Software Outsourcing Destination
  • April 30, 2019 9:42 am
  • by Deepthy

How India Became a Preferred Destination for Software Outsourcing?

  • April 30, 2019 9:42 am
  • by Deepthy

Software Outsourcing Destination


Not long ago, there was a wave of private jobs in IT that was widespread in India. All the parents were simply urging their children to become engineers and all the engineers were dreaming of landing in a good paying IT job afterward. Then came a time, after the IT boom; when the old-world coding and technology were simply not enough to survive in the IT world. It became really tough to find good jobs. Fortunately, the number of offshore projects increased on the freelancing and start-ups networks. Now, the people were simply working from the comfort of their homes or offices. They didn’t need placements; they gave Jobs.

This led to the rise of various SMBs and independent IT companies and, in turn, brought many other countries knocking on the doors and searching ‘software outsourcing company India’ frantically. These days, the reputation of Indian developers and companies is excellent when it comes to offshore development. The following post reflects on this rise and reign of India as a major offshore development site and the reasons that lead to its emergence as one.

How India Became a Preferred Destination for Software Outsourcing –A Journey of Talent:

  • When the private sector was teeming with jobs, millions of graduate were absorbed. This lead to the enrolling of millions of students in the Engineering discipline.
  • Over the night, people were educating themselves about the latest technologies and tools to become more and more relevant to the industry.
  • The availability of the internet and internet resources fuelled the process of self-education. All the digs from the international technology centers were readily available on the computer screens.Indian Developers
  • Right at that time, the computers and laptops were revolutionized and gave birth to a huge crowd of young and budding talent that was hungry to showcase itself.
  • With the urge to excel the ‘Sharma Ji ka beta’ (the peers) as an innate characteristic led to the development of competitive temperament. So, instead of competing for biased job interviews; developers were competing on fair scales for international projects. So, they gave their best; established a name for themselves and paved the way for the others.
  • This is a very basic representation of the journey of Indian developers from the hazy days to modern times.
    These are the reasons why outsource to India.

Now, let us move ahead and reflect on the situation from different angles:

  • The culture of start-ups has led to the development of thousands of independent developer hubs. People are now learning and working at the same time. The learning is not limited to the classrooms. Developers have no scarcity of resources of any kinds with cloud technology. They don’t have to pay for huge membership services for clubbed resource usage. Thus, a good brain has all kinds of reasons and resources to simply excel and stop at nothing.
  • The advantage of having different time-zones is obviously huge. The time-difference allows for working 24X7 and that too without losing the pace. With so many people competing for a single job, the sense of diligence and competitive spirit stays intact.
  • Indians have a very good work ethic. They consider their work very sacred which is a plus point. There are very few cases of duping the clients. The lack of good opportunities in the nation also led the developers to seek work abroad. Now, to stay in the game, they have to keep working and delivering their best. The difference in the currency value is also a big factor. People can earn more by completing foreign projects as compared to Indian projects. On the other hand, foreign companies can get more work done in the same amount of money.
  • Finally, to gain an edge over the competitors, the developers are constantly learning new technologies.
    These are some factors that have contributed to the growth of India as a reputed offshore development site.
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