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One of the world’s most popular programming languages, Python was first developed by a Dutch programmer way back in 1991. Even if it is decades old, this language is still considered as a powerful language in the tech world.

Apart from being a very powerful and fantastic programming language, it is one of the widely used languages for doing data science. Many software development companies prefer to use python as their server-side language due to its handy features and easy usability. In this blog, let’s dive into pros and cons of Python for web development.

 Because of its multiple programming models, multi-billion companies like  Google, NASA, Netflix, and Instagram use it for their backend development.

Python is fairly easy to pick up for those who are new to coding. You can learn this language in a matter of days if you have experience with any other high-level languages. 

Python is mainly used as a backend development language and can be used with many frameworks such as Django and Flask, which makes the development time much shorter.

We will describe in detail about both frameworks below.



Django is one of the widely used python frameworks. This framework is an excellent tool to build advanced and secure web applications. Another interesting thing with Django is that it is open-sourced.

Some of the exciting features of Django are its Object-relational mapping (ORM), database schema migrations, URL routing, and template engine.

Object-relational mapping (ORM) is used by Django to map objects to database tables. 

Django developers can use multiple databases with this framework such as MySQL, Oracle, SQLite, and PostgreSQL.


If you are a beginner to Python frameworks, then flask will be more comfortable for you to learn than Django. Flask uses  Jinja2template and Werkzeug WSGI toolkit. 

Pros and Cons of Python

Pros of using Python for web development:

1. Simple and Agile:

As we already mentioned, Python is very simple and easy to read when compared with other languages, this helps developers to easily debug their code. Python uses simpler commands that are pretty much similar to that of the English language.

When compared with other languages, data visualization is fairly an easy task in Python. This helps web developers to more efficiently comprehend data and visualize it in a way that is easy for users or clients to understand.

Because of its good readability, developers can easily understand the code written by other developers. This makes communication more agile between developers working on the same project.

2. Broad Set of Support Libraries:

 Python provides plenty of libraries that includes areas like operating system interfaces, Internet, web service tools, protocols, and string operations. Since codes are prewritten in these libraries, developers are only required to write less code.

NumPy, SciPy, and Pandas are the trending core libraries of Python for data science, whereas Matplotlib is a Python library that is used for data visualization.

3. Active Community:

Python has an active community of developers, which can make your work smoother and faster. Apart from its large community it also offers a host of packages, libraries, and vast documentation.

4. Free & Open-Source:

As we mentioned earlier, Python is free to use. You can download its source code for free and even distribute it.

5. Platform-Independent:

Python is platform-independent, you can write server-side code for macOS, Linux or Windows with it.


Cons of using Python for web development:

1. Not Suitable for Mobile Computing:

Although python can be used to create strong applications for both server and desktop platforms, it is on the downside when it comes to developing mobile applications. Python is rarely used in the client-side of web development applications.

2. Less Speed:

While other languages use a compiler for the execution of its code, python executes its code by using an interpreter. This can affect the performance of applications that are built on this code.

3. Lack of experienced developers:

When compared to other technologies, you will have a hard time to hire Python Developers since not many developers are experienced with this technology. 

4. Design Restrictions:

Run time errors are common for python due to its dynamic typing. Web applications that are developed by using python require more testing time due to its design restrictions.

5. Primitive DB Access Layers:

Python’s access layer is less sophisticated when compared with the access layer of Java-based data access technologies such as JDBC.

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Angular 8 New Features That You Shouldn’t Miss https://vofoxsolutions.com/angular8-new-features/ https://vofoxsolutions.com/angular8-new-features/#respond Fri, 11 Oct 2019 05:08:13 +0000 https://vofoxsolutions.com/?p=29802 View Article]]> When compared to other frameworks, Angular is probably the only framework that gets regular upgrades. Angular is a web app framework that is developed by Google. It tops as the preferred frameworks for web developers.
The majority of web/software development companies in India are now adopting Angular as their favorite tool for web app/software development. 

In this blog, let’s dive into Angular 8 new features ie, the top 6 upgrades that Google has given to its latest version Angular8.

Top 6 Angular 8 New Features

angular 8 features

1. Experimental Ivy Rendering 

Let’s start with the new features that Angular8 brings, the first probably the most important feature would be the experimental support for ivy.

 Ivy is the new Angular rendering engine(external API does not change) which should significantly shrink bundle sizes. 

Even though Angular leads as a top framework when compared to other frameworks, apps built with it often tends to be heavy and use loads of memory. Angular 8 uses Ivy To counter this issue. 

When compared with the current Angular renderer, Ivy provides the following benefits:

  1. Dynamic loading of the module
  2. Easy readability of code
  3. Faster rebuild time
  4. Better debugging (you can even debug templates )
  5. Efficient template type checking
  6. Smaller bundles
  7. Faster compilations
  8. Backward compatibility.

 2. Improved Support for Web Workers

Angular 8 arrives with improved support for web worker bundling. Enhanced bundling support for Web Workers without the need to add new configuration is an added advantage of Angular8. 

If you are unsure about what a web worker is, we will describe it below.

Web workers help to delegate CPU intensive work to run separately on a physical CPU(hardware thread). Prior to this feature, web apps were restricted to use only a single thread. Below you can find the code for generating a new web worker with the help of Angular CLI.

ng g webWorker <name>


3. Support for Architect API 

Angular 8 allows developers to use Architect API, also known as Builders API. The builders that are used can be seen in the angular.json file. The Architect API uses functions called as builders that can schedule other builders. It can be used for important operations such as build, serve, test, lint, and e2e, which are listed below. 

“projects”: {

 “app-name”: {


 “architect”: {

 “build”: {

 “builder”: “@angular-devkit/build-angular:navbar”,



 “serve”: {

 “builder”: “@angular-devkit/build-angular:sql-server”,



 “test”: {

 “builder”: “@angular-devkit/build-angular:database”,



 “lint”: {

 “builder”: “@angular-devkit/build-angular:projectile”,



 “e2e”: {

 “builder”: “@angular-devkit/build-angular:timelapse”,







4. Differential Loading 

The new version of Angular comes with Differential loading, which means the apps that are built using Angular CLI will now support ES2015+(the latest version of JavaScript) and has separate bundles for its old ES5 version. 

Since new browsers support ES6 modules, it will automatically load the right bundle.

Because of ES2015 support, modern browsers will be able to download app bundles that are having less size, which enables easy loading.

Google has also given a backward compatibility mode to Angualr8, which will make it easy for AngularJS to Angualr8 migration.

Angular8 will create separate bundles for polyfills during the build. Also, it will build additional files by using polyfills.


  <pp-root></pp-root><script type=”text/javascript” src=”runtime.js”></script>

  <script type=”text/javascript” src=”es2015-polyfills.js” nomodule></script>

  <script type=”text/javascript” src=”polyfills.js”></script>

  <script type=”text/javascript” src=”styles.js”></script>

  <script type=”text/javascript” src=”vendor.js”></script>

  <script type=”text/javascript” src=”main.js”></script>



5. Bazel Support 

One of the exciting  Angular 8 new features is Bazel support. Bazel is an open-source internal build tool that is developed by Google. With Bazel, developers can do incremental tests and builds.

Due to its support for multiple platforms and languages, developers can easily build full-stack applications.

Bezel is available only as a preview mode in Angular8, we might only get it fully functional in Angular9.


6.  LocationUpgradeModule 

The LocationUpgradeModule, one of the  Angular 8 new features allows unified location service that modifies tasks from the AngularJS $location to the Angular Location Service. Google has also given a  backward compatibility mode to Angualr8, which will make it easy for AngularJS to Angualr8 migration.

The angular team will keep on bring upgrades in its new version “Angular9”.  Angular v 9 is expected to be released at the end of 2019, we can expect more advanced functionalities on v9 that it’s previous version missed, such as fully functional Bezel and Ivy rendering.

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Why Businesses Should Modernize Their Legacy Applications? https://vofoxsolutions.com/modernize-legacy-applications/ https://vofoxsolutions.com/modernize-legacy-applications/#respond Sat, 05 Oct 2019 10:29:07 +0000 https://vofoxsolutions.com/?p=29760 View Article]]> legacy application modernization


It is an anomaly that modern companies are still using legacy software solutions for their business processes. Today, enterprises are still leveraging outdated programming languages such as RPG, COBOL and redundant databases such as DB2Net, DB2Core, etc.

Legacy applications such as  IBM i Series are well known for its reliability and efficient scalability. However, modernizing your IT systems can deliver you with more agile options such as migrating your new technologies to serverless or cloud-based computing.

When we analyze the recent trends in code and database modernization, more and more businesses are adopting a positive approach to modernize their legacy codes and database.

For an effective IT modernization, an end-to-end approach is most preferred. In this approach, you must carefully analyze the elements that need modernization, it can be your code, database or even the entire architecture.

This article will give you an insight into why businesses should modernize their legacy applications

Reasons why Businesses should Modernize their Legacy Applications

  • Outdated Technology
  • Shortage of Developers who know legacy code
  • Inaccurate or Outdated Documentation
  • High Maintenance Costs


Benefits of Legacy Application Modernization

Cost Efficiency

The primary benefit that businesses achieve from modernizing their code is the reduction in cost.

 A company that modernizes it’s legacy systems is 10 times more likely to reduce their overall cost when compared to a competitor that uses legacy software systems. 

Moreover, there is a higher probability for them to spend a considerable amount of their IT budget on the maintenance and support of their legacy software.

Easy Maintenance

 If businesses that use legacy applications hire new developers for their maintenance, they will find it very difficult to learn the complex legacy codes. besides that, it may take long hours or even days to diagnose an issue possibly due to the lack of in-depth knowledge of legacy systems.

Maintaining your legacy applications can drain your corporate budget. Whereas, modern and well-integrated applications are easy to maintain and are less costly. Moreover, there is no necessity to hire developers who are having in-depth knowledge of legacy codes.

Enhanced Business Ops

Modernized applications enhance business growth and agility. With legacy systems and applications, it will be difficult for businesses to integrate the latest functionalities, design, and services. With modernized applications, they can integrate those features effortlessly. 

Modernized applications can also integrate seamlessly with mobile devices, wearables, etc. Migrating to a new code allows developers to efficiently manage databases which increases the flexibility of applications.

High Security

Modernized applications have high security when compared to your legacy applications. This is one of the important reasons why businesses are modernizing their legacy applications.

Recent reports of IT security firms like Fortinet reveals that legacy applications and legacy databases are extremely vulnerable to data breaches and malware attacks.

Below we will illustrate the challenge faced by the National Anti Terror Organization with their legacy systems and how they managed to fix the issue by modernization.


How Business Improved Their operations Through Legacy System Modernization?


Equinix is one of the USA’s top data center companies, they were using old legacy systems without any major hassles. While their old legacy systems did its job perfectly, the enterprise needed something more, that could support their programmers to bring new and advanced functionalities to meet their innovative needs. Modernization has helped Equinix to accelerate their delivery and quality.


From a business challenge perspective, NATO found itself in a place where its technology was aged. In 2012 the decision was made that they would modernize their IT infrastructure. NATO started its modernization process by outsourcing its modernization project to an external vendor. They have to build a very cost-effective and resilient infrastructure for all services throughout the building, the network that connects them in a very powerful way to those data centers and access those applications. They completely migrated their applications and services to a modern virtualized type of environment.

Decade-old systems legacy systems may work fine, but it won’t add any advantage to your business in the future. Modernizing your legacy systems can transform your business into a new level.

These days, a plethora of software development companies are offering IT modernization such as RPG modernization, code&database modernization, etc. However, businesses should only outsource their modernization project to vendors that keep your system completely operational during the process of modernization. Software outsourcing vendors must analyze risks that are associated with modernization such as technical risks, reworks, etc. They should deploy a correction plan after analyzing the potential risks to mitigate future issues that develop after the initiation of the modernization process.

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Top 10 Benefits of Outsourcing to India https://vofoxsolutions.com/benefits-of-outsourcing-to-india/ https://vofoxsolutions.com/benefits-of-outsourcing-to-india/#respond Fri, 04 Oct 2019 08:04:39 +0000 https://vofoxsolutions.com/?p=29742 View Article]]> benefits of outsourcing to india


Many companies have achieved success in their business by outsourcing their software development projects, mainly to Asian countries such as India, the Philippines, Singapore, etc. Out of these countries, India became a preferred destination for software outsourcing for most of the fortune five hundred companies. This is because most software outsourcing companies provide businesses with enhanced customer service and excellent product quality within a relatively small budget. 

Besides lower cost, outsourcing software development projects to India also helps businesses to achieve high ROI and increased efficiency. Over the last 10 years, businesses based in countries such as the UK, US, New Zealand, and Australia have tremendously increased outsourcing their software development projects to India. A recent study by Gartner had revealed that India’s outsourcing business today holds at approximately $US 150 billion. This article would discuss the top 10 benefits of outsourcing to India.


Why Outsourcing to India is Good for Business

1. You can cut down your development cost

Outsourcing your development project to Indian software companies can cut down costs significantly because of a considerable difference in the wages of software professionals in both countries. When we compare the labor cost with India and a European or North American  Company. There is a difference of a whopping 80% in the outsourced labor cost.

2. Access to technical expertise & resource availability

Software development companies spread across India have multidisciplinary development teams that have a variety of technical expertise in the fields like React Native, .NET, Vue JS, Javascript, etc. India educates more than 90,0000 engineering students, with over 20,000 graduates per year and this is the reason why India has a large pool of highly skilled and talented software developers spread across different technologies. This is one of the top 10 benefits of outsourcing to India.

3. High consistency

Indian software companies provide their services to top international clients in a consistent manner, this consistency has enabled India to remain as a top IT outsourcing destination.

4. Good infrastructure

India is no more a third world country, modern India has the best in class infrastructure, ISP, highly accessible telecom, and cellular networks in all major cities and towns. The country has hundreds of technology incubators and innovation parks with the presence of more than 2000 technology giants.

5. Government support

The Indian IT outsourcing industry is backed by a stable government that facilitates Information Technology, the Indian government offers immense support to IT industries by implementing laws that are favorable to IT companies such as the IT Act, which supports e-filling of documents and also espies cybercrime and electronic contracts. 

6. English speaking resources

For an effective partnership, communication is an essential factor. India is ranked as the second-largest English speaking nation in the world, just behind the United States. Indian software professionals are experts when it comes to communication via English. This helps developers to face the daily standup meetings and scrum calls with customers confidently. 

7. High data security

One of the major benefits of outsourcing your software development project to India is its high data security. Software outsourcing involves loads of exchange of data between both ends. These data can be highly sensitive and loss or theft of these critical data will harm the reliability of the outsourcing partner. To mitigate this issue, the Indian government has inflicted strict security measures that prevent data breaches, hacking, data thefts, and many other cybercrimes. Having high data security for your projects is also one of the main benefits of outsourcing to India.

8. Offers a plethora of solutions & services

Indian software development companies offer highly advanced software solutions and services, which include custom-built solutions for numerous applications such as legacy system migration, Robotic Process Automation, System Integration, and much more.

9. Doesn’t compromise on quality 

India is having the most number of companies that comply with ISO-9000 standards and CMMI certifications. Software development companies in India have high work ethics when compared with other nations. The quality of talents that are available across India also plays an important role.

10. Time zone advantage

Outsourcing your software to Indian companies will give you a timezone advantage. There is a difference of 12 hours between India and the US, this difference in timezone will accelerate your software development project. This allows you to work around the clock and in turn, ensures a shorter time-to-market delivery.

Hope you got a better idea about the benefits of outsourcing to India. However, there are many Offshore Software Development Challenges associated with software outsourcing that we need to consider to make the business successful.

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Top Mobile App Development Frameworks for 2019 https://vofoxsolutions.com/mobile-app-development-frameworks/ https://vofoxsolutions.com/mobile-app-development-frameworks/#respond Thu, 26 Sep 2019 06:58:27 +0000 https://vofoxsolutions.com/?p=29685 View Article]]>


The number of active smartphone users in our world is expected to cross 10 billion in the next couple of years. With so many smartphone users out there, the probability is higher for customers to visit your website from their mobile device rather than a desktop. So it is necessary for your business to focus on developing mobile apps for your customers alongside having a website.

Cross-Platform Mobile Development Frameworks and Native Mobile Development Frameworks are the two specialized frameworks for mobile development, similar to that of web frameworks for creating web apps and websites. In this blog post, we will dive into some of the Top Mobile App Development Frameworks for 2019.


List of Top Mobile App Development Frameworks for 2019


1. React Native

React Native is a mobile framework that is based on ReactJS and Javascript. It was initially designed by Facebook for building mobile apps.

React Native Development helps mobile app developers to build User Interfaces without following the traditional method, where developers build User Interfaces with Javascript and native Web APIs. When it comes to building user interfaces with React Native, it utilizes actual iOS or Android components. It uses JSX(Javascript-XML), which is similar to that of XML, for building the UI.

Pros of React Native

  • React Native works with a virtual DOM(Document Object Model). A virtual DOM is a regular Javascript object that can be constantly manipulated and updated, without using regular DOM APIs.
  • React Native prevents the constant update of DOM, which offers better performance for your mobile app when compared to other libraries and frameworks.
  • React Native is very easy to learn. It is pretty much easy to get started with, for developers who had previous experience with JavaScript. 
  • Mobile app development with this framework is very fast. Besides its cross-platform capability, it comes with a “Hot Reloading feature” that helps you to view the changes that you make in your code in real-time.
  • React Native uses built-in components that can be used for development without the need to build them from scratch.

Cons of React Native

  • Apps that are built with React Native won’t be able to deliver the performance like that of native apps. Especially with apps that require advanced functionalities.
  • Since React Native uses  Javascript as its core language, apps built with it can have issues with memory management.

2. Flutter

Flutter is an open-source mobile app SDK developed by Google. With Flutter, it is easy for developers to build immersive and beautiful UI for both  Android and iOS when compared with other cross-platform frameworks. Apps that are built on Flutter can fully compile to native code which gives it a flawless native feel.

Pros of Flutter

  • Debugging the apps that are built by using Flutter is much easier because of the ability to see changes that you made in your code on your mobile or emulator in real-time.
  • Flutter is relatively easy to learn than most of the other languages since it runs on Dart, which is a simple and fast object-oriented programming language.

Cons of Flutter

  • Flutter is entirely a new language, because of this developers should learn it from scratch. Whereas, It won’t be an issue for experienced developers since it is fairly easy to pick-up.
  • It will be difficult to develop apps that require a lot of device-specific functions such as high-end games with Flutter.

3. Xamarin

Xamarin is an open-source mobile app framework which is owned by the tech giant Microsoft. Android and iOS apps can be built with Xamarin by using C#. This framework delivers the best native interface for its users and also has the support of a large developer community. Xamarin compiles its code to native code for the individual platforms when compared to the hybrid apps that make use of web technologies.

Pros of Xamarin

  • Since it uses native UI elements, it delivers its users with highly immersive and rich UI.
  • With the help of Xamarin.Forms, you can easily design uniform UI across multiple platforms.
  • Xamarin Development can deliver decent performance when compared to other frameworks such as  Ionic, PhoneGap, Corona SDK, etc.

Cons of Xamarin

  • The IDE for Xamarin can be quite expensive when compared with other similar frameworks. You must shell out at least $2600 yearly for its IDE.
  • Developers can sometimes face issues while integrating third-party libraries with this framework.
  • Xamarin apps usually have a very large size when compared with similar apps that are built by using other frameworks.

4. Ionic

Ionic is an open-source and cross-platform mobile app framework that is based on Apache Cordova and Angular. In the latest release of this framework, developers have the choice for selecting any UI framework, such as React, Angular or Vue.js.

Pros of Ionic

  • This framework is very easy to work with since it uses regular web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and Angular.
  • Developers can save a lot of time by using this framework since it comes with highly detailed documentation.
  • Ionic comes with plenty of plugins and components that look similar to that of native elements.

Cons of Ionic

  • Ionic is on the lower side when it comes to developing apps that have heavy graphics requirements.
  • The performance of ionic apps is not that great when compared with other native apps. 

We hope you got some basic insights about the Top Mobile App Development Frameworks for 2019.

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Top 5 Reasons to Choose React.JS for Web Development https://vofoxsolutions.com/reactjs-for-web-development/ https://vofoxsolutions.com/reactjs-for-web-development/#respond Tue, 10 Sep 2019 09:30:54 +0000 https://vofoxsolutions.com/?p=29571 View Article]]>


With too many frameworks and libraries available in our market, React.JS tops as one of the widely used libraries(Also convertible to a framework)  for front end development. Many software developers are even referring to it as the future of web development. In other words, React.JS allows us to build a simple and scalable frontend for web applications.

React.JS was initially created by Facebook engineers as an internal tool but the library soon went open source. This led to its wide adoption among the developer community. One of the most interesting things about React is that you can use it to develop app across different platforms like mobile, desktop, web and other devices. React helps web developers to build User Interfaces without following the traditional method, where developers build User Interfaces with Javascript and native Web APIs.

The main objective of React.JS development is to provide the best possible rendering functionality, which improvises the quality of User Interface to a great extent. This could be extremely beneficial to businesses since they can increase their customer engagement by developing high-quality user-interfaces for their websites or web apps.

The most popular examples of the use of ReactJS are  Facebook, Instagram, Uber, Dropbox, PayPal, and the list goes on. 

In this blog, we will list you out some top 5 reasons to choose React.JS for web development.

Reasons to Choose React.JS for Web Development

  • React follows a Component-Based Approach
  • React has a smooth learning curve
  • React has a Virtual DOM
  • React is SEO-friendly
  • React comes with helpful developer tools

1. React Follows a Component-Based Approach

The component-based approach offered by React.JS is its biggest USP. In this approach, Web developers will be able to build “components”( pieces of code) that can be repeated across different web pages. These components include buttons, dropdowns, checkboxes, etc. They can break down these components into smaller components, instead of bothering about the entire web app. Developers can reuse these components in different User Interfaces.

Pros of using reusable components 

  • Productivity can be significantly improved by using reusable components and development tools.
  • Developers will encounter fewer system crashes while doing unit tests.
  • The chances of bugs and errors can be mitigated with the reusable react components and it can also improve the readability of the code.
  • When compared to other libraries that usually write their component logic in templates, React follows a different approach by writing it in JavaScript. This allows web developers to instantly pass rich data via their app and keep the state out of the DOM.

2. React has a Smooth Learning Curve

React.JS is popular among web developers since it is easy to learn. This is one of the top 5 reasons to choose React.JS for web development. It is fairly easy to learn when compared with other frameworks, libraries or programming languages. 

React JS is pretty easy to get started with, for web developers who had previously worked with JavaScript. It doesn’t rely on templates or complex architecture like the MVC(Model View Controller). In other words, it is a view layer that allows JS developers to design an app the way the developer perceives it. The only thing a developer should do to learn React.js is to get familiar with the states of the components and its life cycle. Less experienced developers will often find it difficult to get started with other frameworks when compared to ReactJS.

3. React has a Virtual DOM

React works with a virtual DOM(Document Object Model) and allows us to place HTML code inside JavaScript. A virtual DOM is a regular Javascript object that can be constantly manipulated and updated, without using regular DOM APIs.We can consider Virtual DOM as a virtual browser, that acts more or less like that of a bridge between the real browser and the developer.

Pros of using a virtual DOM

  • Having a virtual DOM could significantly reduce the time required to make changes to the DOM. 
  • Since ReactJS uses a virtual DOM, it will be easy for search engines to index the pages that are written by React.JS.
  • Web developers can make changes to web app data without the need for reloading web pages.
  • React.js prevents the constant update of DOM, which offers better performance for your web app when compared to other libraries and frameworks that are available in the market.

4. React is SEO-Friendly

 Web applications that use React.JS are more search engine friendly when compared with other JavaScript frameworks that are currently available in the market. It will be easy for web crawlers to index web pages built with React.JS since it comes with an entirely rewritten server render. The backend rendering in React.js will give a more satisfying user experience and will also contribute to a better SEO.

5. React Comes with Helpful Developer Tools

Web apps that are built with React can be easily debugged with the chrome extension, which is packed with advanced debugging and design tools. You can download React Developer Tools as a browser extension for both Firefox and Chrome. This helps developers to find parent and child components easily and can also make their coding work a lot easier.

From the above article, it is clear that the top 5 reasons to choose React.JS for web development. The virtual DOM and smooth learning curve of React.js make it better than its main rival Angular. The main problem with other frameworks and libraries is that they are highly complex and are very difficult to learn. If you are a web developer who wants to build user-friendly and responsive single-page applications, React development is a smarter choice.

At our software development company, we have a pool of highly experienced ReactJS developers who can help in developing your customized web app.

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Key Trends in Full-Stack Development in 2019 https://vofoxsolutions.com/full-stack-development-trends/ https://vofoxsolutions.com/full-stack-development-trends/#respond Wed, 04 Sep 2019 10:51:29 +0000 https://vofoxsolutions.com/?p=29475

full stack development trends
In this world of digitalization, there is a greater demand for new and advanced technologies. As a result, software trends across every business verticals are continuously changing to match their needs. This is what brings new surprises in the realm of full-stack development.  In this blog, we will list out some key trends in full-stack development in 2019. Here is the list:

Trends in Full-Stack Development in 2019

  1. Language Trends
  2. Artificial Intelligence
  3. IoT (Internet of Things)
  4. Progressive Web App


It is one of the most adaptable and powerful languages that can be used by developers. Javascript tops in the list of trending languages and it’s a core component for any web technology. Stack Overflow has ranked JavaScript as the most commonly used programming language in their Annual Survey of 2018, for the sixth year in a row.

It is interesting to note that among the most frequently used frameworks, libraries, and tools, JavaScript-based Technologies such as Angular Development, React.js Development, and Vue.js Development is on top of the list. Nearly every data-processing device that is in use today runs on JavaScript, including smartphones, Apple Mac OS, Microsoft Windows, Android OS, smart TVs, etc. It is used in some of the popular sites such as Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Amazon, etc.

There are various reasons that make JavaScript one of the trending languages of 2019. Let’s look at a few of them:

      • JavaScript has an edge when compared with other languages since it can be used to develop complex applications with a wide range of frameworks and libraries cost-effectively.
      • Javascript is one of the fastest programming languages that are available today.
      • For most of us, JavaScript is known to be a client-side programming language. Javascript can also be used in server-side frameworks like Node or Node.js.
      • When compared to other languages, JavaScript is frequently updated with new versions.


Python is an OOPs based high-level programming language that was initially created by Guido Van Rossum in 1991. Even today, Python continues to be on the list of the most trending technologies. Programming in Python is comparatively easy when compared to other languages due to its simple and easy-to-use syntax. Although Python is a general-purpose language, Python can be used for building complex technologies such as AI, Deep Learning, Machine Learning and so on.


Reasons that make python one of the trending languages of 2019.

      • Python is platform-independent, it can run on multiple platforms including Linux, Windows, macOS, Unix, etc.
      • Python comes with plenty of prebuilt libraries and frameworks, that can be utilized for easy coding.
      • Some examples of popular frameworks of python include Django, Flask, tornado, etc. Programming in Python is comparatively easy when compared to other languages due to its simple and easy-to-use syntax.

2. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most trending subjects in the tech industry nowadays. Artificial Intelligence leaves its trail on all verticals of our daily life which includes manufacturing, heavy engineering, mining, agriculture, and healthcare. Since the inception of Artificial Intelligence, there is an exponential growth in the execution of tasks performed by them.

We can add advanced AI capabilities to your software such as natural language processing, video analysis, weather forecasting, etc by utilizing various cloud infrastructure services such as AWS(Amazon Web Services), Google cloud, etc.

We will draw up some major AI trends that can help full-stack development in 2019:

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Artificial intelligence paved a new dimension to computer science by creating intelligent machines that function similar to that of human beings. Modern artificial intelligence can now emulate human interaction within a graphical user interface with the help of Robotic Process Automation (RPA). We can reduce a significant amount of human intervention in the future with the help of RPA. RPA can do this by recording tasks taken in the graphical User Interface such as button clicks and cursor moves and translating it into code. RPA can be taken as an advantage by organizations that have diverse and complicated systems that need to interact together fluidly. The data that an RPA can handle is structured while an AI can handle unstructured data. Artificial Intelligence can back RPA in areas where it lacks and can serve as a support to RPA.

Coding Assistance

Code Debugging is a tiresome and time-consuming task for most full-stack software developers. Full-stack developers can now get coding assistance and an automated bug fixing with the help of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology. This can accelerate the lifecycle of software development itself.

By utilizing advanced Machine Learning techniques, we can develop intelligent coding assistants that can provide real-time code debugging for developers. Your code will be autocorrected by the assistant without the need for manual intervention.

3. IoT (Internet of Things)

IoT is defined as a network of interconnected computing devices that is capable to transfer data over a network without the requirement for an end to end human or computer interaction. A software that is backed by the Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the best business software ideas that are available to companies right now. IoT can open up opportunities for building innovative products and services that are previously thought impossible.

Where can you employ IoT :

The data that is retrieved from IoT devices are usually real-time. This attribute helps enterprises to build software that helps them to address their business challenges. For example, some logistic companies are employing IoT sensors to efficiently track their shipments while on the sea or passing through ports or their facilities.

Advantages of switching to Software backed by IoT:

It helps businesses to gain improved insight into the performance of their business process. By harnessing IoT data, businesses can respond very rapidly to potential issues. IoT can deliver your enterprise with greater digitization of processes, this will in-turn help in the reduction of costs and gives a better ROI.

4. Progressive Web App

Mobile web experience got much better with the arrival of modern technology known as  Progressive Web Application Development. PWAs are web applications that are integrated with native app-like features. PWA can be installed like a normal app on your phone.

When compared to native web apps, PWA apps are loaded with advanced and more user-friendly features like offline access, the app shell, and so on and give users a more immersive experience.

Advantages of switching to PWA:

    • Progressive web apps are highly responsive. They can fit any form factor of your devices such as mobile, desktop, or tablets.
    • Progressive web apps serve users with an app-like experience.
    • Progressive web apps provide high data security and will get faster updates.

Up until now, we have observed some amazing key trends in full-stack development in 2019 that can create a positive impact on your business. These trends will give the software development company a clear and precise insight for developing futuristic applications.

Ready to develop a product with us? You can hire full-stack developers from Vofox Solutions, a leading software outsourcing company in India and turn your idea into reality.

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8 Design Tips for an Outstanding User Interface(UI) https://vofoxsolutions.com/design-tips-for-outstanding-user-interface/ https://vofoxsolutions.com/design-tips-for-outstanding-user-interface/#respond Mon, 26 Aug 2019 11:36:02 +0000 https://vofoxsolutions.com/?p=29327 View Article]]> design tips for user interface

The striking question that usually comes up into your mind, when you talk about User Interface (UI) is simply: what’s the big deal about UI?

User Interface plays a central role in the success of any technology that leverages a digital medium for communication. UI allows a user to interact and connect with a given technology such as websites or software programs. UI doesn’t always confine to graphical user interface (GUI), that we are all familiar with. The trackpad of your laptop can be thought of as a user interface for that device. In this article, we will discuss the 8 design tips for an outstanding user interface.

Tips for Outstanding User Interfaces

1. Create a Scalable Layout

Most of the mobile and PCs have a variety of screen sizes and can be used in either portrait or landscape orientation. While designing UI for a web application, you have to strictly adhere to the safe area and layout margins defined by the UI Kit. Nowadays users prefer to use apps that have an adaptive interface. Adaptive interface analyses the requirements of a particular user and changes the appearance of the app to match its requirements. You can construct an adaptive interface in your iOS app by using a development tool known as the Auto Layout. iOS Apps that are developed by using Auto Layout can automatically readjust layouts that correspond to the specified constraints when certain variations are detected. After the development of your application, you should preview it on multiple devices.

2. Maintain Consistency in Appearance

Maintaining a consistent appearance throughout your application will not only make it easier to find information but it also helps to make your application look clean and organized. An app with a consistent UI design could eliminate product failure and can win the hearts of users. When designing a consistent UI for your application, you should keep in mind that the usability guideline varies for different platforms. This is one of the important design tips for an outstanding user interface. For example, you should follow a Material Design, if you are designing a UI for Android and iOS Human Interface Guidelines in the case of an iOS app.

3. Avoid Excessive Animations

Having excessive animations thought your app could make it difficult for users to control and makes them feel distracted. Most of the users prefer to use applications that have smooth animations such as physics-based scrolling, crisp transitions, and fluid changes in the orientation of the device.

4. Use White Space Effectively

White space is simply the blank space on a web page or an app that is around and between individual fields and controls. Having White space in your app can be beneficial to the UI because the spacing makes it easier for users to recognize different features of user interface design.
If your app is having a messy appearance, you can mitigate this issue by using white space. This is because the white space puts more emphasis on the fields of the interface.

5. Use Proper Letter Spacing

If used with discretion, adjusting spacing between letters in words can be efficacious in improving the look of your headlines. UI designers can do this by using a CSS property known as Letter Spacing. As shown below rendering Letter Spacing is effective only for headlines, whereas it is recommended to use the default sizing for the body tags because the default spacing usually gives great readability for smaller font sizes.

6. Use Hover Controls

Nowadays, most of the web applications that we use have extra buttons for utility, which includes edit, forward, share, delete, etc. There is no need to show these controls near each item at all times. These controls can be hidden by using a simple CSS code, without the use of JavaScript.

7. Keep it Clean & Simple

Users always love a simple interface. Adding excessive shadows, gradients, or patterns in your app or website makes it difficult for a human brain to process. While the designing process, try to make your UI interesting by keeping your layout, vectors, and buttons simple. Adopting a flat design can be a good idea to improve the look and finish of the UI.

8. Keep an eye on your Images

Our brains are hard-wired to memorize images rather than contents. You should not compromise with the quality of images that you add to your website or web app. Consistency should be maintained for the key image elements in your website such as lighting, proportion, and style.

We hope these tips gave you a rough idea to build an attractive UI for your web app or mobile app. Hopefully, this article, 8 design tips for an outstanding user interface, will help your quest for developing an exceptional user interface for a great mobile app. If you are planning to build a high-quality user interface for your website or app, many software development companies in India are providing UI designing services at reasonable rates.

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How software outsourcing helps a small business https://vofoxsolutions.com/how-software-outsourcing-helps-business/ https://vofoxsolutions.com/how-software-outsourcing-helps-business/#respond Mon, 29 Jul 2019 06:11:23 +0000 https://vofoxsolutions.com/?p=28860

how software outsourcing helps a business

Small businesses can significantly increase their productivity by outsourcing their work to software development companies. Many companies have now become successful solely by outsourcing their services. Before going for outsourcing you should aware of how software outsourcing helps a small business. 

In this article, we will find answers to the following questions.

What is the motivation behind small businesses to outsource a project?

With software outsourcing, hiring more in-house employees can be eliminated, and you can concentrate on your more important business functions like customer service, sales, and more.

This is how software outsourcing helps a small business. It won’t be a wise decision to manage all of your projects simultaneously without the aid of any software development company since it can create mass confusion in the workplace and can also result in late product releases. Software outsourcing can be broken down into two types: Technical Services and Business Process Outsourcing(BPO).

What impact does software outsourcing make to your business?

software outsourcing can make a tremendous impact on your business. Software outsourcing can make the operations of your business much smoother since outsourcing ensures high cyber or data security. Software outsourcing company accomplishes this with the help of modern cybersecurity tools.

What type of services can be outsourced?

Common services that are outsourced by small businesses include data center operations, help desk, security, Cross-functional Service, Managed Security Operations, and IT spending management. Most of the repetitive tasks that can potentially consume a lot of your working hours such as sending invoices, transcription, data entry, inventory, etc. can be outsourced and these services are included in Business Process Outsourcing(BPO). You have to be very cautious about what tasks you are outsourcing since outsourcing a part of your core business can cause a detrimental effect on your business.

Will software outsourcing burn a hole in your pocket?

For small tech companies, so cost management is an important thing they must consider. There are a plethora of software development companies that offer offshore software development services at a very low cost, that you can outsource your work. Your business can forget about the expenses that are spent on developing infrastructure. Based on the requirements of the work, your outsourcing partner will make the necessary infrastructure changes.

How can a small business achieve greater performance by outsourcing its work?

The performance of small businesses will considerably increase when they outsource their work to offshore software development companies. Some of the advantages of how software outsourcing helps a small business are listed below.

  •  Your outsourcing partner can efficiently manage the common risks that are associated with your business investment, such as competition, market risk, change in technology, government regulations, etc. Most of the offshore software development companies do a great job in mitigating the risks that are generally associated with their area of expertise.
  • Your outsourcing partner can protect your company data by implementing a database management system in your location or using the cloud.
  •  You can forget about recruiting when you outsource your work to an offshore software development company and at the same time, eliminates the process that is associated with it such as onboarding and training.


Hope you have a better idea of how software outsourcing helps a small business. However is important to discuss with your service provider about your priorities, such as design, deadlines, security, budget, etc. There will be always a requirement for an additional skillset for your project, as your product and business are growing, this is the main reason why it is important for you to find a company with deep experience. You should always choose the offshore software development company that has multiple expertise in different technologies and areas. You can even hire a team of expert developers based on your project requirements, these types of services are provided by many software development companies that are based in India.

With all those benefits mentioned above, you have to be careful while outsourcing your work. You should run deep research on the vendor that you are considering to outsource your work.

An advanced strategy must be developed by the businesses for monitoring the employees and data flow process of the software outsourcing companies.

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Laravel vs Codeigniter – Which is the best framework for App development? https://vofoxsolutions.com/laravel-vs-codeigniter/ https://vofoxsolutions.com/laravel-vs-codeigniter/#respond Wed, 17 Jul 2019 04:37:56 +0000 https://vofoxsolutions.com/?p=28797 View Article]]> laravel vs codeignitor


Make a choice between Laravel vs Codeigniter frameworks

Today, we are in a high need to make our development more structured since the development of apps and sites can prove to be quite an inconvenience and take up too much time. The best solution to tackle this problem is by adopting PHP frameworks. Shorter development time, code reuse, and higher productivity are some of the benefits of adopting a framework for your application. Both CodeIgniter and Laravel, are PHP frameworks, that are used in web applications development, both of them are open source frameworks. Examples of PHP frameworks other than Laravel and CodeIgniter includes Zend, CakePHP, Yii, and many more. We will provide you with a brief analysis of Laravel vs Codeigniter – Which is the best framework for app development? Following are the differences between Laravel and Codeigniter to help you make the right decision in choosing the best offshore software development company for development activities.

Laravel vs Codeigniter Frameworks

What is Laravel Framework?

Laravel enables web app development via the use of the MVC architectural pattern and uses an Object-Oriented database model.

Advantages of Laravel Framework for App Development

  • Laravel developers can find it easy to organize the application’s database since it has a simple ORM(Object Relational Mapping).
  • Laravel development allows developers to build a specific URL for every HTTPS route since it supports custom HTTPS routes.
  • In Laravel, we can use a query builder as a potential alternative to ORM(Object Relational Mapping).
  • Laravel is best suited for enterprise solutions since it offers IoC support.
  • We can easily integrate third-party libraries with Laravel.
  • Laravel has built-in caching and authentication mechanisms.

What is CodeIgniter Framework?

CodeIgniter is a straightforward PHP framework that enables developers to develop dynamic websites and full-featured web apps.
CodeIgniter uses the Relational Object-Oriented database model.
It gives a simple routing method along with excellent stability, and it offers great support through the framework’s active community with a swift response to queries.

Advantages of CodeIgniter Framework for App Development

  • CodeIgniter is an extremely lightweight framework.
  • The major advantage of the MVC architecture of the CodeIgniter framework is that it allows the developers to easily manage the separate code forms based on the data structure and the design HTML code.
  • CodeIgniter has a simple and user-friendly interface that ensures developers to clearly understand their code, without any unnecessary glitches that are normally found in Laravel and other frameworks.
  • The database abstraction layer in CodeIgniter allows developers to easily create, update, or remove any statement without the creation of raw SQL.
  • Being highly stable is one of the main advantages of using CodeIgniter. Any instability that is found can be quickly corrected because of its large community of users. Finding an unstable component is nearly impossible in the AI version of the framework.
  • CodeIgniter development has clear and well-structured documentation when compared to other frameworks.
  • Third-party plugins remain enabled in CodeIgniter, which is very beneficial while implementing complex functionalities in the product.
  • The behavior of the CodeIgniter framework can be easily changed by easily customizing the existing library.
  • A huge set of built-in libraries are included in the CodeIgniter development framework, which includes unit testing modules, zip encoding, calendar, validations, email, and sessions, etc.
  • As far as the security of the framework is concerned, CodeIgniter has built-in security tools that help the developers to build and customize the security standards for your web app according to your requirements.

Laravel vs Codeigniter – Which is the best framework for app development?

When it comes to choosing between Laravel vs Codeigniter frameworks, both of them have their advantages and disadvantages. We will differentiate Laravel vs Codeigniter as,

  • Laravel allows developers to establish custom HTTPs routes whereas CodeIgniter does not support HTTPs routes sufficiently.
  • Laravel only supports explicit routing, whereas CodeIgniter supports both explicit and implicit routing.
  • Laravel built-in module allows programmers to divide a project into small modules via a bundle whereas CodeIgniter doesn’t support built-in modularity features.
  • CodeIgniter lacks a global template system whereas Laravel uses Blade Templates.
  • CodeIgniter is compatible with the database management system (DBMS) such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft BI, MongoDB, DB2, PostgreSQL, and MySQL, Whereas Larval is compatible with JDBC, MYSQL, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle.

If you are a developer who is working on a project which must be delivered as fast as possible, then CodeIgniter is the best choice for you. Laravel has an edge when compared to CodeIgniter because of its advanced features. However, when compared to Laravel vs Codeigniter both are their own importance in app development.


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