Angular JS Web Development Solutions

We ensure that our Angular JS developers are able to not only meet the project deadline, but also see to it that they can take up projects simultaneously in a manner that one doesn’t affect the reliability of the other.

Angular JS Development of
Learning Platforms

Subject to requirements, are Angular JS developers are equipped with the resources to take heads on app development for organizations, large-scale or otherwise of all sizes such that each application is scalable and secure to the top.

Social & Interactive

Our Angular JS developers have a robust background and experience with Angular JS and are in the constant habit of building higly secure social and interactive applications.

Custom Angular JS

There’s no limit to the lengths our developers will walk in order to build secure, reliable and high performance angular.js web applications. Sky is the limit.

Portal Development

We invite you to hire from our pool of extremely talented Angular JS developers who can provide portal development solutions for business of all segments and sizes.

E-Shops and

Have you build something that you are dying to the introduce to the market? Great! Hire our Angular JS developers equipped with all advanced skills for the job to help you with the best in class e-commerce portal, that will maximize your reach and nourish your goodwill in the market forever.


Our Angular JS developers are great at taking instructions and building exactly what’s expected. By the use of a smart framework, our offshore developers will design the most interactive of dashboards and apps for the best possible experience your users will ever have.

Data Analysis

Our developers have a wide experience, both with working as well as developing data analysis tools and fret not, they’ve been doing what they do for years, serving a global clientele that keeps coming back to us.

Search Engines &
Custom Widgets

Our offshore Angular JS developers are expert programmers who’ve mastered all that takes to work your way out with search engines and custom widget development needs.

AngularJS Music and
Video Streaming Apps

Even if your principal requirement is the development of complex but fancy looking music and video steaming apps, our offshore Angular JS developers won’t let you down.

Our Angular js Development Expertise

When you hire Angular js app developers, you get a team who are specialized in a wide array of industry verticals catering to all kinds of startups and small businesses.


Our highly committed offshore Angular JS developers are all prepared to provide you with the best in class end to end healthcare solution, be it development or maintenance.


Don’t hoteliers and restaurateurs need the best looking websites? In fact, we think that it is in fact a part of their hospitality they met out to the customers. In order to ensure you have the best in class application or website, hire our offshore Angular JS programmers.

Retail & eCommerce

Dreaming to sell something and being able to achieve the same are two different thing. The bridge that connects the two is a good-looking e-commerce web application. Our offshore Angular JS developers will do that for you.

Media & Entertainment

Our Angular JS developers are experts who’ll do what it takes to enhance and amplify your digital presence in the market.

Banking & Finance

Do you want to enhance the return on investment and keep an oversight over how your banking or financial institution is doing, by keeping everything at your fingertips? Well, our offshore Angular JS developers will take you there.

Education & E-Learning

Hire our offshore Angular JS developers to bring you the most advanced LMS systems, all to be designed from scratch, custom (just the way you want), just for you.

Travel & Tourism

Our Angular JS developers have developed a certain level of expertise in catering to the travel and tourism sector by building reliable apps that create and enhance their customer base.


Our entire focus when it comes to development, is keeping an open mind and not restricting ourselves to the conventional. In that, we emphasize of developing anything and everything our clients want, even if we have to start from scratch, for every project and even if all the projects we take up at the same time are custom applications.

Key Benefits

We have a set of values that we respect and try to uphold each day we enter our offices. For our clients, we ensure that when we’re hired, they get the best of those values, obviously apart from the execution and delivery of their projects in the best possible way.

100% Client Satisfaction

Until now, we’ve worked on thousands of projects, spanning all business verticals, serving thousands of clients and we’re glad to have them coming back to us for more.

Zero Billing Guarantee

Our first priority at Vofox is client satisfaction and if we fail to achieve the same, we won’t shy away from not charging you a penny for the work we did, or refunding you whatever amount you’d paid to us.

Get Results In 48 Hours

Our huge pool of talented offshore Angular JS developers are motivated towards making the difference you need. They’ll do whatever it takes to provide you with quick, noteworthy results in no time.

Keep Your Clients Coming Back

We’re a proud organization with an unwavering clientele in which every client that we cater to goes back happy, only to keep coming back to us with more requirements, new projects, bigger ambitions. And we? We comply.

Your Local Guy Costs More

We haven’t reached where we are by executive shabby business strategies. You may be wondering that your local developer will charge you less, but stay assured, he/she is never going to be able to beat the competitive pricing we offer.

Integrity & Transparency

We observe and uphold very many values, the two most important of which are integrity and transparency. We believe in delivering what we promise, and in a way that our clients do not carry back an iota of doubt with them.

Trusted & Skilled Developers

We follow a strict screening process, which must be passed by all developers to be a part of our house. Our highly competent HR keeps an oversight over the recruitment process, resulting in a filtered human resource pool, which is capable of delivering everything we promise, and better.

Hire A Team Of Your Choice

You interview every dedicated Angular.js developer you hire. If you decide not to continue, we will either provide replacement, or you get a refund.

Free No Obligation Quote

Our modus operandi differs from others. In that, we ensure that we do not have to compel clients to work with us. We achieve this by assuring valued clients like you that we’ll provide you with a no-cost estimate after hearing your ideas, usually within the first two days of our first meeting.

Why hire Angular js developers from VOFOX?

At Vofox, we ensure that we organize our human resource (which we call human ‘capital’) in a way that we’re able to achieve anything when it’s about Angular JS development. In order to be able to cater to the needs of clients across all business verticals, we ensure we hire only highly trained offshore Angular JS developers who only align with our track record of on-time delivery of Angular JS application development projects, which are usually comprising of the most sophisticated of features to simplify the job of our clients.

3+ Years Of Average

At the time of hiring our Angular JS developers, we ensure that we only take up the most experienced professionals. Our pre-requisite is at least 3 years of experience in the field of Angular JS and allied development.

Implemented More Than
4200 Projects

When you hire us, you know that you’re dealing with someone who knows their business inside out after having catered to thousands of much valuable clients like yourself.

Free Project Management
With Your Team

We not only build fast but also free you from management issues and you get a PM from our side.

Transparency Is

Not only do we ensure that we report to you daily and weekly over calls, concalls, skype and so on, we make sure that we have you involved with us throughout the process of development.

Flexible Engagement

We provide the space to all our clients to choose the best engagement model through which they’ll like to associate with us.

Over 2500 Happy

While revenue and client satisfaction are important priorities for us, we also impart a lot of importance to the need of expanding our client base at the same time.

Technical Skills Of Our Dedicated AngularJS Developers

We ensure our association only lies with developers who are proficient in all the tools important in the process of Angular JS development and are well versed with the latest developments and updates.


Constant engagement and experience with Redis, Mongo DB, MySQL and

Adept in Express.js, Meteor js, Gulp, NPM

Proficient in Monogose, JSON, REST, XML, SOAP


Build, Implement and Test all of the custom developed Angular JS web apps

Development of front-end by using various Angualr JS frameworks

MVC Design patters and development of UI and UX design


Polished development of AJAX code

Development on HTML5, XHTML and CSS

Knowledge of different versions of Angular JS (1.x, 2, 3 and 4)

Adept in the use of MySQL and MSSQL



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