Joomla Vs WordPress Software Development Company in India
  • May 24, 2018 11:14 am
  • by Manek

Joomla Vs WordPress – Which one is better for Website Development

  • May 24, 2018 11:14 am
  • by Manek

Are you stuck deciding between Joomla and WordPress for website Development, or whether to go with a Joomla Web Development Company in India or a WordPress Development company in India for your next website? Even though there are many open source content management systems are available, WordPress and Joomla are the primary options that come to one’s mind. There are many similarities between these two. Both WordPress and Joomla are free and open source. Anyone with a little development knowledge can set up both with a few clicks. Before getting into the comparison between WordPress and Joomla that will help you decide, here’s a brief introduction to both technologies. Offshore Software Development Company in India focuses both on Joomla and WordPress website development services.

Joomla for Website Development

Joomla is a free Content Management System (CMS) that truly does everything, and it balances both extensibility and usability. It powers a large number of websites and web applications, from personal websites to complex corporate portals and web applications. Joomla is developed using PHP and MySQL (MS SQL and PostgreSQL are also supported) and is easier for developers who are familiar with these technologies to install and set it up. Joomla demands a higher level of expertise or skill for developing an application or a website using it compared to WordPress. Similar to WordPress, you will have to download Joomla and then set it up on your own server.

WordPress for Website Development

WordPress fueled by PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, is free and open-source. By making use of the themes and plugins, a WordPress site can be unimaginably adjustable and extendable, making it a solid match for simple websites to complex web applications (which need the support of a WordPress Development company in India. Even though WordPress was first launched as a blogging platform in 2003, now it is a multi-purpose and extensible content management system. What’s remarkable is that more than 30% of all the websites on the Internet are powered by WordPress.

Now let’s get into some serious comparisons between WordPress and Joomla.

Search engine optimization

When we compare the out of the box Search Engine Optimization (SEO) abilities of WordPress and Joomla, Joomla takes a slight edge as it allows its users to set meta depictions and meta tags for new articles and pages. But, by making use of some SEO plugins, like Yoast SEO plugin, the most popular among the SEO plugins, we can extend WordPress to have almost all the possible SEO features. Even though Joomla too have some SEO extensions, it’s no way near to the WordPress plugins comparing the features.

Ease of use

WordPress is famous for its direct and quick installation process. The website can be online in pretty much five minutes, even though it’s your first time. Also, after the log in process, user’s will not find it complex to handle. The whole framework is easy to understand, so everything bodes well. As all the options and menus are in reach of your hand, you can explore through the admin region without issues. If you think you will need something more than the simple or basic usage, you can start learning WordPress or hire a WordPress Development company in India. On the other hand, even though the installation process of Joomla is simple and similar to WordPress’, it is more complicated after that. It will require more time to understand and start using the Joomla control panel.

Customization potential

WordPress is known for its themes and plugins. By making use of the free and premium themes, anybody creates professional looking websites even with no coding and design knowledge. By using the thousands of plugins available, more than basic sites and simple blogs, you can create Job Portals, eCommerce systems, Project Management System, Customer Relationship Systems, photography portfolios etc. Joomla doesn’t fall far behind. Joomla also has its own set of templates and extensions that will help you to accomplish numerous things on the web. In any case, basically on the grounds that it is less mainstream than WordPress, there are very fewer templates and extensions to be found, compared to WordPress.

Content Management

Both WordPress and Joomla are mind-boggling CMSs, empowering users to build and manage pretty much any sort of site. Despite the fact that WordPress is usually connected with basic web blogs, it’s an ideal solution for landing pages, and significantly more complex websites as well. As we have already mentioned, Joomla is known for its complexity, even though it offers some good documentation. A website developed with Joomla can advance into anything, it needs, yet the expectation to learn and adapt is substantially more extreme for users with no experience in coding and web development.

Multilingual sites

WordPress comes with an option to set the default language of the site whenever, however, it doesn’t bolster making multilingual substance out of the box. Fortunately, there are some feature-rich SEO plugins available that will transform your simple website into a multilingual application easily. On the other hand, Joomla provides multilingual support out of the box. You simply need to choose an extra language and begin translating the texts. Also, you can change the administrator area language as well. You don’t need to install any additional extensions for that.


Official support pages can help you to begin with WordPress. You will also get help from the support forums that have a large number of active users. It’s free, yet you should take the necessary steps and research the issue you’re encountering, yourself. On the off chance that you require more expert help, you won’t locate any official support emails or telephone numbers. However, you can simply hire a WordPress Development company in India. Despite the fact that as not as mainstream as WordPress, Joomla still has a large number of active users. You will get help from various tutorials, blog posts, and videos easily. But, if you need more customization options to your site, it will be difficult to find a Joomla Web Development Company in India, compared to WordPress.


Because of its prominence, WordPress has a giant target on its back with regards to security vulnerabilities. In spite of that, WordPress is secure. The designers have ensured that the code is as secure as could reasonably be expected. What’s more, you can expect frequent updates that protect the framework constantly. Joomla isn’t altogether different with regards to security. The designers are constantly dedicated to new updates and settling security issues on time. The only disadvantage of WordPress is that it doesn’t come with essential security features like forcing a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connection on its dashboard and Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) which Joomla does out of the box.

Joomla for Web Development is Best Choice

Compared to WordPress, Joomla is more flexible and adaptable. It offers an extraordinarily adaptable framework that can take any shape you need, and it empowers you to execute a lot of minute customizations without depending on extensions or plugins. But when it comes to comparison between WordPress and Joomla for website Development, features-wise and due to ease of use, WordPress will be the definite winner. Software Development Company in India mostly makes available WordPress website development services. WordPress is out and out more straightforward for new users to pick up, and it has an additional edge of providing superior support structure due to its popularity. And that’s why WordPress is dominating the internet with a huge share of over 60% among all the CMSs and is more than ten times that of its competitor, Joomla.

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