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Backbone, like in the name itself Backbone.js operates as a backbone for applications while allowing developers to build sophisticated and structured web apps. According to, “Philosophically, Backbone is an attempt to discover the minimal set of data-structuring (models and collections) and user interface (views and URLs) primitives that are generally useful when building web applications with JavaScript”.

It is a lightweight JavaScript framework based on Model-View-Presenter (MVP) design.It is used to develop rich, interactive applications, simplifying the development process by dividing the tasks into modules. This framework helps in assuring reliable solutions as it reorganizes the JavaScript coding into views and models which shortens the task of developing applications, and at the same time it helps them develop faster.

Other than all the above specialties, Backbone.js also handles adding, editing and removing tasks in a much simple and easy manner as possible. With no strict guidelines, while offering a flexible structure, it brings every section of the application to live.

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Benefits of Backbone.js Development

Event Driven Communication

Backbone.js makes creating shiny single page web applications and complicated user interfaces with various frameworks easy. It eases the whole process by providing an event-driven communication between views and models. The backbone.js events build on top of regular DOM events, which make the mechanism very versatile and extensible.

Easily Synced with the back-end

Backbone.js does not care what back-end language or front-end template system you are using. And due to this flexibility, the models in Backbone.js can be easily tied to a back-end. It provides excellent support for RESTful APIs as well as other backend systems.

Convenient utility library

Backbone is an incredibly small library for the amount of functionality and structure it gives you.

Other Features of Backbone.js Development are below


Easy API Integration.

Event binding

Avoid storing data in DOM

Restful Services

Easy Customization

Grid Re-Renders Automatically Upon Data Changes

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Vofox Key Strength in Backbone.js Development

Vofox has developed a lot of applications with Backbone.js and has successfully integrated it.

Our office in India has the best Backbone.js developers who ensure that the client receives highest quality and cost effective application.

The backbone.js developers in Vofox are always a call away to help you in any critical situations

Our Backbone.js Development Services

Application Development using Backbone.js

Backbone.js consulting services

We are a team of experts; we will give your app idea, a platform and develop it according to your needs. If you are looking for Backbone.js developers with proven skills, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our developers are skilled in JavaScript language and have given a successful end to various projects. The projects which we have completed using Backbone.js will help you see the dedication and the perfection we have achieved in this sector.
If standing out prominently in the lucrative market of shiny applications is your target, Vofox will give you the perfect assistance to launch the right app, with desired functionality and support.




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