Blockchain Development Services in India

To provide safe, decentralized, and resilient blockchain solutions for your company, Vofox serves you as the ideal destination. To deliver highly specialized Blockchain development services, we use a holistic approach that takes into account the business and its requirements. We assist startups, large companies, and enterprises create more streamlined and effective versions of their operations. As a leading blockchain development company, we initiate our process by thoroughly assessing how blockchain technology can enhance your performance, thereby fortifying organizational dependability and transparency and catering specifically to the US market.

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Our Blockchain Development Services

Token Development

At Vofox, we recognize the potential of NFTs and blockchain technology to revolutionize the way digital assets are created, managed, and traded. As a company, we are committed to providing top-notch NFT services that empower creators to monetize their work in new and exciting ways. With our expertise in blockchain development, we offer a secure and transparent platform for minting, selling, and managing NFTs. Our cutting-edge tools and services make it easy for creators to track their NFT ownership and receive royalties, while providing buyers with confidence in the authenticity and uniqueness of each digital asset. We are excited to be at the forefront of the NFT revolution and look forward to helping creators and buyers alike navigate this exciting new market. In addition to art and collectibles, NFTs can be used in a variety of other fields, including tickets and gaming. By utilizing NFTs, companies can create unique and secure digital tickets that cannot be duplicated or counterfeited. This provides a more streamlined and secure ticketing process for events, while also enabling organizers to capture additional value by allowing ticket holders to resell their tickets in a secondary market."

Smart Contract Development

Streamline the implementation of your contracts using our expertise in developing and implementing smart contract systems to reduce third-party costs and enable seamless interactions. With the development of smart contracts, businesses are minimizing contractual disputes. Our experts create safe and robust smart contracts using their knowledge of languages like Solidity, Remix, Go, and JavaScript.

Game Development

With the help of an exceptional partnership with our professional game developers, we provide full-cycle P2E game development. Take advantage of our fully-functional P2E NFT game development services to make an identity among competitors in the competitive play to earn NFT gaming sector. We create games that can adapt to any business strategy and overall revenue due to characteristics and functions that are market-focused.

Application Development

Our Blockchain developers have extensive experience developing unique Decentralized applications to support enterprises in generating a number of applications tailored to their multiple industry requirements. Your ideas are transformed by our dApp developers into smart and practical applications that can provide an exceptional user experience. As a dApp development company, we provide a variety of Web 3.0 goods, including strong smart contracts, decentralized exchanges, NFT markets, virtual worlds like the metaverse, and other services, to businesses to help them get an advantage in the tough blockchain market.

Wallet Development

Developing secure and convenient cryptocurrency wallets with hot and cold storage capabilities that permit the interchange of different digital assets and money. We strive to make the process of creating cryptocurrency wallets for organizations simpler. Our professionals have years of experience, extensive domain knowledge, and ongoing research with the intention of incorporating the most recent advancements into the wallet. With a focus on unique demands and goals, we seek to provide fully configurable digital wallets.

Exchange Development

Providing exchange platforms that are trustworthy, reliable, and simple to use, together with effective real-time trading systems for digital products. Enable a completely new approach to cryptocurrency trading solutions through our quality services, with an unmatched vision and excellent market achievement. Our team creates a very effective cryptocurrency exchange with built-in wallets for simple transactions.


Utilizing advanced blockchain technology, our crypto development services assist you in launching your own crypto asset. With regard to the most recent developments in blockchain technology, we have qualified crypto developers. We bring value to your initiatives by ensuring timely product delivery and possessing a high level of cryptocurrency knowledge. For the establishment of your crypto software, our knowledgeable experts stick to a planned approach.


Employing Blockchain networks, we develop a perfect tokenomics model that can be used to trade cryptocurrencies on both the primary market as well as the secondary market. In the process of designing tokenomics for you, we build the functional specifications for smart contracts that interact with project tokens as well as the guiding principles for how they should operate.


An individual consultation helps you create a functional blockchain business network that is safe, competitive, and innovative. To overcome the most difficult technical problems and develop the skills required to succeed in the blockchain industry, enjoy the benefits of our insights and extensive technical backgrounds. Our all-inclusive blockchain consulting services enable businesses to improve their efficiency over time and grow more efficiently in the tech industry.

Our Blockchain Development Tech Stack

Over the years, we have worked on building a team of web3 architects who have the skillset and talent to work on the latest developments in decentralised technology. Behind our Blockchain creations, many omnipresent technologies are involved. We work with the latest frameworks, platforms, and industry-leading development tools to create an application using this pragmatic yet revolutionary technology. Our expert core team consists of passionate Blockchain enthusiasts who can guide you in choosing the right Blockchain platform for your project.


A generic public platform that’s popular for building and deploying dApps for P2P and B2C operations.


An umbrella project of open-source blockchains that’s preferred to develop enterprise-grade blockchain solutions.


A self-amending blockchain network that can be upgraded without a hard fork to avoid a split.


An open platform to build financial products that connect people everywhere.

R3 Corda

A specialized open-source platform designed to meet the demands of modern-day finance businesses.


A fast and fee-free platform that provides all of the cryptography and app/blockchain communication functions


A higher-performing and more reliable network that offers fast transaction speed and cross-chain functionality


A platform developed for the Finance industry aimed to support transaction and contract privacy.


A private startup company whose platform supports cross-border international payments

Hedera Hashgraph

An acrylic graph DLT (distributed ledger technology) that’s a fairer, faster and more secure alternative to blockchains.


To write code for various SDKs for different blockchain platforms and for microservices to be used in a dApp if required.


Most of the stable Hyperledger-based DApps are built using Golang; Best fit for multithreaded networking apps.


Has multiple capabilities to easily mould data and functions in a single module, just like Blockchain moulds the blocks with cryptographic chains.


Since PHP can interact with different database languages, it’s used to develop blockchain solutions of different complexity ranges.


Used primarily for off-chain development and fetching data from various blockchains i.e to store all the code of a dApp.


o develop applications that use blockchain as the storage system and libraries that allow data to be stored in a blockchain.


A better alternative to C++ that is well-aligned with the purpose and needs of Blockchain - which is security and stability.


An open-source toolkit that allows us to build a decentralized and responsive website using HTML, CSS, and JS.


A technology stack and set of libraries to build dApps that allow users to own their data.


An open-source library for developing smart contracts and performing security audits.


A developer environment and testing framework to build & deploy decentralised applications.


We test out the dApp on testnet before launching it on the mainnet to prevent bugs.

Ethereum Geth

Used to launch Ethereum nodes, transfer funds, explore block history, mine Ether, and create contracts.


Used to create, deploy, debug, and administer smart contracts written in Solidity language.

Why Choose Blockchain?

Blockchain technology is stepping up its progress in offering decentralized structure-based solutions. Companies are actively looking to have their services updated or totally established using the blockchain. Blockchain development enables you to adopt services with leading integration of technology like IoT, and artificial intelligence. Blockchain technology offers a wide variety of options and offerings that can be smoothly developed.

  • Visibility

  • Accountability

  • Traceability

  • Transparency

  • Quick processes

  • Track operations

  • Most secure technology

  • Makes investors trust you

Need Vofox for your next project?

At Vofox, we are dedicated to delivering assured blockchain solutions, tailored to the intricate needs of your projects. As one of the premier blockchain development firms catering to the US market, we offer an extensive array of services and solutions designed to align with your business objectives. Our team of professional blockchain developers is adept at crafting robust solutions that efficiently accelerate your business growth and significantly enhance revenue. Trust in our expertise to navigate the complexities of blockchain technology and propel your US-based business to new heights.

For Startups

We assess the challenges and possibilities of your start-up and assist you in growing it appropriately by advancing your business with our technological stack and creative concepts, enabling you to stand out in the market and enter the global market.

Small Businesess

The Vofox team has developed strategies for how small businesses can profit from blockchain technology. We support small businesses in expanding their customer bases and succeeding in more competitive markets.


Our blockchain consultation services are designed to be both efficient and impactful, aiding in the strategic planning and management of your enterprise solutions. We provide custom blockchain development solutions that incorporate modern techniques to propel your enterprise forward. Our goal is to accelerate your business to the next level with cutting-edge blockchain technology tailored for the American business landscape.

Our Success Stories

While many are merely talking about Blockchain, Vofox has been growing a portfolio of Blockchain technologies that go beyond currency systems. Each project that we successfully delivered to our worldwide clientele came with its own sets of challenges. And our team faced and overcame all of it by our sheer hard work and perseverance.

Our Industry Experience

Banking & Finance

By the establishment of solutions that enable banking professionals and investors to lend, save, invest, market, and more, our blockchain development services are transforming several aspects of the financial industry. Blockchain application development services have many benefits in terms of better track records, traceability, and security.


Our Blockchain Healthcare solutions are well renowned for eliminating a variety of current healthcare problems, such as patient data gaps and the conventional medication design paradigm. Blockchain features guarantee security protocols, and authenticity, enhancing security.


For the purpose of eliminating the mediator, streamlining procedures, accurately recording data, and generally improving security, as well as enhancing the path function, we develop smart contracts between sellers and manufacturers. The complete product supply chain, including procurement management, sourcing, material legitimacy, loss prevention, compliance with regulations, and quality assurance, may well be infused with blockchain technology.

Supply Chain

The supply chain applications our Blockchain developers produce extend a data block's full spectrum, from the point of manufacturing to the warehouse, shipping, commerce, and end user. Explore how supply chain management is being impacted by blockchain with us.


As one of the top blockchain development firms, we assist businesses in improving their data collection abilities, processing transactions, assuring product verification, and more.


Prominent businesses work with our blockchain experts to create specialized IoT and blockchain solutions for energy distribution that reduce energy usage in industrial and business structures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the benefits :
  • Transparency
  • Decentralized structure
  • Privacy
  • Traceability
  • Immutability
  • Reduced Cost
Development cost depends on different factors such as project type, application, Industry, etc.
  • Distributed Ledger.
  • Peer-to-peer network – P2P.
  • Consensus Mechanism.
  • Cryptography.
  • Virtual Machine.
  • Smart Contract
  • Cloud Storage
  • Supply-Chain Communications & Proof-of-Provenance
  • Crypto Payments
  • Electronic Voting
Following is the list of technologies utilized for developing Blockchain apps-
  • Stellar
  • Hedera Hashgraph
  • R3 Corda
  • Multichain
  • Hyperledger
  • Ethereum
  • EOS
  • NEM

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