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  • October 09, 2018 11:02 am
  • by Manek

Top 5 Benefits of using Node.js for Web Services

  • October 09, 2018 11:02 am
  • by Manek

Node js has turned to a leading technology which explored web development services. Node.js is an open source cross-platform written in JavaScript, which helps to build real-time applications. Node.js carries lots of advantages which have enhanced the developer’s attention when they consider web application development services. These applications can be run on a variety of servers including Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Unix. And also the inbuilt library offers the extended features to applications to act as web servers. Outsource Node.js web services from India for best ever Node.js web services.

Following are the major benefits of using Node.js for Web Services:

Speed and Efficiency

Node.js uses Google’s V8 JavaScript engine. The running speed is noticeable, hence it is written in JavaScript. Another main feature is that it makes the running of the coding much faster so the developers need to be keen enough while writing the code and this Node js development application will follow the steps prescribed. Thus, Node.js can increase the speed of any frameworks. So, get node js development services from famous offshore software development company in india at an affordable cost

Data Streaming

In real, HTTP requests and responses are kept as hidden, anyhow they are actual data streaming in real. The complete processing time is low when creating features like, processing files while they are being uploaded. This feature is going to benefit the developers while they are developing real-time audio or video encoding.

Build real-time applications

Node js has amazing features for building real-time applications. The real-time applications like chats and gaming apps are developed using Node.js services. It is also used for the programs that need an event-based server, along with non-blocking driven servers. The platforms such as PayPal, eBay, LinkedIn, etc. are developed using Node.js.

Encourages sharing

The presence of the Node Package Manager or NPM encourages sharing in this platform. It has the repository which has packages, that helps developers to create impressive solutions. With the help of NPM, developers could now update, share and reuse codes. So that it is certain that Node.js package manager is robust and a consistent solution for Node.js web services.

Assist as proxy server

Node.js deals as a proxy server. This is one of the main features that engaged to proxy a number of services with differences in their response time. To stream data from different sources, we can use Node.js development services.

Node.js is one among the relevant technologies used for the web development services. Node.js development has been a great innovation emerged in the world of technologies. Node.js API is still updating and, as it upgrades, most of the parts are becoming more reliable than others. This technology favored most of the Node.js developers. Hire dedicated Node.js developers from Vofox Solutions and enjoy quality driven web development services.

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