Top 10 Benefits of Outsourcing to India

October 4, 2019 8:04 am

benefits of outsourcing to india


Many companies have achieved success in their business by outsourcing their software development projects, mainly to Asian countries such as India, the Philippines, Singapore, etc. Out of these countries, India became a preferred destination for software outsourcing for most of the fortune five hundred companies. This is because most software outsourcing companies provide businesses with enhanced customer service and excellent product quality within a relatively small budget. 

Besides lower cost, outsourcing software development projects to India also helps businesses to achieve high ROI and increased efficiency. Over the last 10 years, businesses based in countries such as the UK, US, New Zealand, and Australia have tremendously increased outsourcing their software development projects to India. A recent study by Gartner had revealed that India’s outsourcing business today holds at approximately $US 150 billion. This article would discuss the top 10 benefits of outsourcing to India.


Why Outsourcing to India is Good for Business

1. You can cut down your development cost

Outsourcing your development project to Indian software companies can cut down costs significantly because of a considerable difference in the wages of software professionals in both countries. When we compare the labor cost with India and a European or North American  Company. There is a difference of a whopping 80% in the outsourced labor cost.

2. Access to technical expertise & resource availability

Software development companies spread across India have multidisciplinary development teams that have a variety of technical expertise in the fields like React Native, .NET, Vue JS, Javascript, etc. India educates more than 90,0000 engineering students, with over 20,000 graduates per year and this is the reason why India has a large pool of highly skilled and talented software developers spread across different technologies. This is one of the top 10 benefits of outsourcing to India.

3. High consistency

Indian software companies provide their services to top international clients in a consistent manner, this consistency has enabled India to remain as a top IT outsourcing destination.

4. Good infrastructure

India is no more a third world country, modern India has the best in class infrastructure, ISP, highly accessible telecom, and cellular networks in all major cities and towns. The country has hundreds of technology incubators and innovation parks with the presence of more than 2000 technology giants.

5. Government support

The Indian IT outsourcing industry is backed by a stable government that facilitates Information Technology, the Indian government offers immense support to IT industries by implementing laws that are favorable to IT companies such as the IT Act, which supports e-filling of documents and also espies cybercrime and electronic contracts. 

6. English speaking resources

For an effective partnership, communication is an essential factor. India is ranked as the second-largest English speaking nation in the world, just behind the United States. Indian software professionals are experts when it comes to communication via English. This helps developers to face the daily standup meetings and scrum calls with customers confidently. 

7. High data security

One of the major benefits of outsourcing your software development project to India is its high data security. Software outsourcing involves loads of exchange of data between both ends. These data can be highly sensitive and loss or theft of these critical data will harm the reliability of the outsourcing partner. To mitigate this issue, the Indian government has inflicted strict security measures that prevent data breaches, hacking, data thefts, and many other cybercrimes. Having high data security for your projects is also one of the main benefits of outsourcing to India.

8. Offers a plethora of solutions & services

Indian software development companies offer highly advanced software solutions and services, which include custom-built solutions for numerous applications such as legacy system migration, Robotic Process Automation, System Integration, and much more.

9. Doesn’t compromise on quality 

India is having the most number of companies that comply with ISO-9000 standards and CMMI certifications. Software development companies in India have high work ethics when compared with other nations. The quality of talents that are available across India also plays an important role.

10. Time zone advantage

Outsourcing your software to Indian companies will give you a timezone advantage. There is a difference of 12 hours between India and the US, this difference in timezone will accelerate your software development project. This allows you to work around the clock and in turn, ensures a shorter time-to-market delivery.

Hope you got a better idea about the benefits of outsourcing to India. However, there are many Offshore Software Development Challenges associated with software outsourcing that we need to consider to make the business successful.




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