• February 10, 2021 11:55 am
  • by Deepthy

Advantages of Using Salesforce CRM

  • February 10, 2021 11:55 am
  • by Deepthy

Nowadays, cloud based customer relationship management (CRM)software is becoming mainstream in many businesses throughout the globe. New studies reveal that a significant portion of businesses that have more than 20 resources in their in-house team rely on CRM software. With hundreds of CRM software available in the market, selecting the right CRM for your business can be quite a challenging task for most business owners. In the realm of cloud based CRMs, Salesforce is considered as one of the widely adopted cloud platform providers in the world. Salesforce is highly popular and used by a great number of successful businesses worldwide. In addition to their CRM, they also deliver platforms for marketing automation, sales, service, and e-commerce.

Lack of customization is one of the important roadblocks that are usually encountered by business owners with their veteran CRM software. Minimal customization ability hinders the ability for you to optimize the CRM to match your unique business needs. However, this won’t be the case with Salesforce as it is specifically designed for meeting the needs of pretty much all types of business. Salesforce also delivers you to access critical insights that can help you get a deeper understanding of your customer. This will ultimately help you make more informed and smarter decisions.

If you are in pursuit of finding a CRM for your business, this blog can be really helpful for you as we explain some of the key reasons to choose the Salesforce CRM as well as the advantages that you get by choosing this platform.

#1 Largest cloud-based platform

Salesforce CRM is undeniably the world’s largest cloud-based platform that delivers tons of features and benefits to its users. The developers at Salesforce are constantly working to improve their products further by analyzing users’ demands and by integrating the latest and most up-to-date technologies that are currently available in the market.

#2 Increased Team Collaboration

Salesforce CRM allows hassle-free communication with your teammates. In addition to that, Salesforce also has its own social networking space called “Chatter” that is exclusively built for its users. Chatter lets you connect with members of your team and allows you to share ideas, insights, and other information. Chatter also allows users to add multiple team members to projects that need more attention. This feature allows you to easily schedule and prioritize your tasks that will ultimately enable you to close more business, grab more sales and acquire more customers.

#3 Integration

Another killer advantage that you get by using this platform is its ability to easily integrate with literally any kind of third party software. The type of software that you can integrate includes Enterprise Resource Planning Softwares (ERP), Document Management (DMS), social networking & e-commerce platforms, and much more. Integrating Salesforce with social networking platforms also gives you an added advantage to identify critical customer insights. Salesforce can capture critical data from these insights and analyze them so that reports can be easily generated.

#4 Cloud-Based

One of the cool benefits that most users love about Salesforce is the fact that it is cloud based. If you are migrating to salesforce from your existing CRM, It’s pretty much easy to start with as you need only a browser and a stable internet connection. However, you need to pay for its license when your trial period ends. Being cloud-based also gives you the added advantage of accessing it anytime and anywhere. On top of that, Salesforce also gives you access to a dedicated mobile app that gives you access to all of its features.

#5 AI-Powered

Salesforce is packed with a variety of AI tools, such as Einstein Analytics, Marketing Cloud, etc that are built into the Lightning Platform. By using Einstein, users can build apps that are powered by AI without the need for complex coding. This is one of the reasons that keep Salesforce CRM stand out from other cloud based CRMs that are available today. By using this platform, you can automate data entry by syncing your email with other apps and run a predictive analysis.

#6 Customizability

When we consider the ability to customize, no other CRMs that are available today can beat Salesforce. Salesforce is designed in such a way that allows easy customization without the need for heavy coding. You can further customize Salesforce by adding custom input fields, buttons, templates, or even dashboards by using drag-and-drop features. If you want to add complex customization to your CRM, such as custom automated workflows or dashboards, you can do that without the need for complex coding.

You can easily manage Salesforce even If you are not that good at coding. However, this level of expertise isn’t sufficient in most cases. If you want your Salesforce CRM to work as if it was developed in-house, most probably you will have to hire Salesforce Developers.

#7 Pricing

Salesforce ships with four editions such as Professional, Unlimited, Essentials, and Enterprise. They also give you a 30-day free trial. During this period you can analyze which edition is the best fit for your business. Salesforce bills you yearly even if they display the price in monthly installments on their website. This is something you should keep a note of as this can confuse you. Also, Salesforce bills per user, not per business. Hence, the billing amount will increase proportionally if there are more users in your team that is using Salesforce.

After weighing all its advantages against the priorities of your company, you’ll need to come up with a plan to successfully adopt Salesforce in your team. If you want to combine the efforts of your teams from multiple departments and automate complex business processes, Salesforce will be your goto platform and will have a positive impact on your long term business goals and customer acquisition strategies. Hiring a dedicated Salesforce development team or hiring a Salesforce Development Company in India
that delivers Salesforce development services could also help you to reach this goal faster.


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