Top 5 Reasons to Choose React.JS for Web Development

September 10, 2019 9:30 am


With too many frameworks and libraries available in our market, React.JS tops as one of the widely used libraries(Also convertible to a framework)  for front end development. Many software developers are even referring to it as the future of web development. In other words, React.JS allows us to build a simple and scalable frontend for web applications.

React.JS was initially created by Facebook engineers as an internal tool but the library soon went open source. This led to its wide adoption among the developer community. One of the most interesting things about React is that you can use it to develop app across different platforms like mobile, desktop, web and other devices. React helps web developers to build User Interfaces without following the traditional method, where developers build User Interfaces with Javascript and native Web APIs.

The main objective of React.JS development is to provide the best possible rendering functionality, which improvises the quality of User Interface to a great extent. This could be extremely beneficial to businesses since they can increase their customer engagement by developing high-quality user-interfaces for their websites or web apps.

The most popular examples of the use of ReactJS are  Facebook, Instagram, Uber, Dropbox, PayPal, and the list goes on. 

In this blog, we will list you out some top 5 reasons to choose React.JS for web development.

Reasons to Choose React.JS for Web Development

  • React follows a Component-Based Approach
  • React has a smooth learning curve
  • React has a Virtual DOM
  • React is SEO-friendly
  • React comes with helpful developer tools

1. React Follows a Component-Based Approach

The component-based approach offered by React.JS is its biggest USP. In this approach, Web developers will be able to build “components”( pieces of code) that can be repeated across different web pages. These components include buttons, dropdowns, checkboxes, etc. They can break down these components into smaller components, instead of bothering about the entire web app. Developers can reuse these components in different User Interfaces.

Pros of using reusable components 

  • Productivity can be significantly improved by using reusable components and development tools.
  • Developers will encounter fewer system crashes while doing unit tests.
  • The chances of bugs and errors can be mitigated with the reusable react components and it can also improve the readability of the code.
  • When compared to other libraries that usually write their component logic in templates, React follows a different approach by writing it in JavaScript. This allows web developers to instantly pass rich data via their app and keep the state out of the DOM.

2. React has a Smooth Learning Curve

React.JS is popular among web developers since it is easy to learn. This is one of the top 5 reasons to choose React.JS for web development. It is fairly easy to learn when compared with other frameworks, libraries or programming languages. 

React JS is pretty easy to get started with, for web developers who had previously worked with JavaScript. It doesn’t rely on templates or complex architecture like the MVC(Model View Controller). In other words, it is a view layer that allows JS developers to design an app the way the developer perceives it. The only thing a developer should do to learn React.js is to get familiar with the states of the components and its life cycle. Less experienced developers will often find it difficult to get started with other frameworks when compared to ReactJS.

3. React has a Virtual DOM

React works with a virtual DOM(Document Object Model) and allows us to place HTML code inside JavaScript. A virtual DOM is a regular Javascript object that can be constantly manipulated and updated, without using regular DOM APIs.We can consider Virtual DOM as a virtual browser, that acts more or less like that of a bridge between the real browser and the developer.

Pros of using a virtual DOM

  • Having a virtual DOM could significantly reduce the time required to make changes to the DOM. 
  • Since ReactJS uses a virtual DOM, it will be easy for search engines to index the pages that are written by React.JS.
  • Web developers can make changes to web app data without the need for reloading web pages.
  • React.js prevents the constant update of DOM, which offers better performance for your web app when compared to other libraries and frameworks that are available in the market.

4. React is SEO-Friendly

 Web applications that use React.JS are more search engine friendly when compared with other JavaScript frameworks that are currently available in the market. It will be easy for web crawlers to index web pages built with React.JS since it comes with an entirely rewritten server render. The backend rendering in React.js will give a more satisfying user experience and will also contribute to a better SEO.

5. React Comes with Helpful Developer Tools

Web apps that are built with React can be easily debugged with the chrome extension, which is packed with advanced debugging and design tools. You can download React Developer Tools as a browser extension for both Firefox and Chrome. This helps developers to find parent and child components easily and can also make their coding work a lot easier.

From the above article, it is clear that the top 5 reasons to choose React.JS for web development. The virtual DOM and smooth learning curve of React.js make it better than its main rival Angular. The main problem with other frameworks and libraries is that they are highly complex and are very difficult to learn. If you are a web developer who wants to build user-friendly and responsive single-page applications, React development is a smarter choice.

At our software development company, we have a pool of highly experienced ReactJS developers who can help in developing your customized web app.

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