• July 21, 2021 6:00 am
  • by Aruthra

Top 5 JavaScript Frameworks for 2021

  • July 21, 2021 6:00 am
  • by Aruthra

When we are talking about single page app development, JavaScript frameworks quickly pops into our minds. Single page web applications are trending these days and most of the businesses that used desktop apps in the past are now transitioning to cloud based web apps that are built on JavaScript frameworks.

If you are planning to build a single page web application for your business, It is highly essential to know the type of framework that you can use to build your business app. However, selecting the right framework for your business can be a tough job and you should have an experienced team of developers who have extensive knowledge about these frameworks.

As there are a plethora of JavaScript languages and frameworks available these days, it will be extremely difficult for most product owners to choose a framework that will be viable for their business solution in the long run. Because of this reason, we have written a list of the top ten trending JavaScript frameworks that you can choose for your web app development project.

1. ReactJS

React is currently one of the trending JS frameworks that are widely used across some of the popular companies for their business applications. One of the main advantages of using React for building your business app is the fact that it can be used to develop highly functional applications that deliver a near native look and performance. On top of that, React also has a broader developer community, reusable components, great documentation, and most importantly huge support from Facebook.

You can go with this framework if you are obsessed with delivering greater performance for your end users or you want to build a highly functional/complex single page web application that doesn't compromise on quality. Below you can find some of the major features that React.js brings you.

Advantages of ReactJS

  • You can use React to build exceptional UIs that offer your end users a seamless experience on all types of devices and resolutions.
  • It is easier for developers to code as React uses JSX
  • Apps that are built on React can deliver an exceptional performance as it makes use of a virtual DOM.

2. Angular

Angular is a highly versatile, efficient, and popular JavaScript framework among developers. Angular is one of those frameworks where a lot of developers use to kick start their careers and is widely used by top grossing businesses to build complex web applications. However, with the arrival of other JavaScript frameworks such as Vue.js, Ember.js, and React.js, the use of Angular has gone down a bit. One of the factors that contributed Angular to lose its popularity is its steep learning curve. Below are some features of Angular.

Advantages of Angular

  • Thanks to the dependency injection built into it, developers can build applications without much hassle.
  • Angular is loaded with tons of cool features that include the use of Typescript, MVC, Command Line Interface, directives, dependency injection to name a few.

3. Vue.JS

Although relatively a new framework, Vue is now trending as one of the highly adopted JavaScript frameworks. Some of the factors that contributed to its popularity are mainly because of its compact size and a highly shallow learning curve which benefits new developers who are venturing out to learn this framework

Advantages of Vue.js

  • Apart from its smaller size and low learning curve, some of the other cool advantages that make this framework unique from other JavaScript frameworks are its reusability, virtual DOM, comprehensive documentation, and much more.
  • Vue is also the best framework you can choose if you are planning to ship an MVP faster.

4. EmberJS

Ember is a versatile JavaScript framework that enables developers to build highly complex, secure, and feature-rich single page web applications. The flexibility of this framework makes it a good framework for building highly viable applications that can support tons of features and functionalities. Another cool thing about Ember is the fact that it uses templates to update the model once the content gets altered.

5. ExpressJS

If you’re on the lookout for an end-to-end JavaScript framework that can fulfill all your web app development needs, then Express.js is the one for you. You can build highly powerful and lightning fast node based web and mobile applications using this framework. You can use this framework to rapidly build node based applications without affecting the functionality.


In a nutshell, choosing a framework completely depends on multiple factors that include the type of web app that you are planning to build, your team size and expertise, the complexity of your project, and most importantly your requirements. However, if you don't have an expert development team that can ship web apps by using these frameworks, you can always hire web app developers from an offshore software development company in India at affordable hourly rates. As all frameworks we mentioned above have their pros and cons, it’s up to you to figure out the best framework suited for your web application.

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