• December 29, 2020 4:58 pm
  • by Manek

Why is Magento Popular for Fashion & Lifestyle Ecommerce Stores?

  • December 29, 2020 4:58 pm
  • by Manek

Running an online store that sells fashion & lifestyle products can be challenging. Fierce competition, an unhealthy economy, challenges in logistics and supply chain, etc can wreak havoc on the online Fashion & Lifestyle industry. Along with that, the financial downturn that is inflicted on our economy due to the recent pandemic is causing more damages to online stores that sell Fashion & Lifestyle products. However, there are some other factors that can directly or indirectly affect the revenue of these businesses, these include the technology that they use to run the backend of your e-commerce store, UI & UX of their online store, performance, customer service, and delivery time. If you are the business owner of a fashion & lifestyle store, you have to consider all these parameters. All these parameters are directly or indirectly related to the e-commerce platform you use to build your online store.

Recent reports suggest that shopping cart abandonment rates are exponentially rising year by year, and the financial losses for e-commerce businesses are staggering. Choosing the wrong technology for your e-commerce store can complicate your store’s navigation which thereby increases your shopping cart abandonment rates. The only way to avoid these downturns is by adopting or migrating to a popular platform for your e-commerce business. Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, and Bigcommerce are some of the popular eCommerce platforms that are widely used among successful businesses that operate Fashion & Lifestyle stores. Out of these, Magento is used by many e-commerce businesses and is one of the trending eCommerce platforms that has many inbuilt features. On top of that, the platform supports a variety of integrations and plugins. Not only is Magento the heavily used platform for a large portion of merchants, but it is also one of the most widely used e-commerce platforms by eCommerce companies that sell fashion & lifestyle products. When compared to regular Content Management Systems, Magento is crafted exclusively with e-commerce in mind.

Today’s users need a seamless online experience that can keep on par with the shopping experience and convenience that they get from a physical store, so e-commerce companies are investing more money into technology to increase their customer experience and ROI. In this blog post, we will dive into some important reasons why popular fashion & lifestyle Ecommerce stores prefer Magento as their e-commerce platform.

  • More personalized experience

When compared to other e-commerce platforms such as WooCommerce & Shopify, online stores that are built on Magento usually deliver a more personalized experience to customers. Offering loyalty programs and discounts for customers that visit your store frequently is one of the ways that you can deliver a personalized experience to your customers. For fashion & lifestyle stores, delivering a personalized experience plays a paramount role in driving more customers and visitors which thereby increases more revenue.

By using Magento for your online store, you will get access to certain features that allow you to feature loyalty programs and offers based on your customer’s shopping behavior, location, and other parameters. Enabling this feature in your e-commerce store allows you to convert more of your site’s visitors and one time customers into lifelong customers.

  • User Experience

Most of the successful Fashion & Lifestyle online stores that are now in the market have an impeccable user experience. This enables them to attract more visitors to their online store and convert them into potential customers. Hence, a user-friendly online store can make all the difference. An online store that compromises its UI/UX can lose customers and these customers can go to your competitors’ sites that have better product specifications, review options, and a smooth checkout process. Magento solves this problem by allowing you to build an online store that does not compromise on the looks and features.

  • Email Campaigns

Most of the Fashion and Lifestyle Ecommerce stores now rely on email campaigns to increase customer engagement and inform them about promotions periodically in their inboxes. This enables them to make better relations with customers. Moreover, running email campaigns also gives store owners an increased ROI. Fortunately, Magento is preloaded with features that allow you to run targeted email campaigns for different segments of customers.

  • Support for a Vast Range of Plugins & Extensions

In order to run a successful fashion & lifestyle online store, you often need to integrate a lot of third party tools and plugins for managing payments, warehouse, customer support, shipping, etc. Online stores that are built on Magento can support thousands of third party tools and plugins like CRMs, Warehouse Management Systems, Tax, ERPs, marketing automation tools, payment processors and gateways, and more. The platform’s vast support of plugins and extensions allows you to integrate additional plugins that enable you to improve your store’s visitor’s online experience. This will enable you to convert them into regular customers.

In a nutshell, Magento is an excellent choice for an e-commerce platform if you are planning to build or revamp your fashion & lifestyle online store. From delivering an enhanced user experience to supporting a wide range of plugins and extensions, Magento can be a one stop shop for all your online e-commerce business needs. The feature-rich infrastructure and tools of this e-commerce platform enable you to efficiently manage your online store’s front-end and backend operations while actively supporting your business expansion efforts. If you are planning to hire Magento developers to revamp your fashion & lifestyle e-commerce store, hiring developers from Magento eCommerce development company in India can be a cost-effective move when compared to hiring developers from other countries. This is because Magento dev shops in India shore highly talented developers who can deliver your project fast.

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