Building An Application Has Never Been This Easy Courtesy

Web applications with stack are redefining the concept of application development by accelerating and by simplifying the process. MEAN is a full stake javascript framework that is helping web developers to come up with inspiring and powerful applications without spending hours on coding or on debugging.

The reason behind the immense popularity in MEAN stack Application Development services due to its flexibility. MEAN stack development is pure fun and its friendly features have helped it gain traction in the application development sector. Since MEAN is a combination of the most effective and the most dynamic JavaScript based technologies available on the web, it is playing a proactive role in simplifying the application development process and thereby slashing down the cost of developing interactive, amazing and interesting applications.

What Makes Our Mean Stack
Application Development Services So Unique

  • We have hired some of the most talented MEAN.js developers and this has enabled us to deliver superior quality MEAN stack application development services at a competitive rate.

  • We are offering extreme flexibility when it comes to hiring our MEAN stack developers. You can hire a mean.js developer from our company on a monthly, weekly or hourly basis.

  • Our mean JS web development service is specifically designed to help our clients transform their boring website into something engaging and users friendly.

  • Our MEAN stack application developers have years of experience in this particular field and this is what has helped us earn the loyalty of the customers and also to earn credibility in the market.

MEAN offers a stable and scalable platform and which is why it is has gained so much popularity in the past few years. Content deliverance and application optimization have been revolutionized by the introduction of MEAN Js and since we are striving hard to deliver the optimal solution to our esteemed clients, we have started offering affordable MEAN stack web application development services.

At Vofox Solutions, we have been offering Full-stack MEAN Web Development solution for our clients and they are very satisfied with the quality of our service.

Our MEAN stack Application Development Services is designed to help our clients to expand their online reach and to develop a powerful web application without spending top dollars. Keeping our clients involved throughout the development process is a vital part of our MEAN Consulting Services. It does not matter whether you are planning to spruce up the look and feel of your website or just trying to develop a new application, you can opt for our MEAN stack application development services.

Our hard work and our dedication have helped us emerge as the best offshore software development company in India with immense expertise in MEAN stack application development services. So, if you want to give your business an enviable edge, just get in touch with us.

Our MEAN Stack Development Services

Vofox is one of the popular MEAN Stack development companies in India that has satisfied clients globally by delivering top-class projects. By leveraging our resources, we can provide exceptional MEAN Stack development services in India to build high-end products that improve your brand image. "The MEAN stack is an adequate solution for software product firms and businesses looking to swiftly develop a scalable web app or cloud-native application. MEAN stack is the technology-driven programming of the future, allowing for feature-rich apps. At Vofox, our aim is to complete the customer requirement on time. With good intelligence for analysis and design, our Mean Stack developers engage in the quickest possible development process. Our professionals provide enhanced and vastly proficient services and have the most up-to-date evaluation of the fundamental technologies.

MEAN Stack
Web App Development

We employ MEAN Stack technology to build powerful and dynamic web applications for our clients, that resulted in more productive and effective business. We are well-versed in different components of MEAN such as MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and NodeJS so we can create unique full-stack projects for a variety of business needs. As a renowned MEAN Stack development company in India, we develop the most appealing and interactive web applications right within the budget. Our skilled MEAN Stack developers are capable of crafting futuristic MEAN JavaScript-based applications that can provide the client with a competitive advantage.

MEAN Stack
Mobile App Development

Being one of the best-in-class MEAN Stack development companies in India, we make use of the strongest MEAN stack technology to build secure and scalable mobile applications with efficiency and rapidity. Our talented professionals can provide end-to-end mobile app development solutions regardless of the size or scope of your business. We utilize MEAN stack technology to build high-performance applications that must contact often a server in order to retrieve customized and up-to-date data. Partner with us to create aesthetically looking mobile apps that are in line to project requirements.

MEAN Stack
E-Commerce Development

We have a team of expert developers who build secure and responsive e-commerce solutions backed by the powerful MEAN Stack framework. We can offer feature-packed e-stores with the best user interface to visually represent your product with perfection. We provide top-notch MEAN Stack development services in India to create intuitive e-commerce websites that can shape the aspects of user engagement and usability. We can develop scalable and fully-functional applications tailor–made to meet your specific industry needs and achieve a lasting online presence.

MEAN Stack
API Development and Integration

We are one of the first-class MEAN Stack development companies in India that has competent developers who can build fast and secure RESTful APIs. By leveraging MEAN, we will create feature-loaded APIs that can be used to integrate your legacy ecosystems with third-party apps. We have committed resources proficient at delivering robust APIs that meet the dynamic and diverse industry demands. Our MEAN Stack developers are efficient in developing high-performance, well secured and excellent APIs that provide clients with more outstanding value.

MEAN Stack
Migration and Upgradation

We will provide smooth and secure migration services to migrate your legacy application to MEAN Stack-based frameworks by preserving its features. Our technically-sound experts will engage with you to build a migration plan and offer migration solutions to improve the user experience of your application. We have expertise in upgrading the existing MEAN Stack application to its recent version to enhance its functionality. As a supreme MEAN Stack development company in India, we can offer faultless migration and upgradation services to revamp your current application without data loss.

QA and Testing
for MEAN Stack Applications

Our QA team will leverage the best and latest testing techniques to provide robust and bug-free MEAN Stack applications that meet your expected standards. We have a solid software testing delivery model in place that allows us to deploy high-quality products. As a top provider of MEAN Stack development services in India, we will make use of both manual and automated testing to enhance the quality of your MEAN Stack solutions. We will provide comprehensive QA and testing services to ensure that your application runs flawlessly without any hindrance.

MEAN Stack
Support and Maintenance

We provide complete maintenance and support services to our clients so they can meet the changing business requirements. We will enforce the most innovative and cutting-edge technologies for technical advancement and keep your application reliable and stable. To maintain the designs and patterns of your system ultra-modern, we will activate updates on a regular basis. We can help you remove all the glitches from your software and deliver user-centric and standard-compliant solutions that cater to your business demands. Our maintenance engineers will offer services to make sure that your applications operate adequately post-deployment and it is functional during peak times.

  • Our
    Tech Stack

  • Mongo DB
  • Express JS
  • Angular JS
  • Node JS

Our Recent Works

Vofox Development Process

Our Industry Experience

What makes Vofox a rewarding MEAN Stack development company in India is our expertise in delivering the smoothest MEAN Stack solutions for businesses of all verticals. As a complete service provider of MEAN Stack development services in India, we build high-performance MEAN Stack applications for different industries. We provide a comprehensive range of MEAN Stack development services to a wide range of clients in numerous industries throughout the world, ranging from startups to well-established businesses.


We incorporate innovative technology to build top-notch digital storefronts that boost customer experience and maximize conversions. We can create next-gen and feature-rich e-commerce solutions that your organization deserves in the competitive marketplace. With our significant industry competence in the Retail market, we have planned and implemented smart Retail solutions across the globe, with all sizes of business divisions. Our retail services have taken use of today's latest technology, earning recognition from clients for their ease of use, reliability, agility, support and maintenance.


We have solid expertise in creating engaging eLearning solutions that can reshape the learning systems. As a pre-eminent MEAN Stack development company in India, our custom education applications can enhance student outreach and increase the effectiveness of learning. We combine our technology capabilities to provide extensive custom E-learning solutions to improve and sustain educational institutions and university support systems. Using our E-learning app development solutions, several well-known educational firms have deployed our E-learning solutions.


Being one of the leading MEAN Stack development companies in India, our developers can help you build smart healthcare solutions that improve patient care. We enable healthcare providers to enhance care through streamlined communication and better patient engagement. To integrate your healthcare ecosystem, we combine our strong web development talents and great understanding of the healthcare area. We create scalable, safe, appealing, and fully personalized healthcare systems that improve patient care while lowering operating costs.

Travel and Tourism

We have years of experience in creating technology-driven solutions for the travel & tourism industry. We will employ the latest technology and innovations in our solutions to meet the business needs of clients all over the world and provide value to your company. Our skilled pool of MEAN Stack developers have been working on a range of solutions that serves a wide range of travel and tourism segments, leveraging the possibilities of the most recent technologies and frameworks.


We have an expert development team who can build robust and secure finance applications for businesses to increase their operational efficiency. We can offer finance-integrated business solutions in accordance with your specific business requirements. Our MEAN Stack developers use exceptional design to assist clients to achieve their specific business objectives. We provide a comprehensive set of services, including financial software solutions, technical support and maintenance.


Our developers are efficient to build advanced software solutions for the manufacturing industry to automate their processes. As a prominent provider of MEAN Stack development services in India, we offer quality solutions that help manufacturing businesses become more profitable and productive. Today's software solutions have greatly aided manufacturing units through improved communication strategies and the incorporation of the latest technologies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequenty Asked Questions from our Clients

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The mean stack framework offers both front-end and back-end capabilities. Developers can therefore switch from the client-side to the server-side and the other way around also. This helps in the flexibility of your business and guarantees high performance
Yes, it is definitely budget-friendly. You won't have to worry about different platforms and work on them differently. This will cut short your costs to a great margin during the development process and will also be able to complete the project quickly
We promise high-quality services with timely deliveries. Dedicated project managers from our side will be closely monitoring the progress till the completion and will be updating the client every time.
Yes, the client has total control over the development team he or she hires from Vofox and has complete access throughout the project.
A Mean Stack developer is basically a software engineer who develops web applications with a collection of JavaScript technologies known as’ MEAN’
Mean Stack has all four major components such as the front end, the back end, the execution engine, and the database
The duration relies upon the complexities but our developers in Vofox are so skilled that they will overcome them and complete the project on time.

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