Our iOS Capabilities

Our skilful and professional team of iOS developers creates industry-specific applications that can offer you high productivity. The agile development process that we follow throughout the project cycle helps in the on-time delivery of the applications.

Get Connected With The Right Audience Seamlessly – The Ios Applications We Develop For You Will Maximize Your Business.

If you are looking for the best iOS application to connect your business with your audience, all you need is our expertise in iOS application development.

Vofox Solutions is the leading iOS app development company in India with a proven track record. We craft iPhone apps that provide the ultimate user experience. At Vofox Solutions, we have passionate developers, engineers, researchers and dreamers that you can trust for delivering unbeatable iOS apps. Our primary vision is to understand your ideas and develop the best iOS application which people will love to download on their iPhones.

Experience How Easily You Can Get Your Iphone App Developed At Vofox Solutions That Is Designed To Look Best And Work Fast.

Why Vofox For IOS App Development?

Because we speak fresh technologies.

The iOS app development team at Vofox Solutions is dedicated at implementing all new technologies for your application. Because our client list is vast. We have been delivering high quality iOS app development services in India to our clients worldwide. Our satisfied clients spread across North America, Europe, East Asia and India. Because our iOS applications fuel businesses. For your business, it is time for an iOS application born from amazing technology, design, and innovation. Keeping you satisfied and simplifying your customer’s mobile experience is our job.

Technologies That Will Keep You Ahead Of Your Competition: Don’t Worry,
We Got This

We are well equipped with top-end technologies for your product. Our custom-made ios app development services will put your business in front of your customers and ahead of your competitor. At Vofox Solutions, the application development team is highly experienced with knowledge of all existing mobile technologies. Keeping ourselves up to date and keeping the applications we make market fresh is our motto. Your application that comes out of Vofox Solutions is quality checked under your supervision. You are the judge.

Industry Experience

We offer unmatched iPhone app development expertise in Games, Sports, Music, Retail, Real estate, E-commerce and more. The most immersive experience in gaming, sports and music powered by high-end technologies for your application is your dream. To fulfill that dream you need a dedicated and experienced partner who works as hard as you. We don’t just create applications for you, we create wonders for you.

By Using Our IOS App Development Services, You Can Expect:

Requirement Identification, Conceptualizing, Designing, Developing, Testing/QA, Delivering and Submission to Apple Store

We will do it all for you and you will get the advantage of having the best and most preferred application in the market.

Our Services

  • Custom iOS
    App Development

  • iOS
    Games Development

  • iOS Shopping
    Apps Development

  • iOS Business
    Apps Development

  • iOS Multimedia
    Apps Development

  • Offshore App
    Development Service

  • Hire iPhone
    Application Developers

  • Testing, Support And
    Maintenance Of Apps

Our Guarantees

  • Best In The Industry Apps
  • Top-End Technologies
  • On Time Delivery
  • Constant Support
  • Custom Needs Fulfilled
  • Assured Quality Check
  • 100% Confidentiality
  • Satisfied End Users

Our iOS App Development Services

Over more than a decade on the market, Vofox has gained a reputation as one of the most reliable iOS app development companies in India. Our development team is led by iOS experts who have experience in building enterprise-level mobile solutions across all iOS devices. Having worked with Apple and Mac exclusive technologies since the inception of the app store, our passion for design thinking and user-centric experiences goes hand in hand with Apple's human interface guidelines and “User-First” approach.

iphone application development company in india

Native Application Development

We have experience in developing native apps specifically for the iOS platform using fully supported tools. With an in-depth understanding of native iOS technologies like Swift, Objective-C, Cocoa Touch framework, etc., we can build you a high-end mobile application for iOS that’s interactive, intuitive, and user-friendly. Your application will have a consistent look across various iOS devices.

iphone application development company in india

Hybrid Application Development

Prefer to build hybrid apps that run on multiple platforms – iOS and Android? Our team has hands-on experience with hybrid development. Making the best use of frameworks like Flutter, React Native, Ionic, etc., our developers ensure your app runs on all popular mobile platforms and integrate user-friendly features that are optimized for varied mobile platforms.

iphone application development company in india

AI/ML & AR/VR Application Development

As Apple is constantly looking to cater to the future demands of the market, our iOS development team is here to make sure all the iOS apps are seamlessly integrated with AI/ML technologies such as Siri. Core ML enables our developers to integrate on-device machine learning models onto the Apple product. Utilizing Apple’s ARKit, we also build AR/VR apps on the iOS platform.

iphone application development company in india
iphone application development company in india

Ios App Migration

Vofox provides migration services for a quick switch over to iOS without losing out on user experience and features. Leveraging the power of the native API functionality, our team can migrate your web and Android applications to the iOS platform. Our professional UI developers will maintain your color schemas across platforms.

iphone application development company in india

iOS App Maintenance

With a full-scale knowledge of the iOS ecosystem, we offer maintenance services that include the addition of new features, version upgradation, updation of UI, and much more. We can upgrade your app to the latest iOS version and make sure that the app is compatible with the newest Apple devices and new iOS versions.

iphone application development company in india

IoT & Wearable Application Development

Our iOS developers have experience working on IoT technologies and creating iOS apps using AWS Lambda, Kinesis, and Sumerian. As wearable app designs depend on several factors - the attached sensors, device functionalities, constant connection to the human body, etc., we build custom wearable apps for smartwatches, fitness trackers, smart glasses, and other smart wearable devices.

ios app development services in India

Ios App Testing/Portability

As a renowned Indian iOS application development company, we can port your iOS application to varied Apple devices. Utilizing the best portability approach, we will ensure your app's smooth and quick portability. We will perform thorough tests on your iOS application to ensure the best quality, performance, and full compatibility with various iOS devices.

Tools & Technologies

ios app development services in India


  • xCode

    An integrated development environment for multiple Apple devices.

ios app development services in India


  • Swift

    A programming language introduced by Apple for iOS apps.

  • Objective C

    The primary programming language for Apple OS X and iOS.

  • React Native

    A UI software framework based on React JavaScript library.

  • Flutter

    A multi-platform mobile SDK from Google to build apps from the same source code.

  • Ionic

    A popular hybrid mobile app
    development platform.


  • Core Data

    A framework that allows developers to store (or retrieve) data in the database.

  • SQLite

    A database engine that is written in the
    C language.

  • Realm

    A faster alternative to SQLite with mobile to cloud data sync.


  • CoreGraphics

    Apple's vector drawing framework.

  • AVFoundation

    A full-featured framework for
    audio/visual in iOS.

  • Core Audio

    A low-level API to deal with sound in Apple's macOS and iOS.

  • OpenGL ES

    A framework for graphics programming
    for iOS.

  • Cocoa Touch

    An application development environment to build software programs running on iOS.

Our Recent Works

ios app development company in India

3M+ Development Hours

We have completed more than 3 million hours of development.

iphone app development india

98% Ontime Delivery

We always deploy bug-free products within your estimated time frame.

iphone app development india

1 - 3 Days Onboarding time

You can hire talented resources in trending technologies from our talent pool within 1 to 3 days.

iphone app development india

750+ Happy Customers

We have 750+ happy customers across the globe who are satisfied with our software development services.

Vofox Development Process

Our Industry Experience

iphone app development india


Our team uses Apple’s developer tools and platforms to help higher education institutions build iOS apps that solve the problems they care about most. We know how to use the latest features on Apple platforms to build and optimize your applications for the classroom. Our applications are highly functional, and user-friendly, which render a first-class front-end experience. We also ensure we meet the backend requirements like staff and data management.

iphone app development india


Vofox is a well-known name for building sophisticated, powerful, and focused e-commerce solutions on the iOS platform. Our development team has enabled an industry-wide adoption of iOS at hundreds of retailers, from neighbourhood boutiques to popular retailers around the globe. We help them in replacing their traditional point-of-sale systems and implementing a custom iOS solution on iPhones and iPads to provide highly personalized shopping experiences.

iphone app development india


iOS applications developed by us help managers stay informed at every step of the way and funnel the essential information further on in the chain. Get your scalable iOS application for better supply management, less paperwork, and higher warehouse efficiency that integrates well with your legacy systems and third-party software. Our result-oriented iOS app development solutions cater to the industry’s ever-growing demands and will help you manage regular workflow effectively.

iphone app development india


Our team develops Apple products and native iOS applications that several of our clients use extensively across their operations to save them service hours annually. The apps provide the right functionality for the right roles, delivering renewable energy efficiently to customers around the globe. We will also train your company’s field technicians to use the iOS app for work orders, troubleshooting, and remote collaboration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequenty Asked Questions from our Clients

iphone app development india

Drop Your Question Here...

iphone app development india
Yes, we support all the iOS versions up to Version 15. Vofox is an end-to-end iOS app development company that takes full responsibility for launching your iOS application on the app store.
iphone application development company in india
It depends on your requirements and expectations. If you want to target the audience of iOS devices, then Native iOS app development is the ideal choice. Hybrid application development can be perfect for you if you have a limited budget.
iphone application development company in india
Yes. To ensure relevancy, we support the last 5 years of iOS operating system versions and hardware, till Version 15.
iphone application development company in india
Some features built by our team in iOS applications include Chromecast, airplay, location-based check-ins, social media sharing, instant messaging, map kit, analytics, advertisements, video chats, etc. Moreover, our iOS app developers team keeps track of new announcements made by Apple each year at the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) to build powerful iOS applications with the latest functionalities.
iphone application development company in india
Hiring iOS developers who keep track of updates in the platform and constantly improve their skills will ensure your app works very well across all iOS devices. Vofox’s developers will also make sure your app leverages the advantages of the latest versions of iOS fully, including Augmented Reality and Machine Learning.

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