• November 28, 2019 7:03 am
  • by Sooraj

The Changing Trends in Software Outsourcing in India

  • November 28, 2019 7:03 am
  • by Sooraj

Technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning(ML) have changed the perception of traditional software. With the advent of AI and ML, the software could make intelligent decisions on their own, adapt to the preferences of the user, and could do a lot.

Software that is backed by AI, ML, IoT(Internet of Things), AR(Augmented Reality) and cloud technologies could deliver business with greater agility and higher ROI. The increased need to build, modernize and customize software has resulted in accelerated demand for skilled developers.

“The demand for skilled software developers is on the rise”

The demand for skilled software developers is on the rise these days. With the increase in demand for talented developers, software outsourcing companies are rapidly expanding their operations all over the world.

The global outsourcing market is expected to surpass 90 billion U.S. dollars in 2019. Apart from the tight competition from software outsourcing companies from China, Poland, Romania, Belarus, and Ukraine, software development companies in India can be considered as a silver bullet for businesses that are in a pursuit to build software solutions cost-effectively. Now let’s come to the important questions — What will be the changing trends in software outsourcing in India? what if you choose a software outsourcing model and it goes out of trend in the future? Will software outsourcing help your business to save costs and resources? We will try to answer these questions in this blog post.

“India is becoming an outsourcing hotspot”

India is a preferred destination for software outsourcing, with over 70% of its IT services are exported to fortune 500 companies across the globe. Businesses from all over the world are choosing to outsource their software needs to India and the region has a strong focus on digital and technical skills.

Communication is the elixir for any outsourcing project. With India’s high number of English speakers, the country is a popular outsourcing hub for the English-speaking world.

Businesses will be more inclined to partner up with software outsourcing vendors that would provide them with these technologies and services:

  • Businesses seek outsourcing companies that provide cybersecurity services

While AI and ML are being adopted into virtually all types of Softwares, there is a risk of highly advanced malware and ransomware to possibly breach your IT units. Because of this reason, most enterprises are highly vigilant and considers cybersecurity as one of their top priorities. As cyber threats continue to drain billions of dollars of business each year, cybersecurity is in high demand in software outsourcing.

Lack of skilled cybersecurity professionals in the software industry will increase the demand for software outsourcing companies that provide cybersecurity services such as security and compliance testing. cybersecurity services top as one of the top software outsourcing trends that must be seriously considered by software outsourcing vendors.

  • The demand for cloud outsourcing is increasing

The demand for cloud computing is on the rise these days and will increase exponentially in the future.

Almost 70% of IT outsourcing services are done for cloud technologies and businesses across the globe are expected to increase their spending in the cloud technology in the near future.

A recent study by Gartner suggests that the shift towards cloud computing will impact $1 trillion in IT spending by 2020.

As more businesses migrate to cloud-based technologies, there will be a need for cloud-based testing and cloud security. With cloud testing, businesses can reduce their operational costs and increasing automation, which helps them to eliminate their dependence on skilled resources.

  • Businesses only choose vendors who consider data security as their Top Priority

Not all businesses outsource their work, some businesses rely on their in-house team for their software development project. Even though software outsourcing proves to be a cost-effective solution before these businesses, they are highly skeptical about data breaches of their confidential information that could cause potential harm to their operations. In order to mitigate this issue, vendors must ensure that their client’s data is safe from malware and cyber-attacks.

As vendors now understand the need for minimizing data breach, they have augmented their protocols for running in a safer environment. To ensure fail-safe data security, vendors now deploy security tools like firewalls, secure booting, and secure authentication methods for safeguarding the data.

  • The demand for vendors who provide outsourcing services for blockchain, DevOps as a service (DaaS) and the Internet of Things (IoT)

As evolving technologies such as blockchain, DevOps and IoT are becoming a staple part of every business, the demand for software outsourcing vendors who provide these services is on the rise.

With DevOps, the development team can reduce the number of development cycles which results in the timely completion of the project. Apart from that, DevOps as a service (DaaS) could improve communication within the development team, Increase Recovery Time and reduce Deployment Failures, and more importantly, cut down on cost by reducing IT Staff.

Software outsourcing is dilating how companies operate in the business world. Outsourcing software services enabled businesses to rapidly expand their business at an extremely low investment of cost, time and effort. These software outsourcing trends will increase its capabilities and will take businesses to the next level.

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