Top 10 Benefits of Using VUE JS for Web Development

June 28, 2019 10:42 am

benefits of vue js development

What is VUE JS?

Vue is a progressive javascript framework, which helps you create a more maintainable, and testable codebase. If you are unsure about what a JavaScript framework is, it helps us to build modern web applications, but can also power a lot of Desktop and Mobile applications. Frameworks like Backbone, Ember, Knockout, and AngularJS were the first influx of modern JavaScript frameworks. The second influx, which is the current one, has React, Angular, and Vue. More and more developers are now using Javascript frameworks like Angular, React or Vue since they can get access to thousands of lines of JavaScript code connecting to various HTML and CSS files with no formal organization. Vue enables developers to select a web page and separate it up into reusable components, each having its HTML, CSS, and JavaScript needed to render that portion of the page. Vue has got the ecosystem and core libraries for you to scale if you want to build more business logic into your frontend from the very beginning. Vue js development gives an amazing performance that has all the features you require and is constantly getting better since its initial release. The following are the top 10 benefits of using VUE JS for Web Development.

Benefits of using VUE JS for Web Development


The smaller the size of a JavaScript framework, the higher will be its success. The main benefits of using Vue js for web development are its smaller size. It takes less time for the user to download and use Vue.js.
Vue.js is a perfect choice for mobile app development because of its lightweight nature. The size of this framework is between 18–21KB. The entire Vue ecosystem is small and fast. Vue.js feels a bit more lightweight than Angular and offers a little more features and built-in features than react.

Easy to Integrate

Web developers can easily integrate Vue.js with existing applications since it is based on a JavaScript framework.
Developers can also integrate Vue.js into other applications built on JavaScript. Developers can alter pre-existing applications and can also develop new web applications using Vue.js.

Offers High Flexibility

Web developers can use Virtual DOM to write their templates in HTML, JavaScript, and pure JavaScript file with Vue.js. It is worth mentioning that Vue only uses virtual DOM starting from its second version. Before Vue 2.0, it used real DOM.

Detailed Documentation

A framework that has detailed documentation is always preferred by developers because it will be easy for them to write their first application. Users who are familiar with JavaScript and HTML can build their application or web page easily with Vue.js, because of the comprehensive documentation of Vue.js.

Highly Reactive

Vue.js is highly reactive since it adds several setters and getters to every variable in your state. This specialty allows it to track changes and update the DOM automatically. If you want a richer and more interactive experience on any specific part of your application, you can plug Vue to that specific part, if you have an existing server-side application.

Facilitates Two-way Communication

Vue.js can handle HTML blocks easily because of its MVVM architecture, which facilitates two-way communication.

Simple Structure

Vue’s syntax is simple and easy to understand. Most of the web developers like Vue.js because of its simple structure. Its simple structure enables users to easily add to their web project. Developers can save a lot of time by utilizing this framework since small as well as large scale templates can be developed. Its simpler structure allows users to easily trace the blocks that are having errors. Web developers prefer Vue.js because of its beautiful syntax, and it feels like a perfect blend of Angular and React.

Provides a Progressive Framework

Vue is known as a progressive framework because it can adapt to the needs of the developer. Other frameworks require a specific set of conventions which leads to the constant rewriting of the existing applications.

Easy to Learn

Vue.js is relatively easy to learn than node.js.

Easy Code Reusability

Code reusability is one of the best things about Vue.js. Developers can easily integrate interactive parts of an app(components and views) into the existing infrastructure without having any negative effect on the entire system.

Due to the benefits mentioned above, more and more companies hire software developer in India to develop their main frontend framework using Vue.js. By choosing vue.js, you can get one of the best speed parameters available. We can use Vue to control Single Page Applications with a combination of modern tooling and supporting libraries.Vue.js has an amazingly smooth learning curve with a top-notch performance. Choosing vue.js can improve development speed and reduce maintenance costs.




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