Latest Offshore Software Development Services

June 29, 2017 4:49 am

Offshore software development is nothing but outsourcing the IT services to a company located at a distant location. This is usually done to get the benefits of lower labour costs, time zones or for more talented developers. It involves hiring an organization that functions from other country and provides remarkable services like web design, architecture and testing as well.

Offshore software developments in India have evolved a lot because the global clients get customized software from the software developers here. Indian developers are moving up the value chain now as they offer specialized services to the global customers and also they provide affordable software development services. In the early 90s, India emerged as the exporter of software development services and now this country is the market leader in offshore software development services due to the presence of well-experienced software development companies also equipped with highly skilled professionals which help them to compete with the suppliers around the world. It is not hidden that offshore software development is a well-known phenomenon in India. Lots of big companies outsource their software needs to India and substantial experience in this area has allowed the software developers here to showcase their talent and increase their presence.

There are various software development companies in India that provide latest software development services to the global audience. Let’s see some of the best offshore software development services offered by different offshore software development companies across the world.

Major Offshore Software Development services

Mobile Application services

The mobile devices have become an integral part of most of the people. The offshore software development companies can make a mobile application for the entrepreneurs and businesses alike who want to be connected to their customers 24 x 7. It greatly enhances the productivity of the business and reduces complexity. The companies are specialized in developing fully customized mobile applications using different platforms as required by the clients. You can also request for a mobile application if you have a great idea for an invention.Offshore Software Development Services

Most of the offshore software development companies have expertise in Mobile gaming applications, location- based application, the mobile advertising application, mobile e- commerce application, mobile apps porting applications and much more. The mobile application solutions offer access to business sensitive information anytime and anywhere. You can also get customized mobile application according to your requirements. The most of the software development companies use advanced technologies and are technically capable of developing applications on various platforms like iOS, Android and Windows.

E-Commerce Development services

The offshore software development companies in India also provide e-commerce development services to the clients across the world. E – Commerce has completely changed the way a person shops. It has eased the process of online shopping and changes the way a person sells and buys the goods. The sellers can easily sell their goods to anywhere in the world. Offshore software development companies give these solutions to the clients according to their unique requirements. Most of the offshore software development  companies usually have their team of experts, developers and managers to take care of all the needs of the clients and also rectify the errors after delivering the product.

The offshore software development companies have the capabilities to provide unique solutions to every customer and have expertise in various fields like E – Commerce shopping cart development, Secure Payment Gateway development, application development, B2B and B2C E- Commerce development, etc. These companies also provide maintenance and support to let the user have the best experience of the product.

Web Design Solutions

The design of the website is a reflection of your business so it is very much necessary to have a good website for your business. Most of the offshore software developments companies provide custom web design services that will help the business project right image on the web. You can show your speciality and identity on the web that is very important for the people to know about your business. The offshore software development companies in India provide various services like Logo and Identity design, brochure design and graphics design. They are also well equipped to make Flash Websites, Flash game design and Flash applications.

The clients all over the world can get very talented custom web designers that will portray latest trends and colour sequences and give you customized websites that will express your business in an effective way. Even if your business is similar to your competitor’s business, it must be done in some other way. The websites help you to be unique from your competitor and portray yourself with professional corporate identities and logo design.

Cloud Computing Solutions

Cloud Computing has become very necessary these days as it eliminates the need of vast infrastructure and it simplifies maintenance and support. It is very important to be updated with the latest technology as there are many platforms, languages and databases. The offshore software development companies in India provide cloud computing solutions to the businesses, which don’t want to keep large infrastructure and simplify the process of their business. The companies have a lot of technical expertise and have core technologies like Cloud Application services called SaaS, PaaS and various deployment models.

Offshore Software Development Companies in IndiaThe Software as a Service (SaaS) is a cloud application service and in this, the software as a service is delivered by the companies over the web. It is a widely used service as it helps in avoiding to keep vast infrastructure. Platform as a Service (PaaS) is a way to rent hardware, OS and network capacity over the Internet. For developing software, you need to buy database, networks, servers and many development tools and a staff to maintain those things. The companies provide this service so that you can focus on application development. It offers flexibility to create web applications without spending on any software or hardware. The offshore software development companies also offer various deployment tools like Public Cloud, Combined Cloud or Hybrid Cloud. You can choose the one that best suits your requirements.

There are various services that are offered by the offshore software development companies in India, which greatly help the clients to enhance their presence and get the best solutions at very affordable price. Outsourcing your work to the offshore software development companies in India is a very good option as you get very talented and hard working developers at a very good price.





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