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Small businesses can significantly increase their productivity by outsourcing their work to offshore software development companies. Many companies have now become successful solely by outsourcing their services. Before going for outsourcing you should aware of how software outsourcing helps a small business. 

In this article, we will find answers to the following questions.

What is the motivation behind small businesses to outsource a project?

With software outsourcing, hiring more in-house employees can be eliminated, and you can concentrate on your more important business functions like customer service, sales, and more.

This is how software outsourcing helps a small business. It won’t be a wise decision to manage all of your projects simultaneously without the aid of any software development company since it can create mass confusion in the workplace and can also result in late product releases. Software outsourcing can be broken down into two types: Technical Services and Business Process Outsourcing(BPO).

What impact does software outsourcing make to your business?

software outsourcing can make a tremendous impact on your business. Software outsourcing can make the operations of your business much smoother since outsourcing ensures high cyber or data security. Software outsourcing company accomplishes this with the help of modern cybersecurity tools.

What type of services can be outsourced?

Common services that are outsourced by small businesses include data center operations, help desk, security, Cross-functional Service, Managed Security Operations, and IT spending management. Most of the repetitive tasks that can potentially consume a lot of your working hours such as sending invoices, transcription, data entry, inventory, etc. can be outsourced and these services are included in Business Process Outsourcing(BPO). You have to be very cautious about what tasks you are outsourcing since outsourcing a part of your core business can cause a detrimental effect on your business.

Will software outsourcing burn a hole in your pocket?

For small tech companies, so cost management is an important thing they must consider. There are a plethora of software development companies that offer offshore software development services at a very low cost, that you can outsource your work. Your business can forget about the expenses that are spent on developing infrastructure. Based on the requirements of the work, your outsourcing partner will make the necessary infrastructure changes.

How can a small business achieve greater performance by outsourcing its work?

The performance of small businesses will considerably increase when they outsource their work to offshore software development companies. Some of the advantages of how software outsourcing helps a small business are listed below.

  • *   Your outsourcing partner can efficiently manage the common risks that are associated with your business investment, such as competition, market risk, change in technology, government regulations, etc. Most of the offshore software development companies do a great job in mitigating the risks that are generally associated with their area of expertise.
  • *   Your outsourcing partner can protect your company data by implementing a database management system in your location or using the cloud.
  • *   You can forget about recruiting when you outsource your work to an offshore software development company and at the same time, eliminates the process that is associated with it such as onboarding and training.


Hope you have a better idea of how software outsourcing helps a small business. However is important to discuss with your service provider about your priorities, such as design, deadlines, security, budget, etc. There will be always a requirement for an additional skillset for your project, as your product and business are growing, this is the main reason why it is important for you to find a company with deep experience. You should always choose the offshore software development company that has multiple expertise in different technologies and areas. You can even hire a team of expert developers based on your project requirements, these types of services are provided by many software development companies that are based in India.

With all those benefits mentioned above, you have to be careful while outsourcing your work. You should run deep research on the vendor that you are considering to outsource your work.

An advanced strategy must be developed by the businesses for monitoring the employees and data flow process of the software outsourcing companies.

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Laravel vs Codeigniter – Which is the best framework for App development? https://vofoxsolutions.com/laravel-vs-codeigniter/ https://vofoxsolutions.com/laravel-vs-codeigniter/#respond Wed, 17 Jul 2019 04:37:56 +0000 https://vofoxsolutions.com/?p=28797 View Article]]> laravel vs codeignitor


Make a choice between Laravel vs Codeigniter frameworks

Today, we are in a high need to make our development more structured since the development of apps and sites can prove to be quite an inconvenience and take up too much time. The best solution to tackle this problem is by adopting PHP frameworks. Shorter development time, code reuse, and higher productivity are some of the benefits of adopting a framework for your application. Both CodeIgniter and Laravel, are PHP frameworks, that are used in web applications development, both of them are open source frameworks. Examples of PHP frameworks other than Laravel and CodeIgniter includes Zend, CakePHP, Yii, and many more. We will provide you with a brief analysis of Laravel vs Codeigniter – Which is the best framework for app development? Following are the differences between Laravel and Codeigniter to help you make the right decision in choosing the best offshore software development company for development activities.

Laravel vs Codeigniter Frameworks

What is Laravel Framework?

Laravel enables web app development via the use of the MVC architectural pattern and uses an Object-Oriented database model.

Advantages of Laravel Framework for App Development

  • Laravel developers can find it easy to organize the application’s database since it has a simple ORM(Object Relational Mapping).
  • Laravel development allows developers to build a specific URL for every HTTPS route since it supports custom HTTPS routes.
  • In Laravel, we can use a query builder as a potential alternative to ORM(Object Relational Mapping).
  • Laravel is best suited for enterprise solutions since it offers IoC support.
  • We can easily integrate third-party libraries with Laravel.
  • Laravel has built-in caching and authentication mechanisms.

What is CodeIgniter Framework?

CodeIgniter is a straightforward PHP framework that enables developers to develop dynamic websites and full-featured web apps.
CodeIgniter uses the Relational Object-Oriented database model.
It gives a simple routing method along with excellent stability, and it offers great support through the framework’s active community with a swift response to queries.

Advantages of CodeIgniter Framework for App Development

  • CodeIgniter is an extremely lightweight framework.
  • The major advantage of the MVC architecture of the CodeIgniter framework is that it allows the developers to easily manage the separate code forms based on the data structure and the design HTML code.
  • CodeIgniter has a simple and user-friendly interface that ensures developers to clearly understand their code, without any unnecessary glitches that are normally found in Laravel and other frameworks.
  • The database abstraction layer in CodeIgniter allows developers to easily create, update, or remove any statement without the creation of raw SQL.
  • Being highly stable is one of the main advantages of using CodeIgniter. Any instability that is found can be quickly corrected because of its large community of users. Finding an unstable component is nearly impossible in the AI version of the framework.
  • CodeIgniter development has clear and well-structured documentation when compared to other frameworks.
  • Third-party plugins remain enabled in CodeIgniter, which is very beneficial while implementing complex functionalities in the product.
  • The behavior of the CodeIgniter framework can be easily changed by easily customizing the existing library.
  • A huge set of built-in libraries are included in the CodeIgniter development framework, which includes unit testing modules, zip encoding, calendar, validations, email, and sessions, etc.
  • As far as the security of the framework is concerned, CodeIgniter has built-in security tools that help the developers to build and customize the security standards for your web app according to your requirements.

Laravel vs Codeigniter – Which is the best framework for app development?

When it comes to choosing between Laravel vs Codeigniter frameworks, both of them have their advantages and disadvantages. We will differentiate Laravel vs Codeigniter as,

  • Laravel allows developers to establish custom HTTPs routes whereas CodeIgniter does not support HTTPs routes sufficiently.
  • Laravel only supports explicit routing, whereas CodeIgniter supports both explicit and implicit routing.
  • Laravel built-in module allows programmers to divide a project into small modules via a bundle whereas CodeIgniter doesn’t support built-in modularity features.
  • CodeIgniter lacks a global template system whereas Laravel uses Blade Templates.
  • CodeIgniter is compatible with the database management system (DBMS) such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft BI, MongoDB, DB2, PostgreSQL, and MySQL, Whereas Larval is compatible with JDBC, MYSQL, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle.

If you are a developer who is working on a project which must be delivered as fast as possible, then CodeIgniter is the best choice for you. Laravel has an edge when compared to CodeIgniter because of its advanced features. However, when compared to Laravel vs Codeigniter both are their own importance in app development.


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Why Choose Backbone JS For Web & App Development? https://vofoxsolutions.com/backbonejs-for-web-app-development/ https://vofoxsolutions.com/backbonejs-for-web-app-development/#respond Thu, 11 Jul 2019 05:51:09 +0000 https://vofoxsolutions.com/?p=28763 View Article]]> backbone JS for web & app development

Backbone JS for web & app development

Backbone.js is an open-source library that primarily concentrates on the structural code of web applications and contains more than 100 available extensions. Jeremy Ashkenas developed BackboneJS and released on October 13th, 2010. The BackboneJS library gives good functionality for the development and that is why choose Backbone JS for web & app development.

Reasons to choose Backbone JS for web & app development

This Javascript library got its name as “backbone” because It acts as a backbone for your project. We can create a well-structured one-page mobile or web applications with Backbone.js in an organized format. It is a front-end library, that you can include on your web page with a script tag. Backbone JS development is very trending nowadays because we can develop highly immersive single-page applications with backbone.js.

Single-Page Applications:

What is a Single-page application?

Single-page applications require only one-page to load and where all the required elements can be loaded dynamically onto the page without the need to leave that page.

Backbone.js for single-page development:

You need Backbone.js if you are planning to build something where there a continuous change in the UI, and does not access the server every time to retrieve new pages. The best example for such kind of application is  Google’s Gmail. It downloads one big pile of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript in your first login, and then after that everything happens in the background.

MVC (Model View Controller):

Backbone.js creates an MVC model and connects the whole of it to existing API over the RESTful JSON interface. Model View Controller (MVC)  separates any codebase that involves a user interface into three components. code reuse and separation of concerns are the two key benefits that an MVC design pattern provides. 

To assemble the client-side web applications, BackboneJS provides various building blocks such as events, views, models, collections, and routers. We will explain about these building blocks in detail,


With backbone.js objects can bind and trigger custom named events with the help of a module called “event”. Events can be mixed into any objects


In backbone.js we call tiny chunks of user interface as “View”, it often renders the data from a specific model or number of models.


Data is represented as Models in backbone.js. The model could trigger a”change” event whenever a UI action causes an attribute of a model to change. BackboneJS automatically updates the HTML of your application, when there is a change in the model.


A group of related models that handles the loading of new models to the server is managed with a “collection”. Collections can also proxy through all of the events that occur to models within them, apart from their events.


We can route the client-side of a web app and manage it with actions and events using “Router”.

Key features of Backbone JS for web & app development

  • BackboneJS manages the data model very efficiently and displays that data at the server-side.
  • BackboneJS automatically updates the HTML of your application, when there is a change in the model.
  • Backbone.js separates your business logic from your user interface. This is an important feature of backbone.js because it will be hard to make a change when business logic and user interface gets entangled. We can use javascript functions to develop responsive applications more easily.
  • Backbone.js  can deeply enhance the page by using progressive enhancement principles. We only need to write code once if we use a template engine and we can even share the templates between the Front-end and Back-end.
  • Backbone.js automatically updates the HTML of your application whenever there is a change in the model.
  • We can track features of history and can match the appropriate route with the help of backbone history. It enables routing in the web app and can launch callbacks to control events.
  • We can check and save the model to the server-side of a web app using the Sync function of backbone.js.
  • The use of glue code can be eliminated in a finished Backbone app. The views simply update themselves when there is a change in the model.
  • Backbone.js is a flexible library, and we can easily combine it with other tool’s or plugin.


This lightweight javascript library gives your code a structure. Your code will be cleaner and more maintainable with backbone.js, and you can also extend your codebase easily by creating a new object. Your code won’t end up in a mess since components are decoupled and communicated via events. It will be a wise decision to choose backbone.js as a javascript framework for your next app development project. Hope you understand why choose Backbone JS for web & app development.

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Top 10 Benefits of Using VUE JS for Web Development https://vofoxsolutions.com/benefits-of-vue-js-for-web-development/ https://vofoxsolutions.com/benefits-of-vue-js-for-web-development/#respond Fri, 28 Jun 2019 10:42:18 +0000 https://vofoxsolutions.com/?p=28708 View Article]]> benefits of vue js development

What is VUE JS?

Vue is a progressive javascript framework, which helps you create a more maintainable, and testable codebase. If you are unsure about what a JavaScript framework is, it helps us to build modern web applications, but can also power a lot of Desktop and Mobile applications. Frameworks like Backbone, Ember, Knockout, and AngularJS were the first influx of modern JavaScript frameworks. The second influx, which is the current one, has React, Angular, and Vue. More and more developers are now using Javascript frameworks like Angular, React or Vue since they can get access to thousands of lines of JavaScript code connecting to various HTML and CSS files with no formal organization. Vue enables developers to select a web page and separate it up into reusable components, each having its HTML, CSS, and JavaScript needed to render that portion of the page. Vue has got the ecosystem and core libraries for you to scale if you want to build more business logic into your frontend from the very beginning. Vue js development gives an amazing performance that has all the features you require and is constantly getting better since its initial release. The following are the top 10 benefits of using VUE JS for Web Development.

Benefits of using VUE JS for Web Development


The smaller the size of a JavaScript framework, the higher will be its success. The main benefits of using Vue js for web development are its smaller size. It takes less time for the user to download and use Vue.js.
Vue.js is a perfect choice for mobile app development because of its lightweight nature. The size of this framework is between 18–21KB. The entire Vue ecosystem is small and fast. Vue.js feels a bit more lightweight than Angular and offers a little more features and built-in features than react.

Easy to Integrate

Web developers can easily integrate Vue.js with existing applications since it is based on a JavaScript framework.
Developers can also integrate Vue.js into other applications built on JavaScript. Developers can alter pre-existing applications and can also develop new web applications using Vue.js.

Offers High Flexibility

Web developers can use Virtual DOM to write their templates in HTML, JavaScript, and pure JavaScript file with Vue.js. It is worth mentioning that Vue only uses virtual DOM starting from its second version. Before Vue 2.0, it used real DOM.

Detailed Documentation

A framework that has detailed documentation is always preferred by developers because it will be easy for them to write their first application. Users who are familiar with JavaScript and HTML can build their application or web page easily with Vue.js, because of the comprehensive documentation of Vue.js.

Highly Reactive

Vue.js is highly reactive since it adds several setters and getters to every variable in your state. This specialty allows it to track changes and update the DOM automatically. If you want a richer and more interactive experience on any specific part of your application, you can plug Vue to that specific part, if you have an existing server-side application.

Facilitates Two-way Communication

Vue.js can handle HTML blocks easily because of its MVVM architecture, which facilitates two-way communication.

Simple Structure

Vue’s syntax is simple and easy to understand. Most of the web developers like Vue.js because of its simple structure. Its simple structure enables users to easily add to their web project. Developers can save a lot of time by utilizing this framework since small as well as large scale templates can be developed. Its simpler structure allows users to easily trace the blocks that are having errors. Web developers prefer Vue.js because of its beautiful syntax, and it feels like a perfect blend of Angular and React.

Provides a Progressive Framework

Vue is known as a progressive framework because it can adapt to the needs of the developer. Other frameworks require a specific set of conventions which leads to the constant rewriting of the existing applications.

Easy to Learn

Vue.js is relatively easy to learn than node.js.

Easy Code Reusability

Code reusability is one of the best things about Vue.js. Developers can easily integrate interactive parts of an app(components and views) into the existing infrastructure without having any negative effect on the entire system.

Due to the benefits mentioned above, more and more companies hire software developer in India to develop their main frontend framework using Vue.js. By choosing vue.js, you can get one of the best speed parameters available. We can use Vue to control Single Page Applications with a combination of modern tooling and supporting libraries.Vue.js has an amazingly smooth learning curve with a top-notch performance. Choosing vue.js can improve development speed and reduce maintenance costs.

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Why Software Outsourcing is Necessary for Your Business? https://vofoxsolutions.com/why-software-outsourcing-for-business/ https://vofoxsolutions.com/why-software-outsourcing-for-business/#respond Wed, 26 Jun 2019 04:55:45 +0000 https://vofoxsolutions.com/?p=28685 View Article]]> why software outsourcing


Businesses can achieve an increased level of production and can save a considerable amount of money by outsourcing their software development projects. A business hire software developer to do their software related work that could have been done by the company itself. You should probably think of outsourcing your software development project if your company is in the software domain. Knowing the requirement for custom software is an important aspect that you have to consider. Software outsourcing can help businesses to enhance their customer service, maintain product quality with a relatively small budget. We will list out why software outsourcing is necessary for your business.

Top 10 Benefits Of Outsourcing Your Software Development Project

1. Outsourcing Can Cut Costs

Outsourcing your software development project can cut a lot of avoidable costs and can significantly reduce the workload of your business. To enhance your business potential, keeping your expenses down is the surest way.
Outsourcing can reduce costs significantly because there is a considerable difference in the wages of software professionals in developed and developing countries.
Hiring a cheap software development company doesn’t always mean that you will get enhanced services, and for this reason, you should run extensive research about your software outsourcing company. You should confirm that your software outsourcing company delivers you with a high-quality product at the same time being affordable.

2. You Can Concentrate More On Your Core Business

Your business processes will get streamlined if you outsource your software. If your staff have loads of work, software outsourcing can help to manage software development, which in turn helps your staff to focus on key business functions. More complex programming processes will be done by the outsourcing service, which helps your business to focus on higher tasks such as design, content, and other essential services.


3. You Can Reduce Your Risks

Outsourcing your software project can increase the confidentiality of proprietary information of your business.
Outsourcing can reduce several risk factors that are associated with government regulation, financial market, competitors and technology change. Due to the broad industry knowledge and experience of your software development vendor, they can predict and mitigate potential risks very effectively.

4. You Will Get Good Aftersale Support

Most of the offshore software outsourcing companies are having cutting edge technology, and they are also updated with the latest languages, development tools, and frameworks. Instead of spending a large amount for unnecessary software and training, hire a software outsourcing company that already has the resources and tools on hand.


5. Time-efficient Project Accomplishment

Your business might not have enough professionals with the necessary skills to complete a particular project within the deadlines. It is convenient to outsource your software development project to reduce the cost of hiring skilled personnel as staff in your business just to complete your project.


6. Your Business Ops Will Speed Up

Your business operations will speed up considerably when you outsource your software development project. Custom software made by highly specialized offshore companies can introduce automation in your regular business process, which saves a significant amount of time. This extra amount of time can be utilized to improve the productivity of your business while working for its growth.


7. You Can Forget About Hiring

It will be a tedious task for businesses to recruit software engineers for a development project. Outsourcing your software development project can ensure the absence of hiring stress.
Choosing the right outsourcing company can ensure the smooth running of your project since they will always have experienced programmers.


8. Outsourcing Provides Your Project A Headstart

Outsourcing your project allows you to start the development process rapidly. Outsourcing can be extremely beneficial for dynamic businesses since it can significantly minimize development time.
There will only be rare cases of slow commencement of software development projects since time is as equal as money in our business world.

9. Outsourcing Can Deliver Great Flexibility

Outsourcing your software development project can deliver your business with great flexibility.
You are having the freedom to choose specialized developers that can be chosen for your tailor-made project.
If you require developers for a long term project, outsourcing will give the flexibility to hire a dedicated team.


10. Access To Talented Resources

Outsourcing your software development project not only gives you a more reliable product, but you can also get access to the best of talented developers without any geographical boundaries.
Outsourcing can eliminate project delivery delays due to the shortage of the required talent.

These are the major reasons why software outsourcing is necessary for your business. So hire developers from the best software outsourcing company in India for outsourcing your projects.


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The Main Difference Between React JS and React Native https://vofoxsolutions.com/the-main-difference-between-react-js-and-react-native/ https://vofoxsolutions.com/the-main-difference-between-react-js-and-react-native/#respond Tue, 25 Jun 2019 10:32:31 +0000 https://vofoxsolutions.com/?p=28673 View Article]]>


To build native, cross-platform mobile applications we can utilize a platform called react native whereas if we need a high-performance UI layer for web and mobile apps we can employ React JS  which is also referred to as React or react.js.

Key differences Between React JS and React Native

The main difference between React JS and React Native is that React JS can provide support for both server-side and frontend whereas the latter can only provide support for the front end. React JS is a javascript library that can render high-quality user interface elements whereas React Native is a framework for building native applications using Javascript. The interesting fact with React JS is that it was developed by Facebook. The quest for a dynamic and high-performance UI by the developers of Facebook ended up in the ReactJS development. React Native is having an edge compared with React JS because of its focus on a highly responsive UI and can give a native feel to your mobile applications.

React Native is also developed by Facebook in 2015 with the main goal to develop mobile applications with react. React Native is currently one of the widely used JavaScript frameworks because it allows us to develop cross-platform mobile applications and can also be used for Android. React native is in the market for over four years. React Native is purely a mobile development framework that can be used to build android, windows and hybrid iOS apps.

How long is their development time?

 Both React Native and React JS can save the time of developers a lot because of the fact that they can reuse code components. There is an inbuilt feature for animation in React Native whereas React JS misses out this feature. Developers should rely on Javascript libraries or CSS for animation while using React JS. As far as the navigation is concerned on your web page or mobile application, React-router is used by React JS for navigation whereas React Native has a different library for navigation.

To render components on mobile, React Native uses native API whereas React JS uses a virtual DOM (Document Object Model) to render browser code. DOM refers to as a logical structure of various doc formats like XHTML, HTML or XML. To name a few, Facebook, Netflix, and WhatsApp use React JS and popular mobile applications such as Instagram and Skype uses React Native. There are various benefits of using React JS over other competitive technologies. React JS applications are comparatively easy to test when compared with other competitive technologies. Whereas react native is incorporated with native components that can improve its performance. React native development has a component-based structure that helps developers to build applications in a more agile way when compared with most of the hybrid frameworks.

How is their learnability?

React will be fairly easy to learn for someone who is having knowledge in javascript and allows most front-end developers to become a mobile developer. They also need to learn a bit of some native UI elements, platform-specific design patterns, and some platform APIs. Before the development of React Native, there was less developer productivity and slower deployment time in the field of native application development. 

How responsive are them?

React Native gave more responsive and agile web application development along with better user experience to the users with a native application experience. React Native allows us to add React native UI components into the existing applications code and this eliminates the need of developers to rewrite the code. Developers usually don’t need to know the language of the native platform to build a React Native application. By integrating components of Objective-C, Java or swift with React Native code developers can optimize the efficiency of an application. 

How is their performance?

Developer efficiency is increased due to the ability of React JS to give great performance along with an entirely managed rendering cycle for its components. React JS permits developers to have more chance to employ and make basic abstractions by assembling the distribution, creation, and utilization of reusable parts in a simple way. With the help of native APIs, React Native can render some code components whereas other cross-platform frameworks render code via WebView.React is also integrated with a set of native modules written in Java out-of-the-box. These modules are not cross-platform but they focus at a higher performance in computationally heavy operations like video playback or image editing.

What do they lack?

 The major con of React JS is that the available documentation is in the developing stage because of the fact that the community is too young. This applies to its integration with additional tools. Other problems that developers encounter when working with React Native includes emulator issues, issues with react-navigation, package reinstallation issues, hot reloading failures and incompatibilities between various versions of React Native and community libraries. When Android or iOS update their SDKs, React Native often lags and this can be avoided if React Native’s team integrates a code library with new software. They cannot update every part of the APIs simultaneously even if they work pretty fast and this is the reason why there is a delay in the synchronization between React Native and new SDKs. 

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React JS vs Angular JS – Which is the best framework for your web development? https://vofoxsolutions.com/react-js-vs-angular-js-which-is-the-best-framework-for-your-web-development/ https://vofoxsolutions.com/react-js-vs-angular-js-which-is-the-best-framework-for-your-web-development/#respond Mon, 24 Jun 2019 05:57:59 +0000 https://vofoxsolutions.com/?p=28657 View Article]]> reactjs vs angularjs

Why Angular JS is Best for Web Development?

If you want to build dynamic web applications, AngularJS is the best framework that you can choose. AngularJS is a JavaScript-based front-end web framework that was developed by Google in 2010. You can use angular for free from the web since it is open-source software. Angular can save a lot of developers time, thanks to its dependency injection and data binding.

There is a high demand for AngularJS development because of its ability to provide highly responsive web applications and websites.


Why React JS is Best for Web Development?

React differs from angular due to the fact that React is a javascript library, whereas Angular is a completely developed MVC framework. Since it follows a component-based logic, you can build highly complex UIs with React JS. What makes ReactJS development interesting to most of the developers is that they can develop new features in ReactJS without rewriting the existing code.

React JS vs Angular JS

There is a considerable amount of debate on whether Angular JS or React JS is a smart choice for front-end development. Both of these technologies are advanced and are widely used around the world. Both frameworks are user-friendly and unique in their own ways. Angular JS brings javascript into HTML works with real DOM client-side rendering whereas React JS brings HTML into javascript and works with virtual DOM side rendering. It’s fairly easy to learn Angular’s testing API if you are familiar with cappuccino or knockout and because of this reason, Angular is much more comprehensive than React.


Pros of AngularJS

  • The plus side of Angular JS is that there won’t be a need for framework or plug-in to build a data-driven web application and can offer you a rapid front-end development.
  • Angular JS provides highly fast compilation and can compile in less than 3 seconds.
  • Possible errors can be significantly reduced thanks to its two-way binding that enables singular behavior for the application.
  • Developers can build enterprise-level apps, thanks to the MVC architecture used by Angular.
  • Developers can create strong template solutions since angular support angular libraries.
  • Developers can also work separately using the same set of data on the same app section and this is established by the MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) embedded in Angular.


Cons of AngularJS

  • The plus side of Angular JS is that there won’t be a need for framework or plug-in to build a data-driven web application and can offer you a rapid front-end development.
  • Angular JS is comparatively difficult to learn and so your learning curve can be hard.
  • Due to the embedding of pages of interactive elements, it can be relatively slow with the web pages.

Pros of React JS

  • When compared with Angular, React is very easy to learn because React uses only simplified syntax. Developers can write easily to React with their HTML writing skills.
  • React will get speedy updates and solutions than Angular because it has a highly active community.
  • React is more scalable when compared to Angular because of its efficient workflow.
  • React can support both Android and iOS platforms without any issues.
  • Since the architecture of React is purely component based the components can be imported completely.
  • React can work smoothly with high computational loads when combined with ES6/7.

Cons of ReactJS

  • React JS lacks proper documentation and this is because of the fast-paced development of React JS won’t leave any place for proper documentation.
  • Developers can sometimes encounter to understand what the codes are because new tools and documents are kept on releasing.

Both React JS and Angular JS are the most widely used javascript across the world. They have their own advantages in web development. Hire software developers in India who can develop your apps with the right javascript.

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Native, Hybrid or Web Apps: Which should you choose for your business



Mobile app development should possess a purpose that gives all your functionalities within an app type. Focus mainly on client needs and ensure all the app features and capabilities are user-driven. App costs mainly depend on the platform used. So try to choose the app type that is up to your budget, fulfilling the needs. By selecting the ideal app type will help you bring out the expectations which include the need for maintenance, updates, and further future releases.

How good are Native Apps for business?

Native apps can be developed on both iOS and Android mobile platforms. Using different tools and languages these apps are built. The languages like Objective-C, Swift is used for design iOS apps whereas java is used for Android apps. The native apps are better performers and richer in quality and performance.

Advantages of Native Apps:

  • App development is feasible
  • Inbuilt OS specific graphics
  • User-friendly
  • APIs, tools, and resources are available easily
  • Easily accessible for the camera, GPS, and push notifications

Disadvantages of Native Apps:

  • Development is expensive
  • Takes lots of time when it targets multiple OS
  • The code cannot be reused
  • Different platforms require different app developers

How good are Hybrid Apps for business

Hybrid apps are a combination of both native and web apps. Here the web apps are embedded within the native apps.

Advantages of Hybrid Apps:

  • Don’t need codes for different platforms
  • The process is fast and easy
  • User experience is brilliant due to HTML & JavaScript
  • Working of design components are the same as native apps
  • Cost-effective

Disadvantages of Hybrid Apps:

  • Hybrid apps depend on third-party tools
  • App submission is too slow because it lacks quality
  • Troubleshooting occurs
  • Integration of security is another major task
  • App delivery affects when there is a release of new OS version
  • Apps will be slow without the presence of native UI elements

How good are Web Apps for business

Web apps are interactive websites that are capable to run in multiple browsers. These apps are built using HTML5 and JavaScript, it doesn’t have many complex functions. Web apps have access to various features of an operating system.

Advantages of Web Apps:

  • More secure than other websites
  • Cost-effective and quick to launch
  • No hardware or specific OS is required
  • The upgraded version of a website provides a better experience to the users
  • Updates take less time
  • There is no need for app store approval for web apps

Disadvantages of Web Apps:

  • Web apps have a notable difference in performance than native apps
  • There are browser limitations and dependencies for web app
  • Has less access for device features

Native, Hybrid and Web apps build are significant to each other. Most of the above functions show that native apps are the most popular and in-demand among other app types. Since these apps are those with animations which have access to devise sensors and other OS-specific features. Analyzing all the necessary factors like app needs, app purpose, target audience, development costs, and marketing plans you must choose your app type which will impact best for your mobile app development. You may employ the best software developers in India to build your app or may hire the mobile app development companies in India.

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How India Became a Preferred Destination for Software Outsourcing? https://vofoxsolutions.com/how-india-became-a-preferred-destination-for-software-outsourcing/ https://vofoxsolutions.com/how-india-became-a-preferred-destination-for-software-outsourcing/#respond Tue, 30 Apr 2019 09:42:16 +0000 https://vofoxsolutions.com/?p=28237 View Article]]> Software Outsourcing Destination


Not long ago, there was a wave of private jobs in IT that was widespread in India. All the parents were simply urging their children to become engineers and all the engineers were dreaming of landing in a good paying IT job afterward. Then came a time, after the IT boom; when the old-world coding and technology were simply not enough to survive in the IT world. It became really tough to find good jobs. Fortunately, the number of offshore projects increased on the freelancing and start-ups networks. Now, the people were simply working from the comfort of their homes or offices. They didn’t need placements; they gave Jobs.

This led to the rise of various SMBs and independent IT companies and, in turn, brought many other countries knocking on the doors and searching ‘software outsourcing company India’ frantically. These days, the reputation of Indian developers and companies is excellent when it comes to offshore development. The following post reflects on this rise and reign of India as a major offshore development site and the reasons that lead to its emergence as one.

How India Became a Preferred Destination for Software Outsourcing –A Journey of Talent:

  • When the private sector was teeming with jobs, millions of graduate were absorbed. This lead to the enrolling of millions of students in the Engineering discipline.
  • Over the night, people were educating themselves about the latest technologies and tools to become more and more relevant to the industry.
  • The availability of the internet and internet resources fuelled the process of self-education. All the digs from the international technology centers were readily available on the computer screens.Indian Developers
  • Right at that time, the computers and laptops were revolutionized and gave birth to a huge crowd of young and budding talent that was hungry to showcase itself.
  • With the urge to excel the ‘Sharma Ji ka beta’ (the peers) as an innate characteristic led to the development of competitive temperament. So, instead of competing for biased job interviews; developers were competing on fair scales for international projects. So, they gave their best; established a name for themselves and paved the way for the others.
  • This is a very basic representation of the journey of Indian developers from the hazy days to modern times.
    These are the reasons why outsource to India.

Now, let us move ahead and reflect on the situation from different angles:

  • The culture of start-ups has led to the development of thousands of independent developer hubs. People are now learning and working at the same time. The learning is not limited to the classrooms. Developers have no scarcity of resources of any kinds with cloud technology. They don’t have to pay for huge membership services for clubbed resource usage. Thus, a good brain has all kinds of reasons and resources to simply excel and stop at nothing.
  • The advantage of having different time-zones is obviously huge. The time-difference allows for working 24X7 and that too without losing the pace. With so many people competing for a single job, the sense of diligence and competitive spirit stays intact.
  • Indians have a very good work ethic. They consider their work very sacred which is a plus point. There are very few cases of duping the clients. The lack of good opportunities in the nation also led the developers to seek work abroad. Now, to stay in the game, they have to keep working and delivering their best. The difference in the currency value is also a big factor. People can earn more by completing foreign projects as compared to Indian projects. On the other hand, foreign companies can get more work done in the same amount of money.
  • Finally, to gain an edge over the competitors, the developers are constantly learning new technologies.
    These are some factors that have contributed to the growth of India as a reputed offshore development site.
    If you are looking for some offshore development, instead of doing vague searches over the internet, choose Vofox Solutions.
    Read the article How to Choose a Software Outsourcing Country and a Company?
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How to Choose a Software Outsourcing Country and a Company? https://vofoxsolutions.com/how-to-choose-software-outsourcing-country-and-company/ https://vofoxsolutions.com/how-to-choose-software-outsourcing-country-and-company/#respond Tue, 30 Apr 2019 08:34:34 +0000 https://vofoxsolutions.com/?p=28232 View Article]]> software outsoucing


Are you searching for a great outsourcing option? Are you tired of the mundane and vague suggestions you get when you search ‘software outsourcing company India’? If the answer is yes, then read the following post and find the best tips for choosing a software outsourcing country and company. Read it carefully and get the best professionals for your projects.

Tips for Choosing a Software Outsourcing Country

Political Stability:

This is one of the most crucial and important factors. You should always choose a country that is politically stable. Any country in chaos or in unstable condition can not only lead to a slower rate of work completion; but also lead to complete loss of capital. The internet an internet-based communications; foreign payments; communication mediums can be affected at any time owing to the unstable political conditions and can thus harm the project being worked upon. Hence, whenever you search for some outsourcing location, always check the political conditions of the country.

Time Difference:

It can be of major importance; because time-difference is the key to complete the project on time. The ability to work round the clock is inherent in such situations. You can always take advantage of the time-difference to complete the work as swiftly as possible. Hence, if you are located in the USA then, India is a good option. You can easily search ‘Software Outsourcing Company India’ and choose the companies as per your liking.

Currency Difference:

A good currency difference will certainly offer the clients the benefits of completing projects at a much lower cost as compared to the native country. All the costs are minimized and you can even pay generously if the person does a really good job without having to burn the same amount of money in your home country.

Talent Pool:

There are many countries where the current population is very young and energetic. You can find talent in a high amount in all these countries. There is no scarcity of young and educated minds that are willing to work and create new things.

Internet Availability:

Always choose a country where the internet and the internet-based resources are available in abundance. The abundant resources will certainly make working easier and learning better. India is a country with innumerable internet resources and more than affordable internet packs. The data rates are extremely good and the internet is readily available everywhere. Hence, you can certainly choose it.

Tips to Choose an Outsourcing Company for Offshore Project Development

software outsoucing company

Check the Expertise and Service Portfolio:

The service portfolio of a company says a lot about it. You can instantly check the technologies that the company is familiar with. Further, you can also find the various domains the company has worked in. The names of the previous clients can also give you a major idea of the kind of work that you can get done there.

Discussions with Details:

Mention the requirements and details of the work in a simple and clear language. English is perfectly understood, spoken and used in India. So, you won’t face any major problem in communication. For the major things, you can stick to the written communication as well. Make your meetings and discussions as inclusive as you can. This will ensure that you are able to tell your demands perfectly.

Checking the Information Supplied by the Company:

Any company can claim to be well-versed with the technology you want. Any company can also lie about the clients that it has served. Therefore, if you are searching ‘software outsourcing company India’ online; then check the feedbacks of the previous clients. You can also get a sample preparation and check the same for testing the skills of the company.

General Impression:

The very first general impression of the website will also tell you about the company’s profile and proficiency. So, it is important to run an online check for the company you are going to work with.
Vofox Solutions has been creating valuable offshore products and services for many years. The company has established its name in the world of development in different domains.

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