• January 04, 2021 6:20 pm
  • by Manek

Top 5 reasons to choose AWS for your Enterprise

  • January 04, 2021 6:20 pm
  • by Manek

Cloud computing is the new normal in the tech industry. Today, cloud technology has evolved into an essential component that solves key business challenges and manages core business processes. This massive surge in the use of cloud computing services by businesses is also reflected in our day to day life. If we measure the use of cloud computing services that we rely on In our daily life, the numbers can be quite staggering.

When we are doing an online payment using PayPal, we are using cloud computing. When we stream a movie, again we are using the cloud. OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote are some of the few examples of file hosting services that use cloud computing technology. If your business is still falling back from leveraging the cloud, there are high chances that you will rely on cloud computing technologies to solve your business challenges in the near future.

On a global scale, a fair share of the total cloud computing service market is occupied by Amazon Web Services (AWS), beating its competitors such as Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. AWS will be still on top even when three of its biggest competitors are combined. In this blog post, we’ll dive into some of the top 5 reasons to choose AWS for your enterprise needs.

1. Scalable and high-performance

AWS is a highly scalable and performant cloud computing platform. While AWS conquered the cloud industry with its cloud-based storage and virtual servers, it now delivers 70+ services to tackle the needs of growing businesses which include application management, database, transcoding, infrastructure management, data-warehousing, and much more. Moreover, Elastic Load Balancing and Auto Scaling feature in AWS gives you the flexibility to scale your application up or down based on demand.

2. Versatile & Secure

For many enterprises, even minimal downtime can wreak havoc on their business. Whereas for other enterprises, the damage incurred by a small amount of downtime in the event of a disaster does not outbalance the expenses of maintaining a multi-site recovery method. Based on how your business tolerates downtime, AWS can deliver you with the right set of tools for data recovery during an event of a disaster. Whether you’re running a medium-sized or an enterprise-level business, AWS delivers heightened security consistently irrespective of your business size. Moreover, AWS has hundreds of data centers across multiple locations around the world that maintain the highest standards. This saves you from the hassles that are commonly associated with securing your facilities. Additionally, AWS also has a 24X7 security support network that delivers its users with real-time insight on malicious activity and security vulnerabilities.

3. Cost-Effective

Another popular feature that keeps AWS a step ahead of its competitors is its pay-as-you-go approach. AWS’s flexible pricing structure gives users the convenience of paying only for the services and other resources they use without having the need to pay any upfront or termination cost. As you can start and end instances as you wish, you will only end up paying for what you use. This eliminates the need for you to spend more on increasing your business’s capacity and infrastructure. Hence, this approach can significantly increase your business’s efficiency by as much as 70%. Moreover, AWS also gives you the added advantage of creating a free-tier account if you are a novice user and want to learn more about it. AWS free tier account gives you access to some free services that will never expire.

4. Customization & Scheduling

In order to meet the needs of individual businesses, AWS provides a high level of customization. From resource management to automation, the customizability of AWS tags is limitless. Apart from its customizability, AWS also offers scheduling capabilities. With this feature, you can initiate and end AWS services at a convenient time. You can schedule services such as RDS and EC2 without the need to run these services during your off-hours. However, for you to fully harness the advantages of this cloud technology, you’ll probably want to hire developers who have extensive expertise with AWS. If you are on the lookout for an AWS development service provider who can migrate your on-premise data to AWS, it’s better to go with an offshore software development company in India.

5. Ease of Use

AWS is highly user friendly when compared to other cloud platforms that are available today. You can easily choose your applications and services from the neatly designed console interface of AWS. From this interface, you can easily access a wide number of applications and services provided by AWS. Moreover, AWS also provides high-quality documentation for web services APIs that you can use to access the platform.


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