Importance of IT Modernization for your Business

October 30, 2019 6:05 am

To gain success in today’s digital world, businesses must adapt to constant innovation.  Importance of IT Modernization plays a significant role in the success of your business. Modernizing your IT infrastructure is the only way for your business to gain traction in the near future. IT Modernization for your business will increase customer satisfaction, business agility, innovation, and security.

In the future, Only businesses that modernize their legacy systems could only support emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence(AI), IoT(Internet of Things), Virtual Reality(VR), etc to their ecosystem.

Leading businesses across multiple verticals are now reassessing their priorities in investment, and are giving more importance for modernizing their legacy systems. This helps them to become more adaptive to the future. 

In this blog post, we will give you the importance of IT modernization for your business to make it future-ready.

Importance of IT modernization for your business

By Modernizing their Legacy Code & Database

“Data” is the core of any business. It forms the cornerstone for all new technologies and innovations that the future has to offer. All these futuristic technologies require modern code & database. Hence, it’s highly essential for every business to modernize their legacy code and database.

Is Your Business Future-Ready?

For your business to run effectively, your software needs to integrate well with other applications and tools. A modernized application keeps this in check.

With modernized systems, you can avoid compatibility issues that are common with most of the legacy systems.

With the rapid change in technologies, there will be a need to integrate new modules and tools into the existing software. Legacy applications will require an excessive amount of code to support these updates.

In the near future, technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, IoT (Internet of Things), Virtual Reality and Augmented reality will become a staple part of every software that we use today. Multi-billion businesses have already adopted them into their software. So, it is high time for you to modernize your legacy applications or else you will be estranged out of the business.

Businesses that are hogtied to legacy applications won’t be able to integrate these. The result is, you will continue to lose your revenue and customers.

Modernized Applications will Accelerate Innovation

Modernization helps businesses to deliver their services ten times faster which accelerates innovation. We will illustrate that with the help of the case studies of companies that modernized their legacy applications.

Scandinavian Airlines

As one of the largest airline company in Scandinavia, they carry almost 40 million passengers annually.

For its efficient operation, the airline company dealt with high volumes of customer and operational data.  They relied on legacy IBM DB2 technology to process this information. 

The company wasted large amounts of money for the maintenance and operation of this aging data warehouse. 

Apart from its high cost, performance, and scalability issues were also common. This made it extremely difficult for their employees to analyze the data.

Due to the above-mentioned challenges, they were in need of a new environment that could deliver them with improved analysis, and reduced maintenance costs.

The airline company ran a deep evaluation of these issues and approached a software development company for the migration process.

 They migrated their mission-critical data from 600 DB2 tables in the mainframe environment to a Microsoft SQL Server database. 


The new system helped them to improves operational efficiency, and reduce costs by 60 percent.


Schwan’s (formerly known as The Schwan Food Company) is one of the top frozen food company in the United States, which is having a revenue of nearly 300 crores (USD). The company has over 30 custom applications that ran on a mainframe with outdated OS/390. The company faced severe issues with their applications since it was hard for them to maintain and upgrade their custom made COBOL code that was built over 25 years. Due to this reason, the company decided to approach a software development company to migrate its legacy mainframe that runs on Windows Server 2003 from to the .NET framework.


The migration helped Schwan’s to reduce their development and maintenance costs which helped them to save nearly 1 million USD in their annual savings.

If you are looking for a software development company that provides IT modernization cost-effectively. Then software development companies that are based in Asian countries such as India, Singapore, etc. will be a better choice.


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