• May 30, 2022 6:01 am
  • by Deepthy

8 Best JavaScript Frameworks for Mobile App Development

  • May 30, 2022 6:01 am
  • by Deepthy

A JavaScript framework is a group of JavaScript code libraries, by which web developers can operate the pre-written codes in their programming. It is an established language for both front-end and back-end development. Thus, gives an allowance with plenty of ready-made features. Here are top Javascript frameworks to know for mobile development.

React Native

React native is a well-received JavaScript framework that is allowed to create natively rendered mobile apps for iOS and Android. The framework allows you to build an application with the help of the same code base. React native is focused on creating a great user experience for mobile devices. It also allows for cross-platform mobile application development and enables quick development with high performance.

Mobile Angular UI

Mobile Angular UI is an open-source framework supported by a large community of developers. The framework with enhanced performance allows high-quality and secure mobile app development. While using this, developers will experience cleaner code which will bring the development process more efficiently and can move from view to view due to fast routing. When we consider the size, Mobile angular UI consumes less space.


Native script is an open-source framework for developing cross-platform apps for Android and iOS. This framework allows the developers to use any view as the root of an application. The framework also uses LiveSync and Webpack simultaneously. It can also generate icons/splash screens based on a high-resolution image. It uses more than one frame in an app. Thus, it eases authentication with different sign-on providers.

jQuery mobile

Jquery mobile is an HTML 5 user interface framework designed to create receptive websites or applications available on mobile/tablet and desktop devices. The framework integrates HTML5, jQuery, and jQuery UI into one framework for creating pages with minimal scripting.

One of its advantages is that it allows the same code to be automatically scaled from mobile screen to desktop screen. It supports all HTML5 browsers. While it has a drawback that there are only limited options for CSS themes.


Meteor JS is an open-source JavaScript framework created using Node JS by the Meteor Development group. Meteor JS has some groups of libraries and packages which assist in making web development trouble-free. Meteor is used for quick prototyping and developing cross-platform code for Web, Android, and iOS. As it is easier to learn and provide different features to create applications, Meteor has become the first preference of modern developers.


Ionic framework is also an open-source UI toolkit for creating high-quality mobile apps, desktop apps, and progressive web apps allowing the developer to use several web technologies. Ionic framework mainly focuses on frontend user experience or UI Interaction which handles all the outlook of the application. It is comparatively easy to learn and can merge with other libraries or frameworks such as Angular, Cordova, etc. It can also operate independently without a frontend framework.

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Sencha Touch

Sencha Touch is the framework that brings optimal solutions to developers who create fast and imposing mobile applications that work on iOS, Kindle Fire, and more. It delivers plenty of creative and useful components that work efficiently on all types of mobile applications. It comprises more than 140 tested and pre-integrated UI components with high performance.


Cordova/PhoneGap lets developers to build HTML & JavaScript based mobile apps. As it is open-source and has a flexible nature, it is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks for mobile development. It uses the built-in JavaScript API for establishing a connection with the native features of mobile devices and the operating system. Using PhoneGap, developers can utilize the same codes that they have written in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, Javascript plays a major role in the future of front-end and back-end development. React Native, mobile Angular UI, Native Script , jQuery Mobile, Meteor, Ionic, Sencha Touch and Apache/cordova are the top JavaScript frameworks that developers need to consider when developing web applications. There are many options for Javascript frameworks depending on which project you are working on, Its features and functions. Choose the right one as per the requirements and make the entire process of web development convenient.

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