Why hire developers in India from Vofox?

We have proven track record of highly satisfied clients who had taken services of our hired dedicated developers for .net, mobile app development ,php and many other assignments. Clients can hire our developers on flexible payment options like contract, full time, part time or hourly, weekly monthly basis. All our hiring plans and services are available at very cost effective offers and you have the flexibility to choose our developers based on their skills to suite your project or budget requirements. You can easily connect with us to hire dedicated developers in India at the best price.

The Hiring Process of Software Developers & Programmers at Vofox

Enquiry made by a Prospective Client through our Website or Skype or Chat Support.
Vofox India provides the resumes of the developers or programmers who are proficient in the technology that the client requires.
Client shortlist the developers from the resume’s that provided by Vofox.
Clients will have your own dedicated developer(s) here in our office for your projects. They will work as your Offshore developers similar to your in-house team.
Clients will have complete control over your developers through Chat/ Emails and most importantly by viewing their progress using our PMS. Client can assign the work for their developers directly.
Clients will be provided a guest Account on our PMS where you can track the progress and productivity of your developers.
Ramping up and downof the resources will be done within 20 days’ notice time.
Developers will be backed up with Part time team leads and Part time project Managers. Clients can hire Full time Team leads if they want when the team size increases. This can bring in better results in managing the team.
Normal working days will be 5 days a week and working hours will be 9 hours per day.
The payment will be through Wire Transfer.
Invoices will be sent on a Monthly basis.
There will be 12 Holidays for the company and 12 leaves allowed for the developers in a year.

Benefits of Hiring Developers & Programmers in India from Vofox

Expert manpower at lower cost
English speaking professionals easy for communication
Flexible payment options
Save on Infrastructure cost
Save on hiring and management cost
Save on overhead costs
Get daily , weekly and monthly reports

If the client is on a monthly subscription plan we offer free functionality testing. Everything what the developer produces will be coming through our testing team.

Hire Dedicated Developers & Programmers in India


Hire .net developers with wide experience and in-depth expertise in developing custom software and web application for you project from our team at very competitive cost and gain the full control of your project development be it dynamic website or custom web application.

Our .net developers comes with knowledge of

ASP .Net development
ASP.Net Dynamic data

Microsoft SharePoint
.Net UI components



As the use of smartphones is increasing so is the demand for mobile apps, every business is having or planning to develop mobile app for his services. Hire mobile app developers from us to get the best of developers at your service in getting a robust and super mobile app for your business. Our mobile app developers are well versed with latest trends in mobile technology and get you a mobile app you can boast to your customers and they will love to use it.

Hire Android app developers
Hire iphone app developers


You can hire php developers in India from our team of proficient PHP developers for your project on PHP. They have all the experience and skills for custom php application development, website development and cms development.

Our php developers are expert in

Php , Javascript , JQuery
Cake php , zend framework
Ajax , google API , xml
Mysql integration
Both window and linux OS


E-commerce is transforming the way we shop today moreover the trend and busy life of people have added to extra growth of ecommerce as now people find it more comfortable to surf , research and order product from the convenience of their living rooms and get the product at their doorsteps next day. Almost everything is available online now whether grocery , tickets , banking , food , equipments , furniture , household goods , clothing’s etc etc.

Hire ecommerce developers in India from our team and get

Experienced developers with multi business expertise
Dedicated to you under your control
Get projects updated any time
Custom ecommerce solution as per your need

Hire Indian Developers & Programmers from Vofox Solutions

As the leading software outsourcing company in India, Vofox Solutions are among the best in providing dedicated professionals on hourly, weekly, monthly or full time / part-time basis to our clients for project development in different software technologies. When you hire developers in India from Vofox, you get the maximum flexibility and assurance in terms of the service. We have an experience of providing this service for last 10 years to our esteem clients taking utmost care of the quality processes and industry best practices. You get the best when you hire programmers in India from us.

Free consultation for hire services
Large pool of dedicated resources available
Professionals with specialization on technology
Serving clients since 2005
67+ professionals currently dedicated to clients on Hire
Save on your administration cost
Mediation and monitoring by our Project manager
100% transparency and professional approach

As an offshore software development company in India, we would love to create a long-term working relationship with you built on results and success. Vofox offers great opportunities to hire dedicated developers in India with great expertise. If you are planning to hire software developers in India, then Vofox will be the ideal choice. Tell us about your requirements and get the best from our side.

Our developers work for 8.5 hours a day and 5 days a week. However, we are flexible in fulfilling your emergency needs.

To secure your IP, We sign NDAs which cover confidentiality, ownership rights, and IP rights before engaging with you.

We use communication channels like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Confluence, Skype for business, Jira, Trello, etc. You can also contact them via calls, chats, and emails.

In the case of hiring a developer model, we do not take any payments upfront. Invoices are generated on the last working day of every month and payments are accepted via wire transfer with net 10 terms.

All our in-house developers are our full time employees. If in case they want to leave, they are legally obliged to serve 2 months notice period. This will give us enough time to replace the developer with the same skill set.

We are a 100% export oriented unit in which 95% of our customers are based in the US. All our developers have daily scrum calls, sprint retros, weekly meetings, etc with our customers. On top of that, we provide accent and communication training to all our developers.

You will have complete control over your developers just like your in-house developers who work from home. Managing a developer from Vofox is just like managing your in-house resource.

We can ramp up the resource ASAP, but we prefer up to 2 weeks’ notice time to set up the development environment.

If you are following a strict agile development methodology then you can have daily scrums, sprint review, and sprint retro meetings as status reports. In case you are not having a project management system, you can use our Agile equipped PMS to track their work progress.

To rule out this from happening, we aggressively screen all our developers before they are selected in our resource pool. If such an unlikely event arises, we will replace the resource on short notice.




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