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  • November 12, 2018 12:39 pm
  • by Admin

Step-by-Step Guide to Hire an Offshore Software Development Company

  • November 12, 2018 12:39 pm
  • by Admin

Offshore software services are improving day by day and thus the offshore software development companies are now more worried about the quality assurance. Outsourcing the software development services will reduce the hardships of in-house development and also provide you with the best ever services for all your projects. So you must be very keen while choosing offshore software development companies in India. There are certain things to notice is that:


Before opting an offshore software development company, you should search should refer that they are actually doing software development services. So here are two things you can check before choosing your preferences:

Case studies

Search the details about the services and technologies they are familiar with. Thus collect more ideas about the company that you are outsourcing for software development services.

Check previous works done

Inquire them about the work experience, pros, and cons during the project development. The main intention behind is to gain a better understanding on the development strategies and to handle software development services.

Look testimonials

Track records from the clients definitely being trustworthy. So that, you can further get a clear-cut idea about the customization from the person who was quoted.

Relevant skillset

Before outsourcing makes sure about the team you are hiring. Understand the relevant skillset of the developers you are looking for. Hire well expertise for your development services. The things you should notice is that:

  • See the company website and the blogs written for identifying the coding stuff.
  • Check the team members and their LinkedIn profile to analyze their experience and endorsed skills.
  • You can also check out with the former clients about their expertise.

After choosing the software development company you must pay attention to the following things:


How fast did the software company get back to you after your first contact gives you the best impression about the company.

The impression they build

Initially, we need to clarify the essential details of your project and its scope from them. Then understands the concept of the project and identify how they clear up all your queries.

Technologies and tools used

Research the technologies they use, the software development related technologies and tools including the tools used for communication and project management. Thus get the insight of their workflow and practices.

Time zone challenge

The timezone challenge is one of the major factors. Always make sure to clarify about means of communication and in such a way arranges your discussions.

Idea protection

Understand about the current trend and market thus, you can execute your projects faster and better.

Projects for testing

Ask for a test project, so you can check exactly the working and the way of communication and coordination works in the team. You may also ask to check their code and notice whether the quality meets your expectations.

Outsourcing the software development services, been success factors for growing your company. With an offshore software development partner, you may grab their experience and expertise to find solutions for all kind of software development services. So while opting an Offshore software development company always make sure to hire the best one.

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