does your site slow down because of increased traffic and complexities?
  • Are you looking for a solution to reduce the number of bugs you encounter?
  • Are you aware of the technological updates and the need to strengthen the security of your websites?
  • Do you wish to expand the current standard of your firm at a feasible rate?

Equipped with an interactive user interface, we help you in building high-quality CMS development web solutions with a well-informed workforce who can meet your demands.

What Makes Vofox Your Trusted Partner in MS Development?

Maintenance and Security

Our custom CMS development service experts prioritize web designs that are robust and jerk-free, making you competent enough to perform even on the most traffic-heavy sites. The web designs developed by Vofox are applicable to the various types of pages and content you will be producing which eliminates the need to modify the rampant procedures required for your business progressions that are based on CMS. The CMS web development solutions officiated by Vofox enable multi-factor user authentication and access control. Your data security is our utmost concern and will be taken care of through data encryptions, EU Data Privacy, secure e-commerce checkouts, HIPPA compliance, and more.

Exceptional Customer Experience

We create experiences for the users by incorporating innovative ideas and technologically rich solutions. The customer experience is magnified by the UI/ UX designs developed by our experts. We help you choose from an array of content management systems to make sure the ease of maintenance of your business firm.

Performance Standards

The quality assurance offered at Vofox is guaranteed by the expertise of the developers and the timely delivery of the solutions. With the numerous plugins and extensions that we apply, we assure to provide you with support and offer a bug-free experience from beginning to end. Ranging from drag-and-drop features to third-party add-ons and e-commerce, we at Vofox are committed to prioritizing performance and maintaining the standards.

Feasibility and Commitment

A user-friendly and affordable development service is what we offer at Vofox. We deliver the CMS solution at the earliest depending on the requirements. Our developers are agile-driven and hence we can assure full commitment to customize your webpage based on CMS. By choosing Vofox, you can spend more time innovating and less time fixing.

Flexibility and Reliability

By choosing the CMS development services offered at Vofox, you can easily integrate with multiple markets and increase the scope of development of your business. This additionally helps to collect customer data from a range of digital touchpoints. Since the services offered are flexible to the market changes, it can give an idea of adaptability to the business.

Vofox Development Process

Our Industry Experience

  • Media And Tourism

    In the travel and tourism industry, Vofox helps in building more automated CMS solutions that will lead to an efficient run of the industry. Incorporating the UI/UX designs can offer a delightful experience to the users. The customized solutions offered by Vofox help marketing firms, advertising agencies, and other entertainment businesses solve specific needs like marketing automation, email marketing, customer relationship management, etc.

  • Real Estate

    Innovative technologies like AR/VR are incorporated by our company into the real estate industry in order to cater to the diverse need of the clients. CMS applications like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal are used by our company to develop real estate web solutions.

  • Ecommerce

    We at Vofox aim to personalize customer engagement through a content management system that empowers the eCommerce platform by aligning processes, data, and tools in unified platforms. From platform-based implementation which includes Magento, OpenCart, and WooCommerce to platform migration and support, we provide all services for your store’s item data management and multi-store management. With user-friendly navigation and secure payment gateways, Vofox helps in tailoring the specific needs of the eCommerce and retail industries.

  • Food And Beverage

    For the efficient management of the restaurants and to systematically organize the delivery systems, the CMS development solutions offered at Vofox can do of great help. We provide best-in-class solutions available in the market that can help you obtain the latest updates and get solutions for all technical difficulties. Order management and order tracking, implementation of mobile commerce, and item data management in the food and beverage industry can be made possible by the custom CMS solutions we develop.

  • Education

    Highly engaging and appealing web solutions can be created using the CMS development services provided by Vofox. The analysis of the education content at a multi-user level can be made easier using the flexible solutions offered by our developers who have experience in working on platforms like Moodle, BlackBoard, etc. Features such as extension modules, personalized study dashboards, well-organized calendars helpful for workflow management, online certification and assessment, course management, and talent management through smart e-learning are made easier through the collaborative CMS technologies offered by Vofox in the education field.

  • Healthcare

    The finest healthcare solutions are provided by Vofox with regard to CMS development services. These are feature-rich and reliable to be handled by healthcare professionals. The need to deal with disparate systems and to offer excellent and quality service to the healthcare industry can be achieved by choosing the services of Vofox. Services such as healthcare intelligence and analytics, value-based payments, electronic data interchange, and electronic healthcare record can be made possible by availing of CMS services offered by Vofox in the healthcare field.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequenty Asked Questions from our Clients

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A proficient and skilled CMS developer can be difficult to find, but at Vofox you will easily find a combination of all these.
A custom CMS development service helps in meeting the specific requirements of the company and avoids unwanted jerks. A streamlined approach to your workflows can be achieved using this service.
The cost of developing a CMS website is feasible compared to others but this may also be dependent on the kind of technology used and the nature of the firm in which they are employed.
Yes, CMS can be used for e-commerce websites. Shopify, Drupal, WordPress, and OpenCart are some of the eCommerce solutions for your online store.
The ease of maintenance, cost efficiency, quick deployment, flexibility, and scalability are some of the few major benefits of using CMS for your business.
The enhancement of virtual and augmented reality, better user experience, improved site maintenance, and systematic management of the content can be maintained using the CMS development services in the future.
No, it is not mandatory to own a web server to run CMS. But if you are using a cloud-based hosted CMS platform, you will need a web server to host the CMS website/ application.

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