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  • April 23, 2018 5:38 am
  • by Sooraj

Top Reasons To Choose An Offshore Software Development Company In India

  • April 23, 2018 5:38 am
  • by Sooraj

The level of market competition is at an all-time high right now, and many companies, particularly those in the software development industry, fail to provide numerous support services. All of these organizations follow the predominant trend of outsourcing their support functions to different businesses. Employing an offshore software development company in India is the most popular option for businesses because the country has a large pool of IT expertise.

Why Choose An Offshore Software Development Company In India?

India is regarded as one of the top outsourcing locations for software development among all nations around the globe. By increasing the effectiveness of your company's work processes through the hiring of Indian developers, you can enhance revenue with little investment.

India is the number 1 destination of employment in the IT industry

During the financial year 2021, the Indian information technology and business process management industries employed over 4 million people. The largest outsourcing location for IT companies worldwide is the South Asian nation. Over 30% of the global market for outsourced BPM is now accounted for by the IT-BPM sector, which has been gradually expanding in recent years. The IT sector contributed 7.7 percent of India's GDP in the financial year 2020. From the financial year 2011 through the year 2022, India has seen a remarkable increase in employment opportunities, making it the top destination for employment in the IT industry. This is one of the main reasons why India is the most popular offshore location for IT companies worldwide. Not only have 4 million direct jobs been created by the sector, but 10 million indirect jobs as well. With Infosys close behind at 2 lakh employees in the last year, TCS alone has created over 4 lakh jobs. Additionally, just in the first half of 2018, India drew a total inflow of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) worth $ 44.91 billion. The amount allotted for the IT and telecom sector in the Union Budget 2022–23 was Rs. 88,567.57 crores (US$ 11.58 billion). The STP Scheme, which is a 100% export-oriented program for the development and export of computer software, including the export of professional services, was established by the government.

Abundant workforce

India will surpass all other countries as the strongest center for software developers by 2023. In practice, India's workforce will grow by almost 110 million workers over the next few decades. When it comes to its large pool of smart and competent people resources, India continues to be unmatched. India has 1.2 billion people, and 3.1 million more students join the workforce each year. It has forced tech behemoths like Google to build their new Research and Development Center in this nation. Fortune 500 firms like Oracle, Cisco, and HP choose India for outsourcing due to the country's ease in obtaining skilled workers and ability to deliver results quickly. It is abundantly obvious from software research done in 2018 that about 45% of firms are having trouble filling IT positions. This was mostly caused by a deficit of qualified applications. Finding the proper developer with the correct abilities has grown challenging, particularly in western nations. Because of this, more businesses are exploring outsourcing from offshore locations to enhance their software development. They are able to focus on organic growth when they outsource to India. In addition to being talented, Indian programmers are also inventive and imaginative. India thus provides the ideal formula for luring companies from all over the world to outsource software development.

India is the second largest English-speaking country in the world.

India is the second-largest English-speaking nation in the world after the United States. A poll estimates that 350 million individuals in India speak English. As a result, an organization's offshore voyage to India might be smooth. Indian resources take positive experience in their consistent communication, which helps to foster good connectivity with the rest of the world and eliminates connection barriers. Everything is written in English, whether you're using PHP, JavaScript, C#, or Python. It makes sense that they are fast assuming control of technology given the size of the English-speaking population and their passion for STEM fields. You can find affordable labor in other Asian nations. However, India also provides it in a tongue that the West can understand. The fact that Indians place a lot of importance on English-language schooling is also an advantage because it means that future programmers and developers will be well-prepared. Offshore software engineers from India can so readily interact with teams located all around the world.

A disciplined work ethic and the talent for problem-solving

Indian developers are renowned for possessing extensive technical knowledge. We are grateful for the steadfast Indian educational system, which is in charge of providing each student with a firm foundation. Additionally, they tackle your task with zeal, commitment, and sincerity. Every year, India creates around 1.5 million engineers. Consequently, getting the best performance out of them might be fairly difficult. It's because they'll already have a group of engineers on staff that are highly skilled technically and have a positive attitude and work ethic. India's young population has topped 200 million. Youth between the ages of 18 and 35 make up 34% of the population. Out of these, over 800,000 students enroll each year in computer science engineering programs at universities around the US. These are basically individuals who attend school in their own nation. Over 100,000 graduates of CS move abroad each year to continue their education and work as developers and programmers for various computer companies.

Demographics and size of the population

India, which has 1.4 billion citizens, is the second-most popular nation on earth and is still one of the fastest-growing. Additionally, more than 50% of Indians are under 25, which corresponds to the average age of software engineers. Since they are the first era to take computer programming classes in school, young people all around the world are becoming interested in jobs in software. Given how young the software development industry is, it seems reasonable that a young nation like India has a disproportionately large population of developers. Indians are well-positioned to possibly try and dominate the global software market due to their youths.

Time-Zone Advantage

The estimated five-hour time difference between India and a number of other nations, including the United States, Europe, and the United Kingdom, allows for availability and a wide time zone throughout the day. Undoubtedly, India is a prominent location for outsourcing software development due to favorable government policies and solid work ethics. One of the main factors contributing to India's rise as the preferred outsourcing destination is the abundance of resources.

Indian entrepreneurs operate with a global perspective.

Indian tech companies adhere to western corporate strategy and structure. The programmers work diligently, are ready to innovate, and take a personal interest in helping the business succeed. The developers work with a certain amount of autonomy and independence because there is no rigorous adherence to hierarchy. The majority of businesses have offices in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Europe. A more international perspective has emerged among the up-and-coming startup businesses and entrepreneurs, thanks to information availability. A worldwide capital flow known as FDI also exists and continues year after year. This has been a significant element in fostering a westernized, multinational culture among Indian business people and developers.

Final thoughts

Now that you are aware of this, you can see why businesses choose India as the best location for outsourcing software development. The productivity and profits of businesses are expected to expand significantly. Additionally, they acquire a competitive advantage over their rivals. It will assist in elevating their company to the top of the market. In today's digital age, outsourcing is a sizable industry with a lot of potential. With the advent of new technologies and innovation, it is crucial to select the best development team for your company's software requirements. It is far less expensive for firms, especially small enterprises or startups, to outsource their projects to India than to maintain an internal team.

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