Benefits of Using PWA for E-commerce Business Website

November 21, 2018 10:23 am

Progressive Web App is quite a new platform, most of the offshore software development companies have now been capitalizing on its variance capabilities. Improved overall performance and better user experience are the advantages of this type of application over mobile or web applications. PWA development companies in India are now eagerly focusing on a new era of PWA development services to give the best to build the e-commerce business websites. Vofox solutions is one among top offshore software development companies in India providing quality assured progressive web app development services. The major benefits of using Progressive Web Apps for e-commerce business websites are the following:


The use of advanced caching and making use of local device storage, your website content can be served to the users much faster than with the older websites and users will be able to interact easily go without content loading times.


Progressive web applications are responsive layouts. The layout of the website adapts to its size and resolution for all the devices. Flexibility shows a mobile-first approach based on identifying the choices of mobile users. So that the e-commerce websites with a truly mobile-first design have more chances to grab user’s attention and keep them engaged.

Push notifications

In PWAs the interaction of users are improved using push notifications. Progressive Web Apps allow websites to make easy use of native device features thus to bring customers back to their businesses.

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Can Install app instantly

One of the main featuring of PWAs is that it can be installed by the users locally on their device. Similar to a native app, PWAs have got an icon on their homepage which when tapped, right away loads the app and runs without any kind of distractions. Within a tap on push notification shown, leads the users to exactly reach to the application.

Works Offline

PWAs are much like native apps, the users are able to visit the site, browse certain areas and even at the same time as offline. When the device is in online mode, a push notification can be sent to inform the users that they have done everything efficiently.

Secure Payments

The concept of mobile shopping is common for a few years. If something went wrong in check-out procedures then, it can prevent from completing a purchase and abandon their carts. Using PWAs the users can enjoy fast and secure payments.

Progressive Web Apps are similar to native apps, they are efficient enough, improves the user experience and enhance e-commerce markets growth. PWAs add value to the e-commerce businesses website ensuring user interaction and satisfaction successfully.

Speed Flexibility, Push notifications, Install app instantly, Works offline, Secure payments are the main features of PWAs that make them most relevant in the e-commerce market. Progressive Web Apps is yet another new phenomenon to build your e-commerce business website.

Hire PWA developers in India, enjoy the quality assured services and build your business to heights.

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