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Why Hire Developers in India From Vofox?

Being in the offshore software development industry since 2005, we have made successful relations with many happy customers around the globe. The experience that we achieved by partnering up with global businesses enabled us to operate by focusing on delivering quality and performance rather than binding on long term contracts. Currently, our developers are hired by companies across the globe for completing their critical projects on time. Let’s see below the reason why most companies and startups prefer to hire developers from Vofox.

Hassle-Free Onboarding

Hire the right developers for your project from us in under 24 hours. Our onboarding process is smooth and free of all the administrative pain that is commonly associated while hiring a developer.

Great Value

Achieve your digital goals without spending more on your estimated budget. Hiring developers from us gives you greater value and better ROI than maintaining in-house teams with more overhead.

World-Class Developers

We vet reliable developers who exhibit the highest levels of technical skills and curiosity. We benchmark all of our developers and handpick the best resources for your requirements from our pool.

Flexible Engagement Models

From hourly to full time, we offer flexible engagement models that align with your unique business requirements. The result, increased agility, faster project delivery, and high ROI.

Easy Project Management

Our developers have great expertise in working with agile environments and are proficient with trending project management tools. This enables them to easily adapt and communicate complex ideas and concepts to all your stakeholders.


The greatest benefit that you can get by hiring our developers is “Scalability “, you can ramp up or down your developer within no time. We offer scalability that no other service provider can guarantee.


Updated with the Latest Technologies

  Our resource pool includes experts that are skilled over a broad array of languages, technologies, frameworks, and business domains. Apart from their solid technical skills, we assess their English proficiency, educational qualification, adaptability, and ethical values to ensure they fit right in the position you’re trying to fill.
our expert developers

Hire Indian Developers from us & Take Your Business to New Heights

Bring Onboard Our Experts in Web, Desktop, and Mobile Development.
Hiring Models

Vofox Hiring Models

Hire Developer Model

The Hire developer model is best suited for complex projects that require long-term collaboration. This model is the right choice if you need extra resources to fill your in-house development team or set up a dedicated team to build your software from scratch.
Billed only for Quantifiable WorkSuitable for Long-Term Projects
Additional SavingsQuick Ramp-up
Choose This Model

Hire Developer Model

DGR Model

DGR Model

Facing challenges in hiring resources for your enterprise projects? Then, Dedicated Global Resource (DGR) model is for you. DGR is a 1:7 blended model where a dedicated resource manages the offshore team by working onshore with your in-house teams.
24X7 ProductionFaster Turnaround
Onsite SupportSuitable for Enterprise Projects
Choose This Model

Fixed Price Model

This model is best suited for businesses that are planning to build a short-term or Minimum Viable Product(MVP) within a limited budget. As the name suggests, the price is calculated based on the amount of work and won’t change once the agreement is signed.
ConvenienceFixed Cost
No Hidden ChargesAgile Delivery
Choose This Model

Fixed Price Model

how it works

Our Hire Developer Approach

  • 1
    Share your Requirement
    We understand your developer requirements and onboard the right resource who will transform your business idea into a flawless working model
  • 2
    Dedicated Developer
    The developers you hired will exclusively work on your project from our offshore facility just like your inhouse resource who is working from home.
  • 3
    Complete Control
    You will have complete control over our developers you’ve hired. You can easily ramp up or ramp down the resources based on your project requirements.
  • 4
    Secure Development
    We sign strict NDA before we engage with all your clients. We take data security as our first priority and our offshore facility is equipped with the latest security systems that eliminate data breach.
  • 5
    Build your Concept
    Start building your concept
our portfolio

Vofox Key Project Showcase

Check Out Some of Our Major Collaborations with Our Clients Throughout the World


Learn how we partnered up with one of the leaders in the international logistics business to digitize their logistic process by implementing Warehouse Management Systems, Space Management systems, etc.



Advanced bidding application for a popular Airliner in the United States that allows their pilots and flight attendees to bid their schedule.



Development of smart digital solutions that allow energy companies in the US to serve their customers better and achieve digital transformation.



Advanced data analysis tool for educational institutions that provides comprehensive, relevant, and up-to-date information to teachers, principals, and administrators via an intuitive web-based interface.

As an offshore software development company in India, we would love to create a long-term working relationship with you built on results and success. Tell us about your requirements and get the best from our side.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our developers work for 8.5 hours a day and 5 days a week. However, we are flexible in fulfilling your emergency needs.

To secure your IP, We sign NDAs which cover confidentiality, ownership rights, and IP rights before engaging with you.

We use communication channels like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Confluence, Skype for business, Jira, Trello, etc. You can also contact them via calls, chats, and emails.

In the case of hiring a developer model, we do not take any payments upfront. Invoices are generated on the last working day of every month and payments are accepted via wire transfer with net 10 terms.

All our in-house developers are our full time employees. If in case they want to leave, they are legally obliged to serve 2 months notice period. This will give us enough time to replace the developer with the same skill set.

We are a 100% export oriented unit in which 95% of our customers are based in the US. All our developers have daily scrum calls, sprint retros, weekly meetings, etc with our customers. On top of that, we provide accent and communication training to all our developers.

You will have complete control over your developers just like your in-house developers who work from home. Managing a developer from Vofox is just like managing your in-house resource.

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