5 Reasons to Use React JS for Better Mobile App Development

December 3, 2018 7:07 am

React JS is the latest JavaScript framework that introduced major changes to the software development industry. React JS is highly efficient and it renders the changes immediately. One of the advantages of React JS is that it is a relatively small framework and can learn easily. Software development companies in India now give more attention to React JS development which advances mobile app development services.

5 major reasons to choose React JS for Mobile App Development services are the following:

React JS development services in India
React JS gives rich User-Interface options.

Rich user-interfaces

React JS is one of the choices of software developers to develop the best UIs and acquire benefits in the market. The rich user-interfaces are the USPs of any web entity and hence React JS is widely used for mobile app development services. This technology comes up with interactive and user-friendly user interfaces.

Relatively easy

React JS is an effective framework, it just focuses on doing one thing, that in a perfect way. As a part of the Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern, v aspect is a most delicate one. Software developer easily understands this platform and get deep in thought about React JS thus, they could increase their skill set easily.


React JS development services in India
React JS is developer friendly and understandable.
React JS development services in India
React JS Components can be reused.

Reusable Components

React JS uses a component-based structure which helps you to start with the small components and then on to large components. The small components lead to large wrapper components then it built to higher levels and further the root component made is the actual mobile application. One of the major advantages of components in this library is that it can be reused again. So that you could obtain the applications with the same outlook on all other platforms. These reusable components out there simplify the React JS app development process and make the development faster.

Fast render with Virtual DOM

While developing an application, user interaction, updates, and possible performance issues are taken into consideration. React JS provides long time issues of updating the DOM with virtual DOM which is a DOM that kept in memory. Virtual DOM adopts an efficient way which gives easy updates without lagging the time and enhances React JS development services.


React JS development services in India
Faster rendering without lagging the time.
React JS development services in India
React JS platforms are super SEO worthy.

SEO Friendly

JavaScript frameworks are not at all search engine friendly. Recently they have been established some major improvements. Now it is much better and noticeable platform since it is able to run React JS on the server and the virtual DOM will be returned and restored to the browser as a regular web page. Thus, this can be done easily. React JS is the best platform for software developers to build the most effective applications and user interfaces within a shorter period. This framework breaks down to components and creates a single page application with minimal coding. As well, the virtual DOM integrates the performance and it is also known to be very SEO friendly.

Despite all other factors, these are the 5 reasons to use React JS for better mobile app development and now it is widely used for better mobile app development services. Hire React JS developers in India for quality assured mobile app development services.




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