• December 10, 2021 6:00 am
  • by Deepthy

E-learning App Development - Cost & Features

  • December 10, 2021 6:00 am
  • by Deepthy

With something new in the tech business every day, each industry is embracing a digital transformation mission. With smartphones being attached to our lives as an essential part, mobile applications have taken learning to different extents through e-learning applications. Presently, you can install a mobile application for almost any work. With e-learning mobile applications, you can enjoy learning as and when needed from any place. The most useful part is that most of these apps have different functionalities that can be accomplished offline also. You are only required to have a dedicated internet connection all the time to reach these courses.

Features to Count When Beginning with E-Learning Application Development

Your mobile app developers would take responsibility for all the major perspectives of app development. But before you influence the specialists, you have to do your preparation thoroughly. Be very certain that you have a reply to everything that your developer would demand to apprehend.

How Much Does it Require to Build an E-learning App?

To decide the development expense of an E-learning application, three factors play a vital function.

Application peculiarities and complexity:

If the application contains only the fundamental functionality, then the costs would be less. However, if an application has excellent functionality and audio-video integration, then the cost may be high.

Platforms preferred for application development:

If the application is being created only on one platform (either iOS, Android, or Web), then the payment required would be less. In contrast, if the application is being produced on many platforms, then the rate would be huge.

Development team size and its location:

The hourly price for developing the application is inconsistent from one region to a different one. The US/UK-based developers’ estimates are around $150-$250 per hour. In the case of Eastern Europe-based developers’ rates are around $80 to $180 per hour. Consequently, Indian developers’ charges are around $20-$70 per hour which is the most inexpensive rate.

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Features for E-learning Application:

When you are planning to develop an e-learning app there are indeed some best practices to follow while developing e-learning application. Familiarize yourself with these common features:-

Student Panel Features:

Student panel features include Signup, the ability to view and select various open courses, the possibility to perform a smart search with multiple filter options, allowing users to post questions and easily connect with a particular teacher by video or text chat, and above all, receiving a course certificate that is available on completion.

Teacher Panel Features:

First and foremost, the teacher panel features include an easy registration, followed by efficient profile enhancement, a feature where teachers can earn credits and points on responding to the questions demanded by the students, etc.

Admin Panel Features:

The admin panel features mainly should cover user management, profile management, communication management, subscription package management, content management, and statistics & reports management.

Advanced Features Included in E-learning Apps

Bulletin Board: For driving students to work well, it is important to combine bulletin board functionality which is a comprehensive tool for raising urge in students and other e-learners.

Practice Tests and Quiz: It is especially important to observe the students’ performance periodically to know their grasping capability and expertise. Therefore completing practice test papers and exams in e-learning mobile applications can make tracking students’ achievement much more comfortable.

Document Management Module: This assists in handling the documents accorded by teachers with their students or scholars. The document management module stocks stuff like, video or audio clips, documents, portrayals, PDFs, spreadsheets, etc. that are uploaded and dealt with the users for obtaining as and when wanted.

Open Discussion Forum: By executing an open discussion forum in the e-learning application, you can allow communication among the application users. Here the users can deal with their views for distinct topics generation and can post their observations and feedback on currently open topics. This is particularly important for devising the learning occurrence between the users. Admin monitors the explanations to dodge any spam-trailed communication.

Push Notifications: Notifications represent a significant role in the completion of an e-learning application. The user requires to be updated on the addition of each new video by their subscribed teacher, the new course content ready, or any special speech being proposed.

Real-time Analytics: With this peculiarity, the admin can trace the performance of the application and the user search model within the application. Therefore with this characteristic, the admin tracks the entire flow of activities such as users who are presenting their assignments, users who are obliging for practice tests and their records, etc.

CRM Integration: Customer relationship management integration performs a significant value in e-learning application progress. The customer search choice is controlled, and customized results are revealed to each customer to be different and supported in this contentious environment.

CMS Integration: With this speciality, the whole digital content on the application is controlled and observed.

In-App Chat: This innovation enables instantaneous communication within the application. Students can quickly get in touch with their individual teachers for clarification to any inquiry. Also, multiple users of the application can converse with one another.

Multilingual: If the application is available in different languages, then it can attract users from several parts of society.

Payment Integration: By integrating versatile payment options in the application, users are encouraged in making payments in a hassle-free method. Multiple payment modes can be practised like Paypal, Stripe, NEFT, Credit/Debit Cards, etc.


E-learning smartphone apps are an upcoming trend and now is the opportunity for you to join the digital field in acknowledgement of this trend. If you have an approach for an application and desire it to become a practical reality, hire the best eLearning mobile app developers or pick the most dependable app development company and arrange to get equipped for your growth.

A pioneering mobile app development firm can offer the potential for a class of services to the customers with meticulous insights and recommendations for the e-learning mobile app.

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